Need a welcoming bedroom atmosphere adopt these natural decor ideas

It is true that decorating the house is quite exhausting. However, when it comes to your bedroom decoration, just make sure that you give your all for this. Why? Because the bedroom is your asset. It is a private place where you can release all your tired body and soul after a hard day before you start another day. Related to that, if you are looking for the perfect bedroom decoration concept, the natural decor is the one that we recommend for you.

What is special about the natural decoration concept?

It will be able to create a welcoming bedroom atmosphere which is the one that you need in the bedroom. The welcoming atmosphere will allow you to calm your body and mind. Also, you will feel safe and comfortable while spending your time there. So, are you curious about having a welcoming bedroom atmosphere? Here are the ideas we compile for you.

Tranquil Sleek Wood

You’ll never fail to bring a welcoming atmosphere from the wood material. The first reason is of course because of the material that comes from nature. Also, the color and the natural pattern that will appear on the wood are never the same from one to another. Such a unique one. Here is an example of the use of wood for a tranquil feeling inside the bedroom area.


This one is such a perfect application of wood material into the bedroom. You can see that the wood looks really natural with its pattern, line, and color but look clean as it is made with a sleek finish. The element of the wood is also complete where it is applied to the wall, floor, bed, side table, and vanity. You can copy the way the wood is applied, combined, and created in such a perfect finish. Tranquil Sleek Wood from @studioipsa.

Boho Theme

It can be said that the Boho decor style is really closely related to the natural element. Let’s say that there is some stuff that is made of natural material such as ornament, accessories, and the making of fabric that is reflected nature really well. You can see the below example that will show you how the Boho decor is reflecting nature so much.


There are some materials that are used here that come from nature. Let’s say that we can see there are rattan, wood, bamboo, and jute. What makes them have a Boho impression is the design that represents the style. The chair is made of rattan, the rug is made of jute rope, and the pendant is made of bamboo and many other applications that you can follow. Boho Theme Bedroom from @interior_boho.

Tropical Greenery

The tropical things are always fun, calming, and refreshing. This theme will be great to be applied to your bedroom to create a welcoming atmosphere inside. Also, it is a simple way to bring nature to your bedroom without changing many things there. Such a great one if you have only a low budget.


Look at how a simple thing can create such a big impact from this bedroom decor example. The bedroom doesn’t have many details and no need too much effort into decorating it but you can feel the welcoming atmosphere only by looking at the decoration. It brings tropical vibes from the tropical plants that are added near the bed. Such a perfect position with enough sunlight there. You can also see that the earthy color scheme applied there makes the bedroom looks even more authentic for a nature bedroom decor concept.Tropical Greenery  from casa_lottii

Playing with the Bed

Since the main thing in the bedroom is the bed, then you can deal with this to focus on bringing the nature decor concept. You can do this if you don’t want to be too exhausted in re-decorating the bedroom but need an effective result. For this, the bed is the best target ever.


When the first time seeing this, you might think that the decoration looks really simple but is able to create a welcoming atmosphere in the nature decor concept. It is done by simply applying floral cushions on the wooden and rattan bed frame. The addition of the rattan tray makes the nature impression looks more authentic. The soft yet warm colors applied around also able to create a tranquil feeling. Nature Bed Concept from @theblossomshome.

Earthy Color Scheme

Dealing with the color scheme is also an easy thing to create a welcoming atmosphere in your bedroom. Of course, since the theme is nature decoration, then we recommend you use the earthy color scheme. You can apply one color there as the scheme or combine some colors that can be matched one to another.


This bedroom applies some different tones of green color. You can see that there are green army color, olive color, and emerald. Such a good combination where it creates one color scheme but it different tones. Then, the addition of the brown wood and red carpet makes the decoration doesn’t seem boring. Earthy Color Scheme from @virginia_mcdade_designs.

Simple but Authentic

A simple decoration is also able to bring a welcoming atmosphere to your bedroom. However, you should be able to apply the things that will surely be effective to bring the decor impression that you want. Here, we mention it as simple but authentic. Check the idea below.


What makes it simple is the color scheme choice. It uses the white color as the color scheme which makes it simple, calming, and welcoming. Anyway, although applying white color, this bedroom decoration doesn’t be seen as boring at all because it has some details that even in small portions but work really well. You can see the plant that is provided there. The rug, cushion, sheets, and furniture are also reflecting nature. Such a great one! Simple Authentic Decor from @lizmariegalvan

Wallpaper Installation

This one is another simple way to re-decorate a bedroom. You can simply install the right wallpaper then everything will be changed just that way. Of course, it will be great if you can add more natural touches there. Here is an example.


The wallpaper that is installed here is an imagery of the botanical and avian environment. Once the wallpaper is installed, the bedroom is changed into an aviary feeling. The bedroom is even more perfect with the addition of the greenery there and the bedding concept in an earthy color scheme. Wallpaper Installation from

Garden Bedroom Theme

The garden is supposed to be fun, welcoming, and cheerful. That is why when you want to apply this decor concept to your bedroom, you should be able to make it has those kinds of impressions. Curious about how this work? The image below will show you more.


The fresh and cheerful impression can’t be doubted from this bedroom decoration. The garden theme comes from the wallpaper pattern choice and the fresh cheerful impression comes from the yellow tone applied there. The wood material and jute rug that is presented bring more strong nature impression. Garden Bedroom Theme from @oliverjames_interiors.

Jungle Bedroom Theme

This one won’t be a fit for you who love simplicity. But, if you want to have an authentic nature inside the bedroom, this one is a great choice for you. There should be many plants there that represent the jungle. Check the following reference.


There are some plants that are provided in this bedroom. The variety is from the kinds of plants and the placement. Look at how the plants are hung on the wall and ceiling. There are also some plants on the floor and shelf. The first impression when you look at this decor is ‘green’! Jungle Bedroom Theme from @myboholuxe

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