Renting a new apartment, especially if it is your first one, is one of life’s most rewarding joys. Having a place all to yourself, or with a few close friends, gears you up for some of the most magnificent experiences in your adult life.

If you’ve recently moved into a new rental, you may get caught feeling stuck in the décor of the place, right? So wrong! You can take your space to the next level by adding some personality to your new home. All perfectly within the realms of your rental agreement!

Read on for the top five tips for making your new space feel like home, with no major DIY projects necessary:

1. Textiles

One of the most effective ways for making your rental place feel like home is by adding textiles. Throws, rugs, and scatter cushions are the perfect way to add your style to the space. Swap out old materials for new, lighter fabrics in the summer months – think cotton and linens for an air of easy breezy perfection.

During winter, choose bolder colors and richer materials like velvet or corduroy. Textiles effortlessly add depth and texture to your design space and will help you to feel more comfortable in your new place.

2. Plants

Nothing makes an apartment come to life quite like adding actual life to it. Now most rental agreements have specific clauses regarding pets, no landlord would ever object to plant life. Don’t turn your apartment into a mini jungle, you must find clever ways to use the space you have.

Plants add a much-needed pop of color to an otherwise drab wall or corner. If you have a busy schedule, opt for a low-maintenance variety – there will be no color popping if your plant is dead and dry.

3. Furniture

One of the most crucial decisions when moving into a new place is sizing. Decide how much space you will need before you start to find apartments for rent in North York, that will dictate the rest of your décor story. If you can, rent a furnished apartment – that will take all the stress out of furniture decisions and allow you to focus on the details of your new place.

If you can’t manage to find a furnished rental, look around for smaller pieces of furniture that will be well-suited to the size of the rooms in your unfurnished apartment.

4. Scenting

Nothing smells like home. That is because we carry so many memories inside of each scent. Fill your space with a lovely scent. Whether with candles or melts, diffusers, or sprays – that part is entirely up to you. What matters is finding a unique scent that is personal to you. Scents are typically chosen based on happy memories, a favorite smell, or for achieving the right vibe for the space.

Some seasonal favorites could include Hawaiian Breeze, Pina Cola, Watermelon Lemonade, or Pumpkin Spice. Find the perfect fragrance to match your personality.

5. Accessories

The most crucial thing to know about accessorizing your rental apartment is to mix the old with the new. You would not believe the gems you can find at a thrift store or by popping into the next garage sale you drive past.

Think of trendy vases mixed with used books and an old chinoiserie lamp, all adorning a vintage sideboard – pure décor bliss! There should be nothing stopping you from finding small ways to add indelible aspects of your personality into your new rental space.

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