You have lived in your old house for many, many years, and you love every inch of it. Even so, it’s showing the wear and tear of time; the paint has faded and isn’t a colour you would choose today, the floor is scratched, or even warped, the water fixtures are rust-stained and developing leaks, and heaven knows what is happening up on that roof, you are afraid to look, but if you wait too long it will be raindrops falling on your bed! There is no getting around it, you need to do a major remodel! It sounds daunting, but with careful planning, you can make it happen without breaking your bank, or your back. 

Regarding DYI – You might want to do some of the work yourself, which is great, but there are some things that will be in your best interests to seek professional help with. One outstanding example of this is plumbing! There are few things more destructive and dangerous than an untrained person with a wrench going under the house to wreak havoc on helpless old pipes! Do yourself a favour and call the pros at Chiswick Plumbing to assist you with any and all aspects of your remodel that require their expert skills, you won’t be sorry. The same goes for roofing, get someone up there with the proper tools and training before you end up taking a fall that lands you in the hospital! DIY is wonderful, but only if it’s something you can do safely and with minimal experience.

Make A Plan – The first thing you should do is formulate your goals for the remodel. What is your vision of how you want your house to look and feel after the dust settles? Have a look around the internet and at magazines dedicated to the subject, there are thousands of good ideas out there to inspire you. You should also consider seeking advice from an expert ahead of time, talk to interior designers, architects, contractors, and professional remodellers, they can give you guidance, and when the time comes to hire some of the work done, you will know who to call. It’s best to be very clear about what you want because your goals are going to form the building blocks of your plan. 

The Plan – There is an order to everything, especially in as big and important a project as your house remodel! The following is a rough breakdown that you should consider before proceeding:

  • Something has to go to make room for the new! Remove any unwanted old materials like outdated fixtures and demolish any features like unnecessary walls. You want your slate clean first thing.
  • Rebuilding main structures. If you want or need new walls, floors, windows, skylights, subfloors, support beams, or roofing, then begin with those. Do you have a back hallway that needs some natural light? Why not install a light tunnel? Have you always wanted a more spacious dining room? Then tear out that kitchen wall and door, and you will feel like you’ve moved into a fancy new restaurant! You will want to have all the major construction-type jobs done before you can start doing the finishing. 
  • Replacing old plumbing and wiring. In tandem with the reconstruction, it’s time to put in new plumbing, electrical wiring, and updated HVAC throughout the structure. If you ever wished for a light above your reading nook or a sink in your hobby room, this is the time to get them!
  • Walls, ceilings, and floors. Now you can put up the new drywall and splash on that cool new colour you picked out! Once the paint has dried, it’s time to lay down the new flooring. Pause for a minute to pat yourself on the back, it’s all coming together now!
  • Permanent features: This is when you get to install all the neat new appliances, cabinets, and fixtures you have picked out. If you still need some inspiration, check here to see what amazing things can be done with just the bathroom! Redesign your kitchen to make it more user-friendly with added counter space and better storage solutions! Add some new furniture! Your new home awaits your creative touch!

We should mention our government’s pages on the subject, there’s a lot of good advice there! So, now your wonderful ‘new’ old house has been given a new lease on life, and you can fall in love with it all over again!

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