Some possible mirror decorations you can do

It is amazing how the mirror can take an important role in the house. It can give such a big impact on the house and help you deal with some decoration problems. Of course, we can’t ignore the fact that the main function of the mirror is to dress up. The interesting thing about it is that even when your mirror is not used for a particular purpose to deal with the decoration problem, you can still make it pretty with a certain decoration so that you can dress up using a pretty mirror decoration.

There will be varied ways that can be done to beautify the mirror decoration from the cheap one to the most expensive. However, we would differentiate it into the possible mirror decoration for dealing with decoration problems and the one for your dress-up mirror.

Home Decor Needs

Related to home decor needs, the mirror has some abilities that will be compiled below. With its varied abilities, you should be able to install it in the right spot so that the mirror can work well. Also, the decoration should be right so that you won’t make the mirror lose its main function. For example, if you want to use the mirror to create a spacious impression, then you can’t choose a mirror with a complicated design with many details because it will distract its ability in creating a wider room impression. Here are the complete ideas.

1. Decorative Mirror

A decorative mirror is about making the mirror to be decorated and arranged as pretty as possible so that it can beautify the blank spot in the house. It doesn’t mean that the decoration should be complicated because even a simple thing can be pretty if you know exactly how to deal with this.


This decorative mirror is made by combining three round mirrors in the wall which is installed vertically. This one is really simple but look at how this works really well to beautify the decoration. The mirror itself is not decorated too much. This one is only focusing on the arrangement technique and adding one of the mirrors with a rose gold film that will be a pretty touch of the whole mirror look. Decorative Mirror from

2. Brighten the Space

The way a mirror can brighten the space is by reflecting the light from the lamp or from the natural light that enters the room and then spreading back the light into the whole room space. For this purpose, you will need a wide-size mirror.


You can install this mirror in a space that has limited lighting or one that doesn’t have any windows. Having details for this mirror purpose will be ok because you won’t use it to create a spacious room impression but to brighten the room. This mirror has some details on the frame in black color which is magnificent and looks expensive. Brighten Space Mirror from @luxury_with_creativity

3. As a Piece of Art

You will see how the mirror can also be a piece of art. It is done by arranging the mirror in a certain shape. Since it is used as a piece of art, then make sure that the design is unique and not mainstream. You can’t only focus on the frame but also the mirror shapes.


Basically, this mirror is quite simple because it is only using the round shape mirrors. But, look at how artistic this mirror decoration can be. With the right arrangement, you will be surprised by how the mirror can have a different impression. This kind of mirror can be installed in a room that doesn’t have any ornament or for simple room decor so that by simply installing this one piece of art, you can beautify the decoration instantly. Mirror Art from @maison_steel

4. Wider Room Impression

The function of the mirror that can be used to create a wider room impression is quite popular these days. It is really functional for you who have a small home space or living in a small apartment. Also, you may install it in the entryway and other small spaces in the house. Don’t forget to install the wide mirror with simple decoration.


This mirror is provided in such a wide size even almost fulfills the wall. It has a black thin frame that won’t be too much. The frame is also installed crossing the mirror not to make the mirror looks boring and to add the aesthetic value of the mirror. This mirror is perfect to make your room looks spacious and beautify the decoration at once. Spacious Impression Mirror from @__geometry__

Dressing Up

Well, we have arrived at the main function of the mirror which is to help you while dressing up. Anyway, although the mirror is only functioned to dress up, it doesn’t mean that you can beautify the mirror. It is really possible for you to have a well-decorated mirror so that your dressing-up mirror can beautify the room at once.


With the feminine things provided there, the mirror looks perfect completing the decoration. It has a butterfly frame where the butterflies are arranged randomly looking like sticking around the mirror companying you while dressing up. The gold color of the butterflies looks harmonious with the table and pink stool. Round Butterfly Mirror from @tsl.homedecor


This full-length mirror can make you satisfied while dressing up. You can see the whole parts of your body from top to toe. This mirror is also completed with a hanger to hang your coat, scarf, hat, etc. Such a functional and effective mirror design. Full-Length Mirror from @studioipsa


This mirror is perfect if you want to have a simple design yet aesthetic. The aesthetic side comes from the frame which has different depths on the top of the mirror and the bottom. The interesting thing about it is that the bottom part of the mirror that is indented can be used to put things like photo frames, small fragrances, etc. Modern Round Mirror from @homeofmissplum


The application of this bathroom mirror looks perfect. The bathroom that is commonly not decorated well can be seen as luxurious. The mirror has a special frame in wood material and is carved beautifully. It can even be said as the antique mirror which is really valuable. Antique Mirror from @jeanstofferdesign


This classic yet luxurious mirror design looks really stands out in the bedroom. The white color scheme applied in the room can be a good combination that pushes the mirror to have its special impression. Something valuable in simplicity. Classic Luxury Mirror from


The mirror design here is simple but the kind of mirror that is used as the frame makes this mirror looks special. This mirror has a farmhouse style that can be used to complete your farmhouse decor, rustic, Scandinavian, or Bohemian.Farmhouse Mirror from @bazar bizarantwrap

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