The window shade is quite different from the curtain. When the curtain is blocking the whole window part, then the window shade will only cover some part of the window. It is not something that should be installed on your window but will give you some benefits if you have it as follow.

  1. The window shade is able to add beauty to your window, especially for a certain kind of this that will let you get the beauty in colors, patterns, and unique design.
  2. It will give an access to look around outside without needing to open it. Also, some window shade designs will let you have access without being seen by people outside.
  3. You can let the natural light enter the house without being too exposed to people outside. Well, opening the curtain without the right glass type will make your home space inside exposed. Here, the window shade plays its role to deal with the problem.
  4. Having too much sunlight exposure is irritating, sometimes. To get enough sunlight without feeling irritating, you will need the window shade.

To choose the right window shade, you have to know well about the varied kinds of it. The function and benefit will be different from one another. You can choose based on your needs and your window position. For example, when you have a window in the south part of the house, then you may not need shade to protect the house from too much sunlight exposure. Here are the different window shades that you can have.

Roman Shade

The Roman shade is the pretty one since it has a layer that will beautify the design. You can even choose the color and the pattern based on your taste or if you want to match it with the decoration concept around the house. The Roman shade will give you privacy but still let you look around outside.


Roman shades will bring sophistication and style to your space. These window treatments will add a touch of character and texture to your windows and doors. You’ll love the luxurious feel of Roman shades, perfect for giving your unique space a formal or relaxed feel. Roman Shade from @marthaandash

Bamboo roman shade

The use of the Roman shade can be really flexible. It can be as a layer for the blinds or shutters. It can also be installed to be an addition to your common window curtain. Mostly, the Roman shade is in brown color, but you can still have other colors but still in neutral colors such as dark brown, light brown, beige, ivory, etc.


Shutters is the part of the window that has a vertical frame with horizontal rails. The rails can be set to move so that you can see outside and let the sunlight enter your house. You can close the access just anytime you want easily.


Shutters are a stylish solution that provides the perfect balance between light control and privacy. They’re the perfect choice for added luxury to your windows. Bedroom Shutter from @grey_silver_dream_home


Window blinds is the cover of a window that will protect your privacy. There will be surely many different kinds of blinds that will be related to its control system. Also, the material of the blinds will be varied such as wood, plastic, metal, etc.


These are a type of Venetian blind: slatted blinds made of imitation wood. They are often featured in sleek kitchens or bathrooms because they filter the light perfectly. Faux Wood Venetian Blind from @directorderblinds

Cellular Shade

If you want to have a more flexible window shade, then the cellular shade is the right choice for you. It can be pulled down and pulled up which is really awesome. With its feature, you can adjust the spot that you want to protect and the glare of the sun that may expose your TV or computer screen.


Sometimes cellular window treatments are not for looks but for great functionality! The flexible up-and-down ability allows you to adjust where the light will enter, privacy, and the darkening of the room! Cellular Shades from @bbeastftlauderdale

Cellular shades

Look at how the cellular shade has so many features that offer benefits for you. It can block out the light and filter it with a really easy step. It has insulation and is able to reduce the noise. The cellular shade also offers multiple installation methods that will be based on your need.

Ruffle Valances

If the Roman shade is not pretty enough for you, then you can try the ruffle valances. This one will give you extra benefits where you can get the pretty design of this and get its function to protect your house from the sunlight glare.


A valance adds a touch of style, warmth, and elegance to any window covering, creating a unified appearance and feel. Valances are ornamental encasings that complement or tie together your window blinds and coverings. A Ruffle Top Valance from @angelinascurtainsandblinds

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