Different types of pergola based on the material used for your patio

Building a pergola is so interesting since it is like a shade in your yard with gaps that will still let you feel the natural sunlight. It has gaps in the roofing part that can be just that way or added with a layer for the roof so that the gaps are closed. For this, if you still want the natural light to enter the space, it is better for you to use the clear transparent layer material.

For the pergola itself, there are some types that you can choose from, those are freestanding pergola, attached pergola, arched pergola, louvered pergola, and awning pergola. Anyway, the style can be flexible but the material is such an important thing that you should consider first before the design. There will be many material choices that you can use that we will mention below.

Wood Material

It can be said that wood material is the cheapest and the most common material used for the pergola. However, even when it is cheap, there is nothing wrong with the wood material because it can still be sturdy and has a welcoming impression. The thing that you should consider is about the maintenance. You might need to repaint or re-coat the wood so that it can be durable enough to face the weather changes.

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The wood that is used for this pergola is the wood beam for the pillar which is sturdy. Then, for the roof part, the wood is way more smaller and flat. The addition of the string light makes it adorable at night. Wood Pergola from @cebuildersaz

Vinyl Material

If you want to have a low-maintenance pergola than wood, then vinyl material is the best choice for you. What you have to do is just periodic power-washing. But well, if you want to have high-quality vinyl, then it will be a little bit expensive.


The vinyl is in white color for a clean and simple impression. This one can be good if you want to calm down the crowded decoration around or if you want to create a modern decoration. If you love simplicity, this white vinyl pergola design will be great for you. Vinyl Pergola from @deckpro_

 Aluminum Material

If you want something modern, then the aluminum pergola is the fit one. It has elegant shapes and clean lines. You don’t need to make too much effort to maintain the aluminum pergola because it is not vulnerable to rust.


The black color applied to this aluminum pergola makes it look sturdy. The combination of silver color for the roof part will light up the impression around not to make the space look gloomy. Aluminum Pergola from @gardenliving.gl

Steel Material

The steel material can also create a modern impression just like aluminum, but it is quite heavier. The steel material will also be way more durable and sturdy. The weakness of the steel material is when it is frequently exposed to humidity and rain, it will rust.


The pergola area is only in a small space so using an all-black color in the steel will be ok. It will be different if you have it in a wide area where the black color will be seen as massive. In a small size, this pergola looks fit and stylish. Steel Pergola from @thefenwickinterior

Fiberglass Material

The fiberglass is really interesting. It needs only a low-maintenance, weather-resistant, and long-lasting. You don’t need to worry about cleaning and maintaining it frequently because it won’t rust and corrode. This one is such a great choice but consider the price because it will be expensive.


This fiberglass is applied to the roof part that is combined with the wood pergola frame. The fiberglass looks clear as a glass to let the sunlight enter the pergola really well. Fiberglass Pergola from @thepergolacompanybytripplesea

Concrete Material

If you want a classic pergola impression, the concrete is the one that we recommend. At the same time, you can also use the concrete to create a clean, geometric line for a modern industrial stylish look.

145545945_219145603256799_6324293622116456112_n (1)

In white color, this concrete pergola can smooth its dashing impression so that everything has enough portion. Look at how sturdy this concrete pergola is but still calming since it is built in the right color and design. Concrete Pergola @fromaditya.kambhatla

Glass Material

Choosing the glass material for the pergola should be in the best glass material with a certain thickness to make it safe. Also, you should choose a good pergola frame and pillar choice to balance the glass material. It is e bit expensive but beneficial.


The glass pergola is built by combining it with the aluminum frame material. It looks luxurious and valuable. It protects the patio space without losing the natural sunlight inside. The impression is really adorable with an effortless treatment. Glass Pergola from @open_habitat_ltd

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