How to display your hats on the walls

Having a collection doesn’t mean you have to keep it in the wardrobe or cabinet. You can start thinking about taking it out and even displaying it. Yes, it’s right. You can display your collection items and use them as a part of your home decoration, including hats if you have a large collection of hats.

If you love hats, they can be a beautiful addition to any room. They can add to the color scheme of a living room or contribute to the coziness of a bedroom. Whether you have a lot of hats or just a few, you can use wall hat display ideas to make your collections look amazing. There are also creative ways to hang your hats that can complement the colors of your living space.

A good wall hat display has to be functional—it needs to keep your hats from getting twisted or damaged and offer enough space for all of them. But, it also has to be gorgeous and make a statement. And it has to do all of that at a cost-effective price. Even, you can make it yourself. And, here are some wall hat display ideas to inspire you.

What to Look for in Wall Hat Organizers

Size and Capacity

If you want to keep your hats safe and secure, consider a wall hat organizer. It will help you organize your entire collection without the risk of denting or crushing them. Make sure the size and dimensions of the wall hat organizer fit your space. Some models also feature a hook feature to hold other items like coats and bags. You can also choose an over-the-door hanger for a convenient, space-saving solution. Also, consider the capacity of the wall hat organizer. Adjust the weight and number of hats to be displayed with the organizer you are using.

Color & Finish

Look for an organizer that suits your home’s aesthetic, whether it’s a more rustic wood rack or a sleek stainless steel version. Metal organizers tend to look more elegant, and they’re typically better suited for storing structured hats like caps.

Another popular option is to use drawers or bins to store hats, especially winter hats. They can be folded or rolled without harming the shape, and they’re easy to access when you need them. You can also use a hanging rod or hat stand to display your collection of hats and caps. This is an ideal solution for fans of the bohemian style, and it looks beautiful when placed near a window or doorway. The holder has adjustable buckles that ensure a secure fit over most doors and can even be wall mounted for added convenience.


Hat organizers are available in a variety of materials, including wood, metal, plastic, and cloth. The type of material you choose will impact the cost, durability, and fit of your hats. You should also consider whether the material suits the style of your home or closet space. For example, wood hat racks tend to be more expensive than plastic options, but they may provide better stability and are more aesthetically pleasing for home or office use. Also, metal hat hangers are sturdier than soft-lined plastic models. They’re great for hanging in laundry rooms or mudrooms.

And, here are some wall hat display ideas to inspire you.

Hanging hats on a coat rack

Hanging hats on a coat rack is an easy way to keep your collection organized in a small space. These handy racks can be wall-mounted or self-standing and come in a variety of sizes and materials. They’re perfect for a closet, hallway, or bedroom. Some models are even designed to hold a scarf or gloves. Regardless of which type of rack you choose, it’s important to use a material that won’t damage the hat with prolonged contact.


For a home with a more traditional feel, consider a wall-mounted coat rack made from wood. This option is a good choice for sun hats, fedoras, and cowboy hats. Installing it in the entryway makes your home decor more interesting. Besides making your hat collection neat, this wood coat rack is suitable for those of you who like a vintage look. Hanging hat with coat rack from @littlefarmstead

Hanging hats on a clothesline

If you have a smaller collection, consider just hanging your favorite hats on a line or clothesline. This is a simple project that can be finished in less than 10 minutes, and it’s a stylish alternative to a standard coat rack or other decorative hat storage solutions. Just make sure you choose a sturdy line that can support your hats.


If you looking for an easy wall hat organizer, you can take a clothesline. Even though this is just a piece of clothesline, it can be used to display your hat. You can mount it on the wall where you want to display your hat. For example, if you want to display your hat on the entryway, attach the clothesline to the wall by attaching nails at both ends. Then, hang your hats with the help of a clamp. But even though it can be used for displaying hats, choose a lightweight hat like a summer hat or something like that. Hanging hat with a clothesline from @maijuline

Hanging hats on a gallery wall

Like the art gallery wall that is so popular now, a hat display wall can look beautiful and feel organic. All you need is just some hooks or you can nail your walls. If you want a more structured look, use a ruler or tape measure to mark the intended placement of hooks on your wall with erasable pencil marks before installing them. Otherwise, trust your eyesight and go for an organic layout.


Not only artwork that can be hung on gallery walls. Your hat collection can also be hung on the gallery wall. This can be another option for creating a unique gallery wall. Any type of hat can be displayed on the gallery wall. You can hang hats of the same type or even if you want a more attractive appearance, you can display various types of hats. Gallery hat from @angelabuntcreative

Hanging hats on a clothespin

If you have a collection of hats, consider putting them up on the wall with clothespins. You can find these at many home improvement stores and online. The great thing about this option is that you can hang as many hats as you want without having to nail or put up any hooks on the wall. This is a great option for renters as it doesn’t put any holes in the wall.


Displaying hat collection is not a difficult task. Just with a simple thing, you can hang your hats on the wall easily. If you have some clothespins, use them to hang your hats. You only need a piece of wood or rod and rope or string to help hang your hat using a clothespin. This DIY project is certainly more economical but you will end up with an awesome wall hat display idea. Wall hat display with clothespins from @waves.unfurling

Using Macrame Hanger

Macrame has been around for centuries, and it’s making a comeback in the world of home decor. This ancient textile art involves knotting cords together in intricate patterns and designs, and it can be used to create everything from plant hangers and wall hangings to jewelry and fashion accessories like hats and handbags.

A macrame hanger for hat display is a fun and practical way to keep your favorite hats organized while adding a bohemian touch to your home decor. It’s perfect for all hat types, including baseball caps and fedoras. Plus, it can help save space in your closet by keeping hats off the floor and off of a messy shelf.


To keep your fedoras still in good condition, opt for hanging them using a macrame hanger. This hanger will not damage the shape of your fedora even if it is hung on the wall. The aesthetic and beautiful appearance of macrame itself will make the appearance of your hat collection more attractive. And it will enhance the appearance of your home decor. This hat organizer is also suitable for those of you who want to add a bohemian touch to your home. Macrame hanger from @libraandlou

Snapback Storage Unit

Depending on the size of your collection, these sleek wall hat hangers stack to provide a space-saving solution for your favorite headwear. They’re ideal for a closet, entryway, or bedroom and can hold all types of hats, including baseball caps, snapbacks, visors, and flat-brim hats. All you have to do is just to install a tension rod on the walls and then add some S hooks to hang the hats.


To store your snapback neatly, installing a tension rod to the wall can be your solution. Just pick the location where you want to display your hat and then install a tension rod there. After installation, you need some rings and S hooks to hang your hats. By doing this, you can take your hat easily, organize it more neatly, and don’t damage your hat. Thanks to the DIY ideas, you have a smart wall hat display without breaking the bank. Snapback storage unit from @mrs.derev

Wall Hooks

If your hat collection is growing, a wall hat hook can help you keep it organized. This type of hook mounts to a wall, providing a place for you to hang your favorite hats or hats you’ve borrowed from family and friends. The hooks suspend the hats, which helps preserve their shape and keeps them from getting damaged by long-term hanging. The type of hat hook you choose depends on the types of hats you own and how many you have in your collection.


A wall hook is a common organizer used for the wall. It is because of its simplicity and available in varied types. If you want a durable wall hat hook, you choose metal material. All you have to do is just install the metal hook to the walls and you can hang your hats. You can adjust the amount according to how many hats you will display. Metal wall hook from @_wallrus

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