The white color is intended to be pure and serene which is commonly applied to bedroom decoration although some of you might think that using white color to the decoration is quite risky. It could be dirty easily and looks dull which is really bad. However, you don’t need to worry because the comfort that the white color provided is so much worth it.

Besides the white color scheme, providing a serene bedroom ambiance can be done by applying the natural stuff inside the bedroom. You might already know that the natural element will always be really effective to bring a peaceful atmosphere into the decoration. Then, what if you apply this to your bedroom with a white color scheme combined together? That will be such a good match and give your bedroom to be the best place to rest at home.

It will be quite easy to apply a white color scheme and natural stuff to your bedroom decoration. You can have it for the interior part and furniture randomly. Even the natural element will make your white bedroom color scheme not be seen as boring. Want to know the applications of the ideas? Here we have compiled it for you.

Combined with Wooden Floor

Installing the wood material for the floor is like doing one thing but getting a hundred benefits. It is because of the floor area that will cover the whole space so that even when you only apply the natural element into one part but it will be so much worth it and surely effective to bring the impression you want.


Lifting the bedroom in a comfortable hand. The white color and wooden floor in this bedroom are a perfect blend. The wooden floor adds a natural feel and the white color has a fresh feel. wooden floor [email protected]

Applying Natural Room Accessories and Ornament

The room accessories will be only in small parts but when you apply it to some parts in the room, then it will be able to bring the splash of serene impression from the natural element. For example, you can have it for your lampshade that can be in rattan material, bamboo material, and more. Then, for the ornament, there will be surely many ornaments available in the store that are made of natural elements for your bedroom.


The round lampshade and its soft light fit perfectly in the bedroom. The beautiful white color next to the bed makes the room look fresh. lampshade from@rbw_studio


This animal-shaped natural stone display ornament is used as a bedroom decoration, its cute shape adds to the ornament in the room as well as a storage area. ornament from@kattalogue_homedecor

Providing Natural Furniture

There will be some furniture in your bedroom. Let’s say that you can have the bedroom, table, chair, storage, and rack there. Having the furniture in natural material will be easy to do since there is a lot of furniture that is made of natural elements. You may have one in all-natural material or one that is combined with other materials.


A bright and easy-looking bedroom with a natural presence of style. A chair and a wooden door in front of the bed elevate this bedroom in serenity. natural style from@featherhillinteriors

Sisal Rug for Warm Feeling

The rug is something that is important, not important. It will be ok if you don’t have it but otherwise, when you have it, then it will be so much better. You can use the rug to beautify the decoration and add warmth to your room during winter. For the natural material rug, you can use sisal material. You can install it near the bed and get a warm feeling inside.


Delicate designs can also be very beautiful. The natural materials and neat knits add warmth while enhancing the look of the décor. polyandbark from@polyandbark

Hand woven sisal runner rug

For your reference, this sisal runner rug will also properly be added to your bedroom. It has a neutral color that is suitable for all kinds of decoration styles which is fashionable and multi-functional. It has the ability to bring you a relaxed and comfortable bedroom ambiance.

Natural Headboard Material

Different from the bed frame that should be made of good quality wood so that it can be sturdy enough, the headboard can be made of other materials such as rattan. The headboard won’t sustain the bed so you can use a cheaper material and prioritize the beauty.


A chic bedroom with soft tones and earthy textures. Hand embroidered rattan headboard adds richness to a sophisticated space embodying all the elements and patterns as well as the feel of the room a serene look. natural headboard from@lifelyhome

Providing Some Plants

Find some indoor greenery and put them in your bedroom. The plants will effectively provide a serene impression. But, make sure that you get the right plants that are possible to grow indoors. Also, consider the placement such as lighting and circulation to make sure that the plants can grow well.


Layer upon layer of textures, coupled with a neutral palette and modern décor, bringing a touch of greenery has added an element of serenity and liven up the space. plants from@noovomoimaison

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