What is meant by hi-tech style home design is about applying a hi-tech look to some parts of the home. The materials that are applied for the hi-tech house are mostly glass, metal, plastic, and media/computer devices. If you know industrial design, then there will be some characteristics that industrial design has that you find in hi-tech home design. Additionally, the hi-tech home design also known as the design that comes from the science-fiction literature. To let you know more about high-tech design, please check the following information on hi-tech home design characteristics.

  1. The existence of some modern technology
  2. The use of metallic color
  3. Installing variety lighting
  4. The use of concrete, plastic, glass, and metal materials
  5. Straight lines and angles
  6. Minimum ornament use

For complete examples to let you get ease in mastering the hi-tech home design, check the following ideas highlights.

Compact Wall Units in Plain Glossy Finish

You should avoid the use of a colorful finish for the furniture that is in the form of compact wall units. An example of this one is the TV cabinet or shelves. Choose the plain glossy finish for this.


A touch of sophistication to the tv cabinet by adding white background wall panels and curvy features with thin fluted paneling like wood that complements the open and closed display cabinets on the sides. tv cabinet from@kbinetmalaysia


Steel floating shelving with built-in high contrast lighting smooth and glossy on the wall meets the requirements both functionally and aesthetically. shelves from@iconicbykaitlynwolfe


The Use of Cool Grey and White

The application of this color can be in any part of your home interior. Let’s say that you can have it for the wall, ceiling, furniture, and even floor tile color choice.


Gray with white walls on this piece of furniture is subtly textured with a matt finish and matching laser trim creating a relaxed and welcoming look. color furniture from@poggenpohl_uk

Snapinsta.app_356413554_946846356549359_8574850006788331024_n_1080 (1)

Earthy tile colors and timeless, subtle effects look clean white hues combined with subtle gray veins create a lovely centerpiece that works well in modern settings. floor tile from@hupkiong

The Existence of Floor and Table Lamp

Since the hi-tech home design won’t allow any accessories there because of its simplicity, to beautify the decoration, you can provide a floor lamp or table lamp that is made of metal material.


A floor lamp with a modern design that is unique from its asymmetrical colors resting on a slender metal rod, can also provide additional light to enhance a decor. floor lamp [email protected]

Dimmable floor lamp, arc floor lamp for living room.

This floor lamp with a modern style look will fit well for your hi-tech home style. Another great thing about this lamp is that this is a kind of dimmable floor lamp so that you can set brightness based on your needs. Such an effective and efficient one. Just simply twist it and then you can adjust the arc floor lamps brightness what you want.


The table lamp effortlessly combines sophisticated and refined elements. the tapered linen shade, long fluted metal body, and circular plinth add understated elegance to any space. ⁠table lamp from@marieflanigan

Extra Glamour and Urban Chic Home Impression

Is it possible to give a glamour and urban chic impression to your hi-tech home design? The answer is ‘yes’! Although there will be minimum ornament allowed for this home design, you can still apply some of them in the right choice (of course). For example, you can install surrealist paintings, put metal statues, or original glass decor.


silver metal sculpture spreads positive vibes and adds interest to any room’s beautiful ornate setting, a statement of confidence for any interior decor. metal statues from@luisespiritu

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