Showers keep us clean, comfortable, and relaxed after a long day. They can also make a small bathroom feel much bigger and help it look larger, too. There are many ways to design a shower, from the size and shape of the enclosure to the type of tile used.

One popular option is a walk-in shower. These replace tub/shower combos and are a good choice for several reasons. For one, they’re a great choice for homeowners with limited space. They’re also easier to maintain than tubs, which can often be difficult to keep clean. Moreover, they’re easy to use for people with mobility issues or disabilities, as they don’t require stepping over a bathtub barrier like a curtain or door.

A walk-in shower can add value to a home, too. This is because they’re a modern, contemporary style that can appeal to a wider range of buyers. Especially if you can decorate it well. There are many ways to decorate and style your walk-in shower. One of them is by adding some plants.

How to Style the Walk-In Shower With Plants

A walk-in shower is a fantastic addition to any bathroom. It is a great way to create the luxury spa-like experience you have always wanted in your home. However, it is easy to assume that showers are a boxed-in space with limited design options, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, there are a lot of ways you can decorate your walk-in shower to make it the focal point of your bathroom. One such way is to add plants.

Adding plants to your shower room will bring a natural feel. It doesn’t have to be a lot of plants, a couple will do the trick. Whether putting the plant in the pot, hanging it on the shower head, or adding vines it can freshen up your walk-in shower. Moreover, choosing tropical plants that are adapted to indoor environments is the best option. This will ensure that the plants are easier to take care of and will provide your bathroom with a fresh look.

The Benefits of Adding Plants

As a place that is known for its high humidity, adding a plant to the walk-in shower can give some benefits. Plants can help defuse the stale air in the walk-in shower and fend off mildew growth. They also provide a natural way to add color and spruce up the space. Furthermore, you can get more benefits by adding plants to your walk-in shower. Here are some benefits you can get.

Aesthetic Look

Adding plants in the walk-in shower is a great way to elevate a design style that is already quite natural and earthy, or add some drama to a contemporary bathroom. It is also a great way to add natural beauty and serenity to the space. Your walk-in shower looks more aesthetic. There are plenty of options for shower plants to suit every decorating taste.

Natural Dehumidifier

While shower plants are one of the hottest home decor trends, they do more than just look good. In addition to adding a natural feel, plants in the shower help keep the bathroom clean. The plants are a natural dehumidifier and provide extra oxygen in the space, which is especially beneficial for those who have breathing issues. Mold can be a big problem in bathrooms, but plants help prevent it by absorbing the excess moisture in the air. The plants also release odor-repelling chemicals that keep the air fresh and clean.

Health Effect

Additionally, adding plants in the shower can reduce stress and meningkatkan kesehatan anda secara keseluruhan. In addition, by placing plants in the walk-in shower, you can reduce anxiety, fatigue and have a positive psychological effect, which can improve your mood and productivity. This is very important to start and end your day more fun, refreshing, and exciting.

Kinds of Shower Plants

Because of the many benefits that can be obtained by adding plants to the walk-in shower, so this is the time for you to determine what plants you will place in your walk-in shower. There are many kinds of plants that you can choose to be added to your shower. You can adjust it according to your taste, preference, and your walk-in shower space. Here are some that you can choose from.

Boston Fern

Boston fern (Nephrolepis exaltata) loves moist air so it thrives in a steamy bathroom – just make sure it’s well away from radiators and hot air vents which can dry out the atmosphere. It’s also fairly low maintenance and forgiving when it comes to light conditions, watering schedule, and humidity levels.

When positioned properly, Boston ferns have a tendency to grow tall and lush making them one of the best houseplants for achieving a real natural feel in your walk-in shower room. It’s non-toxic to pets and humans.


This air-purifying Boston fern likes warm, humid environments, the natural moisture from daily showers keeps it thriving. Boston fern green can be a great bathroom plant for a quick refresh and natural beauty. Boston fern from @weavvehome

Majesty Palm

Majesty palms, or Ravenea rivularis, are a beautiful way to bring tropical style to your walk-in shower. Their long, upright fronds have many individual fingers for a dramatic look. Like many other tropical houseplants, majesty palm plants require fairly high humidity levels. Regular showers can give them a nice boost of humidity, but a more consistent effect can be achieved by keeping your plants in clusters and misting them often.


The beautiful sunlight in the bathroom coupled with the stunning tall palm plants give the room a fresh touch. Palm plants are great in bathrooms with high humidity levels. palm from@interior_delux

Maiden Hair Fern

The Maiden Hair Fern is one of the best plants to grow in a shower because it loves humid environments. These exotic-looking plants are easy to care for and require little in the way of soil. They’ll love the high humidity that a shower creates and will make an attractive addition to any walk-in shower.


Clear surface virgin hair fern looks beautiful. The perfect centerpiece in the bathroom can absorb more moisture, this plant likes bright light, not direct to lower light. maiden hair fern from @i_need_you_organising


Philodendron plants can add a natural look to your walk-in shower and are easy to care for. They can survive in the low light conditions of a bathroom and will thrive with moderate amounts of soil moisture. However, they should not be left sitting in wet soil, as it can lead to fungal diseases. When watering heartleaf philodendrons, aim for the top inch of the soil to be dry before rewatering. Overwatering may cause the leaves to droop, and underwatering can lead to root rot.


A clean and beautiful bathroom with a unique green heart-shaped philodendron plant gives a natural feel to the room, besides that, it can regulate high humidity levels and only requires a little light to thrive. philodendron from @plantaelover

Peace Lily

Although technically not true lilies, this tropical plant earned its name for its flowers that resemble white flags of peace. These plants are very easy to grow and require only indirect light and moderate moisture to thrive.


The peace lily blooms are pure white and fresh. Peace lilies live in minimal water, moist conditions create favorable conditions, absorbing excess moisture from their leaves from the surrounding air. Thus, resulting in a reduction in the development of mold in the bathroom. peace lily from@myhomereno__

Peace lily indoor plants live

To absorb excess moisture in the bathroom, consider placing some plants. And one plant that can be chosen is a peace lily. This plant is easy to grow with a minimum of direct sunlight. In addition to its benefits as a humidity hero, a peace lily was chosen as an indoor plant because of its beauty. The white flowers resembling peace flags are the main attraction of this indoor plant. You can put this beautiful indoor plant in your walk-in shower with a beautiful planter for sure.

Snake Plant

Snake plant is a popular houseplant and easy to grow in your walk-in shower because it loves humid air and doesn’t need a lot of soil. This plant has long been a staple because of its low maintenance and attractive foliage. Also known as sansevieria, snake plants are one of the most adaptable houseplants around. They thrive in a wide variety of light levels from low to bright, though direct sunlight will burn their leaves. They can also tolerate some shade.


Snake plant thrives well in steady indirect light conditions and requires little water. This tiny plant has the power to filter indoor air. snake plant from @andreak_covelladesigns

Spider Plant

The best place for a spider plant is in a well-lit room away from direct sunlight, but it can also thrive in indirect light and your walk-in shower is a great place. The plant needs lots of moisture, so it is an excellent choice for a bathroom that gets frequent use. It also has the advantage of being hardy, so you can bring it outdoors during warm months before bringing it back inside before temperatures drop.


Looks perfect in a bathroom with this gorgeous spider plant with lots of leaves. Spider plants are a great choice for bathrooms because they thrive best in higher humidity and look beautiful in any bathroom. spider plant from

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