Lighting ideas the use of lantern to light up your both indoor and outdoor spaces

There are many different kinds of lighting that you can have for your house and one of them is the lantern. If you are looking for decorative lighting, lanterns will be surely able to provide you with the need since the designs are adjustable so that they can fit any decoration style you have in the house. You can even make it yourself without losing its value and maximum function.

With its flexibility, the lantern will be able to be placed indoors and outdoors. The placement is also varied from the floor, wall, table, or rack. You will find out how the lantern works really well in any space in the house. Take a look at the following ideas.

Indoor Space

The existence of the lantern inside the house might not be the main lighting. It will be only an additional or second lighting that will be needed when you go to sleep and turn off the main or central lighting. However, the lantern especially for the ones with unique and aesthetic design can be such a great compliment. It can even replace the candles. The placement of the lantern inside the house can be on the floor, table, fireplace mantel, just anywhere.


This one is a standing lantern with a holder. It can function just like a standing lamp. This lantern is made of fabric material in colors and striped patterns that will create a pretty effect while the lamp is turning on. The beads under the lantern make the design even prettier. Standing Lantern from @house_of_kalakruti


This lantern uses fairy light and is placed on the jar with certain decorations and additional material to juggle it into a lantern. Since the fairy light itself has its own beauty with a romantic and magical impression, this lantern can be such a great addition to your home decoration. You can put it on the table, fireplace, or rack. Glass Jar Lantern from @rizus_flair


This floor lantern design looks really adorable. The combination of colors, patterns, and design shapes is really aesthetic. Even the materials used make it have a warm impression. You can put it on the floor near the fireplace or in pots with greenery. Floor Lantern from @home.society


If you love something natural, this pressed petal lantern is the one that we recommend. You can make it yourself and choose the flower that you want. Look at how it can be really pretty and warm in a natural touch. Pressed Petals Lantern from @diycraftsbytahoora


It is quite easy to make a Moroccan lantern. You just need macrame then wrap it around a jar. For the light, you can use a candle or lamp. This kind of lantern is the one that is commonly put on the table. Moroccan Lantern from @thisiswhatido

Outdoor Space

For the outdoor space, the lantern will be decorative lighting. Also, it can be the main lighting since most outdoor spaces only need dim lighting. The outdoor spaces that can be added with the lantern are the porch, front yard, backyard, pool, patio, and even the fence. You should see the following ideas where the lantern designs can be varied and the placement is also flexible.


This wall lantern can be installed on the porch wall or outdoor pillars. Look at the maple leaf shape on the fire which is interesting. This lantern looks solid and firm in metal material and black color. The design is classic and looks like in the Victorian era but the material and color make it possible to be added to your modern or industrial home design. Wall Lantern from @legendarylighting


This floor lantern is shaped like a house in different sizes. You can put it on the porch to light up the space and to beautify the decoration. This lantern uses candles as the light. Here, we recommend you use the big size candle to make it bright enough to light up the outdoor space. Outdoor Floor Lantern from @therealmlandreth59


A lantern for the outdoor ceiling looks unique and adorable. Since the ceiling light is commonly about pendant or chandelier, this lantern can be an interesting thing for decoration. It is great how your guests will be amazed by the decoration even before they step inside the house. Ceiling Lantern from @charlesedwardsltd


Hanging a lantern on the tree will make your garden look adorable. This lantern looks simple but pretty. It is made of popsicle sticks that are added with colors for beauty reasons. Also look at the tassel under that can bring a certain pretty effect. Garden Lantern from @iyoga.alyvia


Don’t forget about the fence! It is also able to install a lantern on the fence especially if you have plants near the fence so that your pretty greenery can be exposed during the night. You can put a hanging lantern there for an easier installment. Fence Lantern from @kippiathome


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