During summer, the ambiance will be about relaxing and doing some fun. It will be too exhausting to do home maintenance. However, you don’t want to make things to be too late to handle, right? It will be needed to do a little bit of home maintenance so that you won’t be annoyed by some damage. You don’t need to worry because the checklist that we provide won’t be something too difficult to do but already the essential things. Get the checklist below.

Cleaning the Window

It can be said that the window becomes an important thing during summer so you have to make sure that it works well. No need to do too much effort by decorating it or whatever it is. What you should do is make sure that the window is in a clear condition so that you can see the scenery outside well without any dust or dirt blocking your sight. Also, remember that summer is the time for you to let the sunlight enter the house through the window. So, clean your window and give access for the sunlight to enter your house and let yourself see the scenery outside.


Remove all sticky stuff from windows with this yellow liquid, very easy to work with maximum results. Spray on the glass evenly then let the glass vacuum wipe it. glass cleaner from@mrsbrown_dustfairy

Windex original blue glass and window cleaner bundle.

To clean your window, you need a safe and good quality one that can work well to really clean your window. From all of the cleaner products, we recommend you choose Windex glass and window cleaner. It can remove fingerprints, smudges, and smears. This one will lighten and brightens your home then leaving it sparkling clean.

Checking the Air Conditioner

When you are asking about the most important facility during summer, then the answer will be the air conditioner. Even before summer comes you should make sure that your air conditioner works well. Anyway, if you think that nothing is wrong with the function, we advise you to check the filter. It is really possible that your AC filter is dirty which will affect your health. Remember that the dirt on the AC filter contains germs. So, go on checking your air conditioner!


An air conditioner that has not been used for a while collects a lot of dust and dirt. Therefore consider AC maintenance seriously before turning it on. The usual tips for cleaning air conditioners are cleaning the air filter using a brush or using a vacuum cleaner. air conditioner  from@homecaremanagers

Power Washing the Deck and Outdoor Concrete Surface

After the wet and high-humidity winter and spring seasons, the hot summer will make the moss dry and peel off that leaves dirt. You don’t want to sweep those moss, right? Here, using power washing is the recommended way that you can do to clean the dried moss easily and really fast even without energy.


Periodic surface cleaning & power washing can affect the value of the house and increase its attractiveness, high-pressure water spray can remove adhering dirt and enhance its beauty. power washing [email protected]

Inspect the Outdoor Facilities

Since summertime will be spent mostly outside, then making sure that the outdoor facilities are in good condition is a must. What is meant by facilities here is the furniture that you may provide outside such as chairs, coffee tables, and swings. Then, the lighting should also be checked so that you can spend your nights there without being disturbed by the broken lamps. Also, if you have a kids’ playground in the yard, then clean it well and check on some broken parts that may occur.


Do the outdoor checking by looking at the condition of the furniture structures such as tables and chairs whether they are still suitable for use or not, and on the swing you can see from the ropes for the hangers so they are not brittle. The outdoors will bring your next backyard experience. outdoor facilities from@ideallandscapesolutions

Checking the Crack

The hot summer will cause a crack on the wall, window sill, and other parts that has a high risk of cracking. Checking the crack and patching them during summer is needed so that it won’t cause trouble during the winter or when the rain falls.


The process of repairing cracked walls by patching them using wall adhesive glue is done to stop cracks and leaks on the walls so that the walls look good again without worrying about being damaged anymore. crack on the wall from@agrandis_m_sb

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