The kitchen is the heart of the house. Every homeowner wants to have a beautiful and functional kitchen design. Nowadays, the modern kitchen has shifted from its purely functional role as a place for cooking to becoming more of a social area. The center is where people interact, and spend time together, while enjoying the dishes available. That’s why modern kitchen designs are often designed on an open floor where the kitchen seamlessly connects to the dining and living areas. But there are also designs for the kitchen which is a separate room. You can take advantage of the nook to create a comfortable place to interact. You can make most of the kitchen nook become a cozy breakfast nook in your kitchen area.

There is nothing more pleasant than doing breakfast in a comfortable space. And your kitchen nook can work well. No matter how you do breakfast, whether enjoying your pancakes to enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning, a breakfast nook should be a comfortable and welcoming space in your home. Breakfast nook comes in many different forms and designs. Like a booth or dining banquette or even a simple table and chair. But one thing is for sure, your breakfast nook is a comfortable space to eat or just spend time together in your kitchen area. A cozy breakfast nook adds warmth, comfort, and style to the kitchen. Here are a few things to consider when designing yours.


In order to make a breakfast nook feel as though it’s an extension of your kitchen, choose a table that complements the color scheme and style of the existing room. This helps create a sense of flow and ensures that the two spaces look like they belong together. A round tulip table is timeless, and it can be easily paired with dining chairs for an elegant and functional nook.


Nice and cozy breakfast nook with round tulip table and chairs. Functional dining features a stunning breakfast style making it a timeless classic of beauty. Round Tulip Table from @cozy_mode_co

Furniture dining room table oval top kitchen

Creating a cozy breakfast nook is never complete without a table. This is one of the important pieces of furniture that must exist. For the nook space, you can buy a dining table that has a simple look and fit the limited space. In this case, a round dining table is a great choice. This table is easy to be paired with various dining chairs. You can choose the color of the table according to your room.


A breakfast nook is a cozy place to slow down and savor. That’s why comfortable seating is a must, whether it’s dining chairs or built-in banquettes. The latter is ideal for small nooks since they require less space than a regular table and chair set. They also offer plenty of storage for linens, cookware, and other kitchen essentials.

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Added a built-in bench seat to the window to create this cozy breakfast nook. Curved chairs conform to the shape of a corner breakfast table with plush pillows encouraging moments of togetherness. Seating Area from @annabode

Bold Wallpaper

A breakfast nook is also the perfect place to experiment with bold wallpaper. This can be a fun way to make a compact space feel larger and more open. Using bold wallpaper in your nook also creates an eye-catching focal point without overpowering the space. Just be sure that the color and pattern coordinate with the rest of your kitchen decor to avoid overwhelming the small area. Then fill the space with more muted pieces to balance the look.


Embrace perfection in this cozy breakfast nook, which starts with a sense of calm and a touch of style. The textured background of the green wallpaper brings out a refreshing natural feel. Wallpaper from @matters_of_style


A breakfast nook can take almost any shape and size, from a cozy corner that seats three to a larger dining area that accommodates more than six. Ideally, the nook will sit next to the window to let in natural light for a brighter start to your day. But if that’s not possible, even if your nook doesn’t have windows, you can make it feel bright and sunny by adding stylish pendant lights. A stylish pendant lamp will help define the space and fill it with soft lighting.


A stylish pendant lamp to bring more light into the breakfast nook. The light balances the room so it is refreshing and looks soft reflecting good lighting. Lighting Fixture from @allenjameshome


To add a more modern touch, consider hanging wall paintings or displaying a series of contemporary artworks to enliven your nook. Likewise, large-scale artwork adds visual interest and helps make the space feel bigger. It can be a focal point for the nook or simply a decorative element that coordinates with other decors in the kitchen. Choose pieces featuring natural scenery if you have a rustic kitchen or opt for bright abstract canvas art to create a contemporary look.


Contemporary art pieces of framed paintings cling to the walls forming a cozy breakfast nook with different views looking fresh and characterful. It can add visual interest to your eating space. Gallery Wall from


To add more comfortable, make sure that your breakfast nook is still tidy. It means you have to provide proper storage for your nook. Due to the limited space, provide a multifunctional thing. Adding a built-in storage bench is a great way to add smart storage and seating to your cozy breakfast nook without taking up too much floor area. You can save your plates, bowls, napkins, or other cutleries inside the bench. It will keep clutter to a minimum and create a cozy, organized appearance.


The custom design, comfortable padded seat, and ample storage space under the bench offer style and practicality to a corner dining area to suit your unique needs. This space-saving shape is a great choice for smaller space functionality. Built-in Storage Bench from @barringercustomhomes


One of the most important aspects of any space is color. It can immediately affect the mood and feel of a room. This is particularly true for cozy breakfast nooks, which can use a variety of colors to create an inviting atmosphere. The best way to choose a color for your nook is to consider the style you want to achieve. Alternatively, a nook with a more modern feel can be enhanced by using a vibrant paint color. For a more classic feel, use shades of white or cream to enhance a cozy breakfast nook. Incorporate accents like throw pillows in coordinating colors to complete the look. Things to remember, keep your color palette simple. Applying too many colors will be distracting and creates your kitchen and breakfast nook looks cramped.


Wake up in a cozy breakfast nook with a burst of brilliant color that can energize you with its hues. Fluffy pillows match the color scheme of the walls creating a lovely view. White Color Theme from @deeelms


Incorporate a touch of texture into your breakfast nook to make it feel more inviting. This will not only add warmth and comfort, but it will also help to define the space as a separate area from the rest of your kitchen. You can incorporate a variety of textures by adding woven chairs, upholstered benches, or even a soft rug. You can also experiment with different fabric types, like performance fabrics or leather, that are designed to resist spills and stains.


A delightful breakfast nook is clean against white walls featuring wicker bench seating, cushions, and textured details that add warmth and comfort to a more inviting setting. Play with Texture from@ mancusohomes

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