Some places just manage to give off all the right vibes when you go there. It is always not easy to define what it is you like about a place but your instincts tell you that it would be a great place to live.

That is a feeling you could easily have about Fulshear. This fantastic location is considered to be a special place for the Texans who already call it home.

If you search new homes Fulshear TX, for instance, you will soon see that some excellent properties are available to buy in the area. It is not just great property options that will persuade you to consider moving to Fulshear. Here are some compelling reasons why this is a location that could really capture your heart.

Wide open spaces but close to excellent amenities

One of the things that will immediately strike you upon arriving in the area is how Fulshear is a landmark location that marks where the prairie landscape fades away into the distance and you are greeted by rolling hills and stunning views as you approach.

Fulshear offers a very relaxed and country-style vibe. This feeling of wide open space helps contribute to a positive mood. If you like peace and tranquility with beautiful natural views and incredible sunsets, Fulshear delivers on that score.

Another good point to note is that despite its closeness to nature you are only a short drive away from Houston. That means you get the best of both worlds with a laid-back and peaceful place to call home but all the amenities of a big city nearby.

New communities and lots of excellent property options

More people are being drawn to Fulshear all the time. That means that new communities are being created to meet the demand for properties in the area.

These new developments are being skilfully and carefully planned so that residents can enjoy all the amenities they could want. Walking trails and outdoor attractions are also being created around these new homes. 

Great care is being taken to ensure that more people get the chance to live in Fulshear without spoiling any of the reasons for moving there in the first place.

Making sure every child gets an excellent education

If you are planning on taking your family to Fulshear to start a new life or want to start a family when you move there it is important to know that their education will be taken care of.

Fulshear schools enjoy an enviable reputation and are part of an award-winning district where the majority of schools are rated as being above average.

One of the major considerations that helps you decide if a move to Fulshear would be right for you and your family would be the need to know that your children will get the best academic opportunities possible.

There is every chance that their educational needs will be well taken care of when you look at the ratings that schools in the area enjoy.

Career opportunities

Another key factor that is so important when you are deciding where to live is how easy it will be to find plenty of opportunities to progress your career.

Whether you are looking to try and climb the corporate ladder or simply want to be able to choose from lots of rewarding jobs, the good news is that Fulshear and the surrounding area can offer those options.

You will discover that Fulshear is only a short commuting distance away from the so-called Energy Corridor. Lots of top employers are located there. The headquarters of major companies such as BP and Shell are in Houston, which is an easy commute.

The average household income for people living within the Energy Corridor is currently $124,183 and the median income is $73,780.

These employment opportunities should not be hard to find either. You will be able to enjoy a great work-life balance in Fulshear as you are not far away from work but far enough away to enjoy all the open spaces when it’s time to relax.

Lots of leisure options on your doorstep

Your checklist of must-haves for a potential place to live will obviously include a great choice of homes to buy, excellent educational facilities, and plenty of work opportunities. Having covered all of those bases the other must-have will be the availability of shopping and leisure attractions nearby. 

Fulshear has the full set of those key requirements. In addition to the abundance of lovely properties, employment options, and educational facilities, Fulshear boasts an excellent array of nearby shopping options and leisure attractions.

A good example of that would be the enduringly popular Katy Mills. This is a place that is less than twenty minutes away from Fulshear by car. It has almost 180 stores to visit and lots of restaurants to enjoy. It is a place that is rightly considered to be a top tourist destination.

Fulshear is located in Ford Bend County. That is a location that offers plenty of modern and historical attractions for an enjoyable family day out. Whether it is the Play Street Museum, Fort Leaton State Historic Site, or any of the other attractions in the vicinity you are sure to find plenty to see and do.

Now that you know more about what Fulshear has to offer in terms of properties, amenities, and lots more besides, you can easily see why this location is so highly regarded.

On the doorstep of iconic Houston, but very much a place that has its own unique and attractive personality, it is not hard to work out why so many people find the magnetism of Fulshear pulling them in.

If you like the idea of being part of a vibrant community that is rightly proud of all that it has to offer and want to put down roots in a place that can give you and your family the freedom and space to grow you really have to give Fulshear serious consideration.

Are you ready to start the next chapter in your life by moving to Fulshear?

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