Top 5 Unique Entryway That Will Surprise You

The unique entryway is important for every house because it will become the first space that the guest will see. The more amazing it is the greater the impression your guest will have. Many people think that designing an entryway is difficult and needs a lot of planning, but all you need is the design for reference. And that is why today we will look into the top 5 enchanting entryways that will surprise you.

1. Gallery Wall

Look how Lathem Gordon created a luscious gallery wall using photographs in black and white. And by doing this Gordon successfully spruce up the entryway. Moreover, by using gray paint in the entryway, it will cool off all the flam shine in this space.

2. Pet’s Portrait

This space is amazing, once you step in you will meet a hyper-realistic portrait of the owner’s pet. We also love the juxtaposition between the laidback floor tiles and the dog’s serious expression. With the additional of the settee, sconces, and throw pillow create a fun air in this space.

3. Play with Corner

Designer Sarah Solis is a genius, Although the entryway couldn’t fit with a large round table, she replace it with a smaller one and put it in the corner. Then, she adds a colorful area rug with a lovely plant to create a similar effect.

4. Artwork and Material

In this design, the entryway is used as a place to make give a maximum impact on the owner’s artwork. Because Bunny Williams Interior Design and the architecture firm Ferguson & Shamamian think that a foyer is an ideal place to show off a favorite piece of art.

5. Bold Color

Some people think that bold color is not suitable for entryway, but who can imagine that bold color like lipstick pink will rock your entryway. Not only it looks amazing but it become showstopper for your guest.

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