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The use of the tree branch to be added to your home decoration is a cheap way to decorate it aesthetically. You can imagine how the tree branch has a different shape and indentation that make it special naturally. Also, the texture, color, and pattern on the bark of the branch make it even way more unique and aesthetic. It is true that there should be a treatment for the branch not to make it dusty and looks dirty by coating it. However, if you want to have a real natural wood look, then you don’t need to do anything to the branch.

You may think that the use of the tree branch will make your house to be seen as not valuable but you should know that the statement that ‘less is more’ when related to the decoration. Having something simple and cheap won’t make your house decoration to be less valuable. You can always have the awesome one if all the proportions and the style fit really well to the house.

Are you still in doubt to have the tree branch be a part of your home decoration? Here is another benefit of having it. You can have the tree branch by making it yourself. The DIY project is really possible to do and quite easy. Even when you don’t have any skill in doing the craft, you can still make the tree branch product for your home decoration yourself.

For your reference and to let you know that it will be really possible to be made with DIY projects, here are the design ideas for your inspiration.


It is true that the shelve should be made with sleek and equal material where the tree branch has a random shape that will be impossible for you to use it. Well, for this, you can combine it with other materials to support the need so that the shelve can function well. For example, you can combine the tree branch with a wood pallet so that you can put the stuff into the pallet safely.


The use of shelves with wood material creates a home decoration full of warmth and comfort. Natural materials enhance maximum beauty. The combination of wood branches and wooden pallets is a brilliant idea. shelves wood [email protected]


The artwork has a really wide range. There won’t be any limitation for the material shape so the wood branch will always be such a great material for this. The artwork itself can be in the form of wall art products or some figures that are made by compiling many branch shapes, patterns, and colors to reach the result that the artist wants.

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The best alternative to the function of wood is a work of art to complement home decor. Looks aesthetic and unique. Natural and cool impression felt before the eyes. artwork [email protected]


Hanging Ornament

There will be varied hanging ornament designs that you can have. It will be from the simple one to the complicated design. You may add colors there for the characteristic and use other materials to get the design that you want.


Hanging ornaments from wood give a fresh feel to every wall of the house. Simple, creative, and exotic home decor ideas. It looks minimalist and comfortable to look at. hanging ornaments from@dailymacrame

Polaroid Hanging

Do you have a Polaroid camera? Using the tree branch is such a great idea to display your photos. It will be really simple where you just need the branch, string, or jute rope, and some pins.


Polaroid photos combined with wooden hangers will be seen as fantastic. It looks sweet from the eccentric wood brown color for home decoration. Every corner of the room will be on that idea. polaroid photos from@kalaghar

Wall Hanger

The wall hanger is quite important and almost all houses have it. For a more aesthetic home decor impression, you can have the tree branch wall hanger. You can use it to hang your bags, coat, hats, keys, etc.


Wood as a home wall hanger provides good benefits. You can use it to hang keys, hats, or bags. The interior of the house is not boring to look at. wall hanger from@innerspacism


Tree branch wall hook

If having a real natural product is the one that you want, then this vintage real wood tree branch wall hook might be the best choice for you. This one will be able to add a wonderful natural element to your home. You don’t need to worry about the installment because it is really easy to do. You just have to clean the wall surface before you put it up. Keep the surface smooth and dry then stick and press it. This one will be perfect for your entryway, living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or just any room you have.


Jewelry Display

It will be quite different from the other examples that we have mentioned above. For the jewelry display, it is better for you to coat the bark surface of the tree branch so that it can be harmonious with the jewelry you display there. The branch is supposed to be seen as more expensive and sleek.


Wooden branches as jewelry hangers give a unique but elegant impression. The interior makes the home decor look beautiful. It just needs wood cladding to blend in with the hanging jewelry. jewelry display from@doodlecraft

Branch Bouquet

So easy! Even your kids can make it with you. What you need to do is just prepare a vase whatever the kinds of the vase. Then, look for the branches to be arranged into the vase. You may add colors to beautify the look of the branches and to create the decor impression you want.


Even though it looks complicated, the concept of a bouquet of branches combined with a vase emphasizes an aesthetic impression. Brown accents will give the look a homey feel. The corner of the room looks open and exotic. bouquet branches from@fermliving

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