Exhilarating double kitchen island ideas for inspiring and practical uses

Two kitchen islands will give a double wonderful impression. Therefore, if you are looking for two kitchen island styles, look at the ideas below for inspiring practical uses.

Elegant Double Island

A large kitchen footprint is helpful when considering dueling islands. Meanwhile, the elegant double island like this will be identical to tiny islands with a breezeway in between. Choose a light color to combine wood floors for breathable space. Do not forget to choose furniture like chairs and lamps with relevant tones.

Long And Lean Kitchen Island

Most people have a vertical kitchen island. Meanwhile, a horizontal kitchen is a great option when your home has a long and lean footprint. You may make a group of island and island-height tables together. It will create a flexible zone that is fit for chopping. Surprisingly, it will also please you to have a working and buffet-style entertaining space.

Mirror Kitchen

The double island here is not just eye-catching but also supremely functional. Moreover, when you are a baker, the island closest to the oven will serve as a dough-kneading station. The cool-to-the-touch quartz top will keep the butter from melting while the hidden shelf underneath will raise a stand mixer to counter height for easy preparation work. If you plan to have a lot of baking, this kitchen is born for you.

Rustic Workhorse Idea

This double kitchen island juxtaposition dark and light materials. There is one pecky cypress wood and one coral stone as the gap between the two islands. Then, the rest of the space looks intentionally symmetrical with a quad of pendant lights overhead and reclaimed beams. After all, the combination offers a great rustic workhorse look for enjoyable kitchen space.

Grand Kitchen Island

Choose a pair of rich wood islands for a grander kitchen look. It will show us glam finishes like high-gloss cabinetry and brass fixtures. Then, it also meets their match with a duo of butcher block-covered islands that are stained a rich walnut.

Basic Style

The last kitchen island will return to the basic as a classic choice for a reason. The whole look is so impactful when having double islands. Here the white islands mirror each other for a beautiful look. It provides back-to-back spots as a great space to debrief after school or help with dinner preparation.

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