Having an earthy home decoration is easy but there are some things that you should not skip. It is about presenting the natural tones in the decoration. Of course, the ways are varied such as applying an earthy color scheme to the wall, providing some wooden furniture material, etc. But here, we are going to advise you to add some organic textile products to the decoration.

You might think that there will be some limitations to this. Well, you’ll be amazed because you will know that there are surely varied products the organic textile has that can be added to your decoration. The benefits of using textile products are the possibility to be made in varied impressions. You can have patterns, textures, and shapes that are surely wide in choices.

You will find out how organic textile products can be used perfectly for your home decoration in the following references.

Linen Bedding Set

The special thing about linen material is that it has a natural look no matter what color it is dyed. It is clear that the linen material will create an earthy impression. The use of linen material for your bedding set will keep you cool during summer. Such a pretty yet comfortable thing to be used for your earthy home decor concept.

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Bed decoration doesn’t have to be expensive. Linen, which is natural, inexpensive, and aesthetically pleasing, is the best choice. The green color gives a fresh atmosphere in every corner of the room. linen from@magiclinen

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Are looking for the best bedding? This one is the breathable soft bedding with button closure. It is known that the linen fabric will get softer with each wash, breathable, and not easy to fade. The looser weave creates warmth without trapping moisture. Another interesting thing about it is that the bedding set will keep you warm on chilly nights and cool on warm nights. Really worth it to have!

Woven Throw Pillow

The woven throw pillow is able to give a Boho decor impression which is aesthetic. With the colors, patterns, and woven design in a certain technique, you’ll find out how the woven throw pillow is sweet, aesthetic, and calming in natural material.


Woven pillows from textiles can be an alternative for home decoration furniture. Soft, warm, and aesthetically pleasing. It can be a perfect decoration to add to any home decor. pillow from@infinityknots_by_rishti.s

Woven Throw Blanket

Just like the woven throw pillow, the woven blanket is also so much worth it. When you have it woven, you won’t only get the function but also the beauty. Also, make sure that you use organic textile material for an earthy impression. You may have it in any color but it is so much better if you use the natural earthy color.


The best way for home decoration is to use woven blankets. Natural and soft material provides maximum warmth. It’s not difficult to apply, choose a natural color so that the eyes are always awake. blankets from@tea_and_linen

Linen Curtain

It is great how the linen curtain will let you get the natural light inside the house. For more privacy, you can install blackout blinds. Those two will be such a great match.


See-through linen curtains create fresh air and bright light. Don’t worry, these curtains are made of natural textiles. It is the right choice to add to the beauty of home decoration. inen curtains from@aprilnotes_official

Jute Rug

The jute rug is already familiar to be used by some people to create rustic or farmhouse home decoration. Since the material comes from nature, then it is such a great idea to use the jute rug for your earthy home.


Derived from high-quality natural material, a jute rug becomes a  great addition to your home decoration. It is able to give a warm, soft, and comfortable feeling when you step on it. The right motifs and colors add great value to home decor. jute rugs from@megandimaggiodesign


Fabric Tablecloth

The tablecloth must be there in the house. You install it for your tablecloth, coffee table, and even your side table. So, what if you use organic textile material? You can have it patterned or colored.


These decorations are simple, but add great value to home decor. A tablecloth made of natural materials with a floral pattern will make the table looks pretty. tablecloth from@nicolefabredesigns

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