Varied dinner party decors that offer comfort and warmth ambiance

It is true when related to give the best service to the guests won’t be something easy. Including for hosting a dinner party, there will be many things that you should prepare. However, out of all that, the most important one for this is creating comfort and warm ambiance so that the guests can enjoy the party really well.

Anyway, no need to worry because hosting a dinner party won’t be that difficult. You can ask for the party planner to help you but you can also do it yourself. With a bit of creativity, you can create a stylish dinner party by using the things you already have in the house. In this case, you don’t have to buy brand-new dinnerware to create a pretty table setting because you can juggle your old dinnerware to be seen as pretty by adding a bit of decoration there.

It will sound a bit complicated at first, but, if you make a clear list and plan for this, everything will be easy and organized. To give you ease, here are the things that you should take care of when hosting the dinner party:

1. The table decoration

There will be many aspects of the table that you should consider. The first one will be the dinnerware. You don’t need to use the ones in gold color or the ones with certain details. But, if you will use the common basic dinnerware, we advise you to decorate it a bit. You can do it by adding ribbons, small flowers, beads, or greenery there. Or, you may use the napkin to decorate the dinnerware. Besides, you should also add a centerpiece there. You can do it by putting flowers, candles, or any ornament that relates to the decoration concept you want to bring. Then, don’t forget about the table runner because this one will be the background of everything you put on the table.

2. Chair decoration

There are some things that you can do for the chair treatment which are for the seating spot and for the back chair. For the seating spot, you can add a pad or simply cover it. Then, for the back chair, you can apply more pretty things such as flowers, ribbons, greenery, fabric decoration, etc.

3. The room decoration

For the room, since it can be indoors or outdoors, then you can adjust the decoration. The point is, don’t make the surrounding area look empty because that won’t describe a party at all. You can use balloons, flowers, crepe paper, ribbon, and any other possible ornament.

4. The lighting

This one is an important part of a dinner party. You won’t make the party feel gloomy just because you don’t install the proper lighting, right? There are various lighting choices. You can do the layering lighting for a prettier impression. Map the space then find out the proper lighting to complete your party area.

5. The Food

For the food, we recommend you consider it based on the guests that will attend the party. If there will be some kids who come, then you should prepare food that is kid-friendly. Or, you may also consider the origin of the guests so that they can really enjoy the food that matches their taste.

Decoration References

Now that you already know the list of plans that you should make, it’s time for you to see the design references that we have compiled below. You’ll get the ideas of the indoor and outdoor dinner party decorations so that you can plan for both possibilities.

1. Indoor Dinner Party


This decoration brings a beige color scheme to create warmth. Just by looking at the color scheme, the comfort and warmth can be felt. This one is such a smart way for an effortless decoration. You should also see how the picnic party concept can be brought into an indoor party. With this, the dinner party is supposed to be warm, welcoming, fun, and cozy. Indoor Picnic Party from @picnicsbypeace


‘Romantic’ is the theme that this decoration wants to create. It uses many candles as the main decoration for the table. There are also some white flowers that offer purity. Then, not to make the decoration look pale and empty, the greenery is applied here and there so that the decoration isn’t seen as boring but still has its purity impression. Romantic Decoration Concept from @chef_ali_c


For an intimate dinner, this party decoration uses a small round table so that the party participants who sit there will be limited. There are glasses and candles provided there to create a luxury with a bit of flowers and greenery for the beauty purpose.  Round Table Dinner Set from @carolebamford


With high slim candles in different colors applied to the dining table, the decoration looks festive and luxurious. At the same time, the decoration also looks fun and playful from the birds and a pretty color combination choice that is applied on the table. Even the black color that is used as the background will give a mysterious impression. This decoration is such an interesting one. Mix Impression Design from @hanneskoegelenberg


Although looks simple without any stand-out color applied, this decoration has its own pretty side. You can see from the glass that has a unique black color that will be different from the common ones. The additional color is simple but elegant. Then, the feather put in the glass vase gives a smooth pretty decor impression. If you look through the details, you will find that there is a crystal chandelier installed above for a more luxurious impression. Simple Yet Luxurious Decor from @nadeesettings

2. Outdoor Dinner Party


The string light that is installed above the table makes you feel like having dinner under the lighted ceiling while enjoying the fresh air surrounded by nature. You should also see the banana leaves used as the table runner which makes the ambiance feel more comfortable and welcoming with the natural item added. Lighted Venue Decor from @heygraymalin


This decoration allows you to feel a natural romance. You can enjoy the party under the stars and in the fresh air. You should also see the colors of the plants there that bring beauty to your party decoration. The table decoration with varied greenery applied as the centerpiece makes it has harmony with what exists around. Natural Romance Decor from @camilla.marcus


Having a dinner party with the sound of the beach and the wind brings a special peaceful feeling into the heart and mind. The location and the decoration concept applied here are really harmonious. You can see the blue, Tosca, white, broken white, and other aligned tones applied to the decoration items of the decoration that make the decoration look calming and comfortable. Beach Dinner Party from @km_escapes


‘Pretty’ is the impression of this decoration. There are flowers applied here and there even for the chair that makes it look special. The white color scheme for the table fit well with all of the flowers not to make the decoration look crowded even when there are so many flowers applied. Floral Decoration from @lustretheory


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