Water pipe under kitchen sink.

Your home is likely to be the biggest single investment you ever make and upkeep is a vital aspect of real estate ownership; regular inspections in ‘attention to detail’ mode is the best proactive strategy when it comes to building upkeep and maintenance. 

Pre-source local professionals

This is the proactive way to manage property; the following services can be located online and contact established.

  1. Drain cleaning/unblocking contractor – Type ‘drain clearing, North Shore into Google’s search window and check out the list of services, which includes drain unblocking, pipe relining and CCTV inspection. Store their emergency number in your smartphone; check regarding callout charges. We wouldn’t wish a blocked drain on anyone and should the worst happen, resist the temptation to get your tools out unless you know what you’re doing. Drains are what they do and they have seen it all, their mobile workshop contains all they need to deal with any situation.
  2. Local handyman – Every suburb has at least one guy who can do it all; establish a relationship with him that will be mutually beneficial. He can add power outlets, light fittings, plumb in washing machines and carry out any minor fixes. You can likely find such a person in a local Facebook group and most are eager for the work. Call him when anything crops up and you’ll get honest advice. Click here for a list of things never to put in a dishwasher.
  3. Landscape gardener – These guys take on garden maintenance on a weekly or monthly basis, when they cut the grass, trim the hedges, prune the trees and weed the flower beds, leaving your garden looking neat and trim. If you have a few outdoor improvements in mind like replacing the decking or adding a water feature, talk to your local landscaper. Large trees can present issues and should you suffer storm damage, the tree surgeon can take a look.
  4. Emergency electrician – Hopefully, you won’t ever need to call out an electrician for an emergency but if you do, it’s nice to know you have his number in your mobile device. The list of services is long and includes the supply and installation of home security alarms, CCTV and all forms of lighting. Search with Google for a local electrician who does emergency calls and save the number in your smartphone.
  5. Telecommunications – This would include telephone, cable TV and your Internet connection; this is the guy to configure your new home theatre; there isn’t a lot that he can’t do and should you suffer storm damage and your Internet connection is lost, call out the telecom engineer.

The key to effective building maintenance is regular inspections, both interior and exterior and whenever you need a tradesman, simply bring up their number on your phone and you’re good to go!

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