Aesthetic curtain for your effortless redecoration project

Although it is not a big thing in the decoration, the curtain is such an important part of your house that should be chosen carefully. There are some benefits of the curtain that becomes the consideration in choosing the right curtain design, those are:

  1. Adding style to your decoration
  2. Privacy purpose
  3. Filter the light

From all of those benefits, in case you want to beautify your home decoration with a minimum effort, choosing the one that has an aesthetic design to add style to your house is the recommended one. Of course, there are some other things that you should consider such as the function. In this case, don’t ever choose the pretty one that can’t function well because you’ll just get in trouble with this.

There are some aesthetic curtain designs that come from the pattern, the texture, the shape design, and even the material. You can do the layering for this in case the pretty one can’t cover the window so that you can get all you need from the window. Here are the references for the possible curtain designs that you can copy.

Two-Layer Curtain

The two-layer curtain is addressed for those who want to use the sheer curtain to disguise the indoor part of the house for privacy purposes. Commonly, the two-layer curtain comes in two different fabric materials which are sheer or transparent, and a thick one to blockade the window.


This one is an example of the layering curtain. The main idea of this curtain is the sunflower which is applied on the transparent curtain in the front layer of the curtain. Then, to keep the privacy, this curtain is added with the yellow one as the second layer. The color chosen is such a perfect one to match the sunflower theme in the front layer. Sunflower Curtain from

Three-Layer Curtain

The three-layer curtain is not only supposed to be used for privacy needs but also the aesthetic needs. It will come in three different curtains and be set in different ways. Each layer will have different functions, the first one will be the privacy need, the second and third ones for the aesthetic need or vice versa.


There are three different kinds of curtains installed there. The first layer is the sheer curtain then the second and third layers are the blinds in different types. You should see how the blinds are positioned in such an aesthetic way that makes this window spot look adorable. Between Curtain from @editofficialdotcom

Tiebacks Curtain

The tieback curtain will be the simple one since you don’t need any layers but can still get the window covered. The curtain won’t be opened the whole part so that it can still cover the window for privacy needs or to filter the light. What you have to do for this curtain is just tie back the curtain.


It can’t be doubted that the tie dye product is really pretty with its uniqueness. This curtain is made with the tie-dye technique in small patterns and different colors. Such a massive one! You should also see how the curtain is tied in four parts adding a style to the decoration technique. Tie Dye from @decor_by_dimpykaur

Padded Shoulder

The padded shoulder will be the aesthetic one that will bring us into the 80s era. You’ll find it luxurious with a Victorian atmosphere. With the right color choice, this padded shoulder curtain will give the whole room a luxurious ambiance from the Victorian era impression.


This curtain has an 80s design with a padded shoulder style on the top part of the curtain to cleave apart it. The impression of this is luxurious and aesthetic for sure. With the green emerald color, everything looks gorgeous and expensive in this curtain. Padded Shoulder Curtain from @serenacrawford

Scarf Curtain

The scarf curtain is the one that will make your curtain to be seen as if there is a scarf there. It will be beautiful just like your look when wearing a scarf. For the scarf itself, you can use the same material and color as the main curtain or choose a different one to create a certain accent impression. It’s all about your own taste.


The ruffle applied to this curtain makes it look congested and unique at the same time. The color is also sweet with the additional fabric material used as the frame of the curtain in matching color. This cute curtain can be applied to your kids’ room. Ruffle Curtain from @atomic_bouffant

Lighted Curtain

You’ll be able to see the pretty scenery outside during the day. But, what if the night comes? You’ll still get a chance to enjoy the pretty things through your window by installing lighting on the curtain. You can use the one with the shapes or use the fairy light or string light and form your own design to shape a certain pattern.


Installing the light to the curtain is such a brilliant idea. You can choose any lighting design that fits your taste to create as aesthetic as possible decoration to the curtain. This one has a night sky theme that will be great at night. Installing it for your bedroom curtain will give you such a great sleep experience. Lighted Curtain from @sampa_s_territory

Double-Panel Curtain

The double-panel curtain is when you install the curtain on the right side and left side where both of the curtains will be seen when you close it. Here, the beauty comes when each curtain is tied back as it will leave a pretty shape with the indentation. Of course, you should choose the pretty one to tie back the curtain so that you can get the aesthetic side of the curtain.


Even though the ruffle is only added to the border of the curtain, it looks aesthetic with the color and pattern choice. You should also see the color combination applied to this curtain where it complements each other. The green color calms down the orange ruffle color and the ruffle color makes the green color not be seen as empty. Ruffle Curtain Border from @interior_arts_sharing

Roman Blind

You should see how the Roman blind can also be seen as aesthetic. It is really possible as long as you choose the one with patterns or colors. You may also choose the one with an additional accessory. Since the Roman blind is commonly use for a small window, you can install it for your kitchen window.


The curtain part in this window is only a small one but is able to give an aesthetic impression. The plaid pattern in brown color that is folded up with the addition of ribbon makes it look pretty. This one is an example of how simplicity can bring beauty. Roman Blind from @interior_arts_sharing

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