Home Essentials To Have For A Cooler Home This Summer

Summer is near. You will need home appliances as the best heat-reducing hacks for staying cool.

Room Tower Fan

A cooling fan will keep air flowing every day. Although it may not provide you with the same cooling capabilities as AC it is a smart choice for circulating air through your room even while you are sleeping. It has 8 modes of power including sleep and whisper-quite option. It also offers less noise than other fans which might easily disrupt light sleepers trying to make it through your sweaty nights. Last, with the slim design of units, it becomes convenient that does not take up too much space in your home.

Premium Blackout Thermal Insulated Room Darkening Curtains

Black-out heat and sunlight with a set of thick curtains through windows will ensure your fans and air conditioning will not be working overtime against the elements. Moreover, this curtain is also environmentally friendly, safe, and green for your kids and nursery. With innovative technology, it is also noise-reducing, energy-saving, and privacy protection. It is a nice idea for maintaining a cool atmosphere in the summer. Meanwhile, it also can reversely keep heat in when winter comes.

Braided Outdoor-Indoor Area Rug

A woven textile of your rug will be lighter underfoot during summer. An outdoor-indoor rug can be used as a homey touch that can handle rain and sun exposure. It will protect everyone’s feet on outdoor flooring when exposed to the sun. As another plus point, it is also easy to clean from any mild stains using rug cleaner.


Although a dehumidifier is not an air conditioning unit it is a powerful tool to have on hand for lowering your room temperature. Presenting dehumidifiers will suck moisture from the air which can eliminate the muggy sticky feeling that hangs in a room. You can choose a dehumidifier for your medium to large rooms to quickly and effectively absorb moisture without racing up the energy bill.

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