Don’t let a honeymoon room not be a special one. It should be comfortable, calming, and romantic so that this special moment can be memorable. There are some varied decoration concepts that you can have where exotic decoration can be a choice for the honeymoon room decor concept. With this, people can enjoy their moment with such an appealing feeling.

Basically, creating a romantic decoration is not too difficult, you just have to focus on the romantic stuff that you should add to the decoration. Anyway, here we are going to classify the decoration into two parts those are the placement of the decoration and the things to be used for the decoration.

Placement of the Decoration

In a room, there are some possible spots that can be added with romantic decoration. It is important to choose the spots that people commonly use to be decorated. However, you should also concern about other spots not to make the decoration look not balanced. Here are the spots that you should take concern.


Decorating the ceiling will be seen as great when you already laying on the bed. It is always fun to look at something pretty above. The priority here is for the ceiling part which is located above the bed.


Balloons as decorative elements in honeymoon bedroom decorations are effective in terms of price and cost. It gives a cheerful feel to the bedroom area. The concept of balloons on the ceiling is a charming visual attraction. balloons from@dsalvatorehotel

Red heart balloons decorations

The red heart balloons that come in different sizes are good choices for your ceiling honeymoon room decoration. It is even completed with printed words that say romantic expressions. The balloons are durable that will last long so you can reuse them. 


The headboard is the part of the bed that becomes an important piece of furniture for the honeymoon room. So, adding a little bit of pretty touch there is really recommended. The headboard decoration will stay there while the bed decoration will be cleaned. Make sure to apply something pretty for the headboard.


Beautiful and natural, an effective combination of floral headboards for the honeymoon bedroom. It looks simple, but it gives a relaxed and romantic impression in the bedroom area. headboards [email protected]


Decorating the bed is the main point for the honeymoon room. Although it will be cleaned or moved when you need to use the bed, but without decorating it, the honeymoon room won’t be seen as a honeymoon room.


A clean, neat, and beautiful interior design will change the atmosphere of your honeymoon bedroom. This can be seen in the love-shaped bed sheet decoration. Romantic impression with the layout and sprinkling of flowers adds aesthetic value to the room area. bed from@jawadwipahotelresort/


The wall decoration is also needed to make a complete ambiance in the room. Since the wall is like the shell of the room that will cover the whole space, then wall decoration will take an important role here,


Room wall decoration affects mood. This is the main key to a honeymoon bedroom decoration. Balloons in the form of the word love give a romantic atmosphere when resting together. The intimate impression will be felt and more enjoyable. wall decoration from@bunique_creation


It is true that decorating the floor will only be exhausting and limiting the movement. But, floor decoration will make you feel like walking on a beauty thing which is great.


The bedroom floor is the best medium for decorating a honeymoon bedroom. A series of balloons and roses in the form of love gives a romantic atmosphere. It looks beautiful and reassuring. floor from@celebrationmanagement

Kinds of Things to be Used

There are so many romantic things to be added, but here we have some recommendations for you. The application of these things can be done based on the list above.


Flowers are a must! Nothing can bite the flowers when it comes to something romantic. You can apply the flowers to many variations. You can have it in the form of a bouquet, petals, and many more.


The sweet impression was created by the sprinkling of flowers on the bed. This looks simple, but effectively enhances the romantic feel of the honeymoon bedroom decor. The aesthetic side gives a natural appearance when viewed. People will feel comfortable while resting. flowers from@grandsenyum/


The wine will be a friend in enjoying your romantic moment during the honeymoon. So, providing the wine is a must. You can decorate it to strengthen a romantic feeling.


Simple accessories as a complement to the honeymoon bedroom decor. A bottle of wine and glasses on the bed looks unique and memorable to people. Cheers would emerge as they poured the wine. A brilliant idea for creating intimate moments with your partner.  wine from@voodoomanali


It can’t be doubted that candles are something romantic that you can always use for any romantic occasion. The placement of the candles can be varied from the table, floor, window, etc.


Small candles are a smart choice to add to the beauty of the honeymoon bedroom. Looks classic, and feels calm with the diffused candlelight. The neat layout creates a warm and loving atmosphere at rest. candles from@goasurprise

Romantic Figure Creation

The romantic figure is commonly applied on the bed. You might already be familiar with the duck figure that is shaped into a heart form on the bed. Yes! That one is a must for the bed decoration. Of course, you can have other figures.


Beautiful and neat heart-shaped duck decorations will change the atmosphere of the honeymoon bedroom. This can be seen from the creativity in forming the cloth into a love-shaped duck decoration. A romantic impression with a sprinkling of flowers adds a plus to the bed. bed decoration [email protected]/


The balloon might sound childish. But, since there are so many balloon design choices these days, then you can choose the one that can support your needs in completing your romantic decoration.


Balloons floating in the bedroom sky create a cheerful and warm impression. This idea looks simple as a honeymoon bedroom decoration. It makes the bedroom look romantic and pleasing to the eye. balloons from@goasurprise


It is true that candles already light up the room with their romantic impression. However, what will it be when the candles are already off? You should also provide another electric lighting that has a romantic impression. Here is an example for you.


Warm and full of tenderness, the light from the lamp is the key to decorating the honeymoon bedroom. The room area becomes aesthetically pleasing with the lights around the neatly arranged balloons and flowers. It is very effective in creating a romantic impression. People will be happy when they see it. light from@_theperfectdate

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