Are you considering buying a new queen air mattress but uncertain about its size? Rest assured, you’re not alone. Queen air mattresses are highly popular, particularly in the U.S., yet many people are unaware of their actual dimensions. Fortunately, you’ve come to the perfect resource! This article will provide you with comprehensive information about queen air mattress sizing and everything else you need to be aware of. By the end, you’ll be well-informed and ready to make the right choice for any future purchases. Let’s dive right in!

To begin, it’s crucial to recognize that queen air mattresses do not all share the same dimensions. To provide accurate information, we have examined the queen size air mattress dimensions from various manufacturers and calculated an average. Here are our findings:

On average, queen-sized mattresses measure approximately 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length. As mentioned earlier, it’s important to note that specific dimensions may slightly differ from one queen size mattress to another, depending on the manufacturer’s design. Nonetheless, most of the mattresses you encounter will generally be close to the dimensions of 60″ x 80″. Let’s now explore a few variations you should be aware of for queen size mattresses:

Thick Queen Size Air Mattresses

The comfort and price of air mattresses often correlate with their thickness. Thicker air mattresses tend to be more comfortable but also come with a higher price tag. Conversely, thinner air mattresses are more budget-friendly but may not provide the same level of comfort.

When opting for a thick queen size air mattress, it’s essential to consider that it will require a longer fill-up time. Due to its larger size compared to a standard queen mattress, there will be a greater volume of air to fill, which should be taken into account.

Furthermore, keep in mind that thicker mattresses will occupy more vertical space when inflated compared to typical queen air mattresses. This aspect is worth considering, especially if you have limited space available.


The air mattress offers unparalleled comfort for a good night’s rest. By adjusting the air pressure while filling, you can evenly distribute support across the entire mattress surface, resulting in a soft and cozy experience when you lie down on it. Air mattresses from @slumbercloud

Tall Queen Size Air Mattresses

For individuals on the taller side, tall queen size air mattresses offer the perfect solution. These mattresses have a longer length compared to the standard queen air mattress, as you might have anticipated. The extra length not only benefits taller people who require more space but also provides additional room for those who share their sleeping space with pets.

However, if you plan to travel with a tall queen air mattress, it’s essential to make sure that your sleeping area can accommodate the extra length. Dealing with a mattress that exceeds the available space in your sleeping bag or camper can be quite troublesome.

To avoid such a situation, it’s wise to measure your sleeping area before purchasing the mattress and carrying it along on your travels. This precautionary step will ensure that you enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free sleeping experience.


Experience perfect sleeping comfort with the High Queen Size Air Mattress. Its generous dimensions allow for maintaining a good sleeping position, thanks to its exceptional quality that provides the right level of support beneath you. High queen air mattress from @the_cosyhomeke/

Is a Queen Sized Air Mattress the Right Size For You?

Are you unsure whether a queen size air mattress would be the right fit for your needs? Taking the time to consider this aspect beforehand is a prudent step to avoid ending up with a mattress that doesn’t suit your preferences or requirements. In this section, we’ll guide you in determining whether a queen mattress is the ideal choice for you.

Typically, queen size mattresses work well for most adults, offering ample comfort for a single adult. Even for two average-sized adults, a queen mattress is usually sufficient. However, if you or your sleeping partner is overweight or tends to move around a lot during sleep, it might be better to opt for a king size air mattress for more space and support.

If you happen to be a calm sleeper of average weight who sleeps alone, a full size mattress (54 inches wide by 75 inches long) could be a viable option to consider. Going for a smaller mattress in this case might also save you some money. However, if you prefer having a bit of extra room to move around and spread out comfortably, choosing a queen size mattress is recommended. This way, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable sleeping experience.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Queen Size Air Mattress

  • The Type of Mattress: For individuals with chronic body pain or who are elderly, a raised air bed could be a suitable option. Its elevated design can help alleviate discomfort when getting in and out of bed. Additionally, certain air beds may include extra features such as a backrest or headboard. While not essential for everyone, these additions can significantly enhance the sleep quality for some individuals.
  • The Mattress Material: Standard air mattresses are typically made from PVC, a type of plastic. However, PVC doesn’t allow for good airflow, leading to discomfort and sweating during sleep. If this doesn’t sound appealing, there are alternatives to consider. A pillow-top air mattress is one option, as it retains less heat compared to PVC, providing a more comfortable and cooler sleep experience. Another alternative is a memory foam air mattress infused with gel. The gel in the memory foam keeps the mattress cool to the touch, offering better temperature regulation and improving overall sleeping comfort.
  • The Pump Type: When selecting an air mattress, the type of pump it comes with is an essential consideration. There are two main types of pumps: manual and automatic. If you don’t mind manually pumping air into the mattress, opting for a model with a manual pump could save you some money. However, if you prefer the convenience of simply pressing a button to inflate the mattress, then choosing one with an automatic pump is the way to go.
  • Storage Considerations: Transporting large air mattresses can be quite demanding, so it’s wise to select a model that comes with a convenient storage bag. Having a storage bag not only makes it easier to carry the mattress but also provides an added layer of protection for the mattress when not in use.
  • Your Sleeping Position and Weight: Your ideal mattress depends on your preferred sleeping position. Side sleepers usually prefer a softer surface, while back sleepers may opt for a firmer bed. Stomach sleepers generally find firm mattresses more comfortable. Heavier individuals may experience sinking on a less firm mattress, making customizable firmness levels in an air mattress beneficial. If your mattress lacks this feature, be cautious when inflating it, and you can always release some air if needed for your desired comfort level.

Enhance the comfort of your air mattress by adding a backrest, which not only improves the quality of sleep but also provides essential head support. With this feature, the mattress gains durability, ensuring you get a better night’s rest. Headboard from @happyhomelimited


Experience a luxurious and comfortable sleep with a gel-infused air mattress that evenly distributes body weight, alleviating pressure on the back and spine. Air mattress gel from @homelux254

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The electric air pump is compatible with both small and large inflatable mattresses, making it effortless to inflate them and requiring minimal storage space after use. It comes equipped with three nozzles, catering to various inflatables with ease. Air mattress pump from @mwendwamurimi6


The foldable and convenient storage bag ensures that this air mattress retains its quality and longevity during periods of non-use. It allows you to optimize space and keep everything organized neatly. Storage bag from @elitestorepk

Dura-beam plus deluxe pillow rest air mattress

Unlike traditional air beds that may sink or dip with time, these Air Mattresses are specifically designed with top and bottom ring stability to withstand the sleeper’s weight without sagging or losing shape. Whether used indoors or outdoors, it offers convenience with a built-in pillow and air pump. The unique construction provides excellent stability while the soft, velvety sleeping surface ensures a restful night’s sleep.


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