Summer is the best time when you can enjoy the outdoors. It will bring joy with the warm weather where everything will be fun. Before the summer go, you should prepare things that can let you enjoy the summer in the best way. It will be related to indoor home decoration and outdoor decoration. Well, although summer is the best time when you can do traveling it won’t be wrong for you to spend it in the house. Of course, with good preparation, you can really enjoy the season without feeling gratuitous.

The summer decoration itself is the kind of decoration that should be able to make you smile with all of the joyful atmospheres around the house. The impression will be bright with the harmonious condition of the outdoor scenery and the indoor decoration that you apply. So, how can you make a bright and joyful decoration that will let you smile with all you see in the house? Here are the lists that you can follow.

Let the Sun Light Enter the House

Basically, there will be some ways that you can do to let the sunlight enters the house. It can be simply opening the curtain and even the window at once so that you can have fresh air enter the house. However, you should make sure that the air quality outside is good. Then, you may also have it from the glass roof that you can install in some spots.


It’s beautiful how the modern design of a mix of wood and glass lets natural light in through the glass roof creating a comfortable and stylish home. glass roof from@redsquirrelarchitects


Outdoor Dining Space

It will be fun for dining together outside during summer. It can be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. For that, we recommend you have a dining spot outside. It can be by simply adding a table with some chairs or you can have it on the grass or landscape area by rolling out a mat or rug. Trust me that it will such a great moment to enjoy the food and sun during summer.


Al fresco dining is the best way to enjoy summer, with glass tables and wooden circular seating adding warmth as you relax and enjoy the view. This kind of round table won’t need a wide space rather than the rectangular one. outdoor dining area from@designstudiointeriors

Indoor Greenery

The indoor greenery will complete your summer house theme. It will create a fresh ambience inside the house which is great. Also, during summer, you don’t need to worry that the greenery will lack sunlight especially when you locate the greenery near the window or any spot that is exposed to the sunlight. What you should do the rest is watering the greenery.


Window corner is a great area to put indoor greenery as it gets a lot of light, mix it with your choice of greenery for the perfect fresh ambiance. Indoor Greenery from@kohltech

Provide Some Coastal Touches

For a summer decoration, you will never fail when applying the coastal touches. It characterizes the summer really well. You can have it by simply providing some shell ornaments, anchors, and other possible coastal stuff.


Subtle and simple beach touches with beautiful starfish ornaments bring serenity and soft color into the home during the hot summer season. This one is the fireplace decoration application as you can surely have the ornament on other spots you want. starfish ornament from@seasons4home

Using Bright Color Scheme Home Concept

Summer is identical to something bright. In this case, you can change your house’s color scheme by applying bright colors such as white, light blue, light grey, and more. If it is possible, you can change your wall color. But, if it is too much, then you can simply change the curtain, rug, throw pillow, cushion cover, and more possible stuff to change.


A light color scheme makes the space appear larger than it really is, the use of gray curtains, a cream-tone sofa, color combination pillowcases, and wide windows create an inviting and comfortable space. bright home color scheme from@sbpropdev


Sunroom Ideas

If you are on your way to redecorating your house or you are in the process of building a house, then we recommend you consider having a sunroom spot. It is quite easy where you can simply install the glass wall, door, window, and roof in the house. If it is impossible for you to have it all in glass material, then you can install the glass in as many as possible spots in the room. The point is that you should let the room have sunlight as much as possible.


Large windows filled with beautiful sunlight offer lots of natural light and easy access, the room looks spacious and adds to the comfort. sun room from@nestseekers

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