Talking about home design it means covering all aspects of the house, both interior and exterior. Applying the right interior design will make you feel comfortable in it while having a beautiful exterior will enhance the curb appeal and attract anyone who sees it. Especially for the exterior, this is the first thing that will give the impression of your home. Therefore, having an attractive exterior home design is a great thing.

And, the exterior comes with many things, the point is that all things outside the house can affect the appearance of the house itself. Well, this time we will focus on the design of the front door of the house. The front door should not be considered only to protect privacy in the house but it can also make a statement on the exterior of your home.

The entrance door is a key element of any home’s style. It not only reflects the overall look of your property, but it also sets the tone for what lies inside. A stylish front door can make the difference between an uninspiring and stunning house exterior. From a variety of doors, hardware finishes, and styling options to energy-efficient glazing, there’s so much you can do to create a beautiful front door design. Here are some ideas for you.

Framed by Sidelights

Not all entrances are wide enough for sidelights but if you do have space, they make an amazing addition to your doorway. Instead of standing on tiptoes to peer through a peephole, sidelights let homeowners have a full view of guests, visitors, and delivery people before they open the front door. Sidelights also help bring in natural light and are a secure way to see who is approaching the door. These non-operating windows are available in multiple sizes to fit your entrance and can be paired with transom windows on top of your door.

Be sure to match the trim on your door and the windows, so they look like one cohesive unit. This helps create a clean, sophisticated look that adds curb appeal and boosts home value. You could even choose to go a step further and add decorative glass to your sidelights or transoms.


Elegant and modern, the door with side light feature adds a plus to any home’s outdoor décor. This feature makes it easier for homeowners to see who is coming. It only takes natural colors to make it look like it blends in with the walls of the house. sidelights from @rusticahardware

Contrasting Colors

Your front door is the first thing visitors see, and it’s a chance to make a statement. Choosing the color of your front door is an opportunity to reflect mood and style preferences. Gentle shades of green or blue are ideal for contemporary and period homes alike. Brighter hues like energizing orange or hot pink are a playful choice for those looking to stand out from the crowd. If your home is in a neutral palette, use contrasting colors to make your entryway stand out. This creates balance and enhances the architectural features of your home, making it look stately.


Contrasting colors can be an attractive choice to beautify the door. Green surrounded by white domination emphasizes contemporary and antique style for outdoor decoration. Unique and different from the others. green color from @lucyinteriordesign

Stained Glass

Stained glass doors offer an opportunity to express your personal style and bring a charming focal point into your entryway. Whether you opt for a traditional Victorian design or a modern abstract pattern, stained glass offers the chance to create a welcoming first impression that guests will remember long after they leave your home.

If you prefer a more minimalist look, frosted or clear glass panels can be combined with stained glass to offer an elegant, sleek appearance. You can also create a one-of-a-kind entryway by working with a skilled artisan to design a personalized front door. This option allows you to incorporate personal motifs or family crests into your entryway design and add a truly unique feature to your home.


Classic and exclusive look from the stained glass door with floral motifs. This style is not modern, but still interesting to be used as a reference for home decor. Friendly impression for guests and people who want to enter the house. stained glass door from @ynsdesignstudio


The iconic main light door design adds real curb appeal. Doors and frames are paneled with extra thick wood to complement the home’s architecture, while magnificent textured glass with intricate patterns add a touch of character.stained glassfrom@londondoorco

Geometric Details

Geometric details are one of the most popular front door ideas. These geometric designs can add a bold look to your entryway and make it stand out from the rest of your house. One way to instantly boost your front door design is by adding geometric elements like squares, rectangles, and triangles. This style is popular in modern decor and will add a touch of elegance to any home.


The geometric details of the box-shaped blue doors accentuate the home’s exterior. The impression that appears is elegant. From any angle, geometric details score high marks for outdoor décor.geometric detailsfrom@carinaramirezrealtor

Modern Design

Modern front door design is all about sleek, natural materials and clean strong lines. Glass is a popular choice but steel is also making major waves in the design world right now. Choosing the right front door will not only enhance your home but add the curb appeal you are looking for and set your house apart from the crowd.


The modern black front door looks luxurious when viewed from the front of the house with two side lights and a storm door. A very nice combination that gives a sleek design and allows a lot of light into the house. modern front door from@doorsoutlet


A front door serves as the focal point when you or visitors approach your property, so accentuate it with a variety of stylish hardware pieces. The doorknob, handle, and doorbell are the main components to consider when selecting front-door accessories. These can be upgraded in a number of ways, from adding a bold color to experimenting with non-traditional handles or knobs.


Modern minimalist front door with black doorbell and handle is increasingly popular in home design. Opt for sleek lines, clean finishes, and simple hardware for a contemporary look. doorbell from @holly_valdivia

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Nowadays, hardware is not only a door accessory but it also can serve as a security for your home. Especially, for a front door that acts as a first protection. To protect your home, you can update your hardware with smart hardware. Like, you can buy an anti-theft doorbell mount. This doorbell is very useful to add security to your home.

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