Talking about gardens it sounds interesting. This is an outdoor space where you can plant anything and add some decorations and decorative items to beautify the garden. And, when it comes to garden decoration, it doesn’t always hiring an expert or using expensive items, especially, if you have a tight budget. DIY ideas are a great option to dress up your garden.

There are wide DIY garden ideas that can be applied. Every DIY idea has its own uniqueness. Luckily, you can do DIY ideas with the stuff around your home. Like the DIY garden decoration idea made from junk. Junk? Yes, that’s junk. Maybe what comes to your mind is junk in the true sense that is in the trash. However, in this case, what is meant by “junk” are items that are no longer used and then repurposed into something useful and interesting. And for your garden decoration, you can utilize junk to create some planters and even art.

Well, in this article, we will focus on unused items hiding in your kitchen. In your kitchen, surely you often find items that are no longer used, either because they are damaged or you already have new ones. And usually, you just keep these items in the cupboard or even throw them away. Instead of wasting it better for you to use it again to decorate your garden. Some of them are below, let’s check them out!

Colander Wind Chain

Complementing garden decorations with junk art is an excellent idea that can present a creative appearance at affordable costs. Using a colander as a wind chain is a great example of this type of junk art. To make this project, a colander is painted and then strung with vintage silverware pieces like spoons and forks which ping against each other when the wind blows. It will definitely attract birds to come to your garden because of its uniqueness and also make the garden decor more beautiful.


Filter wind chains as garden decoration accessories. Unique and eccentric idea. The sound that arises from the rubbing of spoons and forks creates a peaceful impression. colander wind chain from @heavymetalmilkman

Flower Ornaments with Plates

Another great idea is to make flower ornaments using used items so that you can complement your garden decorations at a lower cost. Using plates to make a flower is one way of doing it. If you have old plates sitting around that are no longer useful you can give them a new life by making these simple flower garden crafts. Just take a few easy steps and you’ll have beautiful flowers in your backyard! It can present a stunning artistic appearance in your garden.


Practical and efficient, crafts from plates to flower displays. It presents an artistic style as a garden decoration. The garden area becomes colorful and feels good. flower plate craft from @ontracklifestyles

Teacup Planter

Old teacups that once served their purpose are a treasure trove of possibilities for repurposed planters. If you have an old set of mismatched teacups you no longer use, take it and create an interesting planter. Just find a cup and saucer that appeals to you, along with a succulent or other container-friendly low-moisture plant and a little bit of potting soil, and you’ll have a beautiful new planter. Succulents make this DIY project particularly quick and easy to do, but any type of small plant will look charming. They’ll look perfect placed around your garden or even in the house.


Succulents plant that blends into a teacup. It looks beautiful and artistic as a garden decoration. The natural impression is felt from the dominant green color. teacup from @homemade_is_twice_as_nice

Old Kettle

If you have a collection of old and unusable old kettles in your home, don’t throw them away. Instead, recycle them and turn them into fascinating garden decor items. All you need is a little bit of creativity and inspiration to transform your kitchen utensils into some stunning garden decor ideas that will make your garden look spectacular. You can recycle the old kettle as a planter or add a water feature.


The sweet impression is created from an old kettle with attractive color combinations. It looks simple, but effectively adds fun to your garden decor. The aesthetic side gives a natural appearance when viewed. People will feel comfortable when they see it. old kettle from @designdecortravel

Spoon Dragonfly

You can also make a beautiful dragonfly using an old spoon. The process is simple and you can even make a flying one so that it will be more realistic. The dragonfly can be displayed in the garden to bring its own charm and inspire everyone who sees it.


The high art of a dragonfly-shaped spoon. This a simple idea to complete your garden decor. It’s like real, a garden with dragonflies. Unique and gives a different atmosphere in the garden area. dragonfly spoon from @ozanozlem

Glass and Bowl of Mushrooms

Mushroom garden decor is a fun way to add some enchantment to your growing space. These glassware mushroom statues can be placed in various spots throughout your garden to provide eye-catching decoration. They require minimal effort to create and they’re also quite durable. Just be sure to protect them from cold, freezing, or other extreme weather conditions.

This particular mushroom craft does an incredible job of snatching attention thanks to its shape. Its polka dot design helps it sell a fantasy-like appearance that can work well in a mixed rustic and whimsical setup.


Looking at the mushroom from the bowl and glassware, it looks aesthetic and real. Brilliant idea as a garden decoration. With the right choice of paint, the garden area becomes interesting to visit. mushroom from @sugarspicesnails

Fruit Basket Planters

Besides displaying your fresh produce, the hanging fruit basket also can be used to create a garden planter. This is the best way to give your kitchen items a second life. The unique design of a hanging fruit basket offers the perfect spot for growing herbs, fruits, or flowers. It’s an easy project that will take no time at all to create and is great for beginners and can add a stylish touch to your garden.


Typical natural nuances of a flower. This looks simple to do. Unused baskets become a medium for growing flowers so that the garden looks beautiful and attracts attention. fruit basket planter from @thehouseofejc

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