In Florida, having the perfect yard for entertaining friends and family is essential. It extends your living space into a place where you can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Having the right furniture will help you create the perfect setup for the space, allowing everyone to relax and unwind.

To create that perfect outdoor living space, here are the outdoor furniture essentials you need.

Comfortable Outdoor Seating

Naturally, the furniture you choose for your outdoor area should be made for the outdoors and be able to withstand Florida’s tropical weather. Outdoor seating must be able to resist exposure to sunlight, moisture, and high outdoor temperatures. However, it also needs to be comfortable. No one wants to sit in chairs that hurt their back for the duration of a gathering. 

Outdoor Table

Considering dining alfresco? There’s nothing better than bringing a lovely meal outdoors to enjoy. It gives you a spectacular dining experience at home. Bistro tables are incredibly popular, though depending on your space, you may be able to do a full outdoor dining table set.


If your outdoor living space is constantly exposed to the sun rather than tucked under the edge of your patio’s roof, you will want to find ways to create shade. This creates a comfortable retreat on those hot days while you enjoy your patio area. You can plant more trees to create shade, though one of the best ways is through shade sails, umbrellas, and retractable awnings.

For flexibility, free-standing umbrellas may be the easiest way to go, and they come in fun and exciting patterns that can help you create that tropical oasis in your backyard.

Outdoor Lighting

By day, the sun will light up your outdoor living space. By night, you’ll want to create the right aesthetic. No one wants to sit outdoors in complete darkness or barely illuminated by one bulb that lights the way by the entrance to your home. You can easily add LED lights along your pathways or hang up string lights to brighten things up and continue the harmony of peace and relaxation in this space. 

Be sure that you choose items that are made for outdoor use. These are made specially to keep moisture out, allowing them to withstand the common weather conditions here. 


You can make your outdoor sofa, wooden chairs, or bench more comfortable by adding some extra cushions. They bring in more color and create a charming style, all while adding more comfort. Remember to choose cushions made for outdoor use. These will be water-repellent and resistant to fading.

Lazy Susan

An outdoor lazy Susan is an effortless way to entertain and add a layer of texture to your outdoor table. Everyone can turn it with ease, making it easy to share appetizers and dips. Additionally, a serving tray with a deep lip around the edge can also be helpful in transporting food and drinks outdoors without them sliding off. Then set them on your lazy Susan and let everyone serve themselves. 

Head to your local furniture store in Naples, Florida to find the perfect outdoor furniture essentials for your outdoor areas!


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