Sliding doors are considered as one of the most practical and elegant solutions for your outdoor spaces. Those doors create large openings to connect your home with nature and bring in natural light. They also allow you to access your terrace or garden without taking up additional space in the room once they are open.

Modern sliding doors are available in a wide range of types and styles to complement different home designs. You can choose either ultraslim aluminium sliding doors or traditional uPVC ones. They have great style potential and effectively maximise your living space.  

What are sliding doors?

Sliding doors have been popular in European and North American architecture since the 1900s. The design originates from sliding panels common in Japanese architecture. How do sliding doors operate?

Sliding doors typically consist of multiple panels that operate as one unit. The panels open and close by sliding along a fixed upper and/or lower track or glide. The doors come in different configurations. Usually one panel is fixed while the other is movable. Depending on the size of the opening, more than one panel can be fixed.

Exterior sliding doors: uPVC or aluminium

Once you decide on mounting sliding doors to open up the space and create comfortable access to your terrace or garden, it’s time to choose the material type. The most popular options are uPVC sliding doors and aluminium sliding doors. Which would be better for your home?

uPVC sliding doors

uPVC sliding doors are very common in modern buildings – commercial and residential. The reason for their popularity is an attractive price. The price of a uPVC door can be even 3 times lower than in case of its aluminium counterpart with similar technical parameters. But the price is not their only asset. uPVC sliding doors come in various styles and colours. The level of customisability includes all aspects of the sliding doors –  not only the custom colour of frames but also available accessories, hardware and glazing. That makes them a great choice for both modern and classic designs. They also offer very good parameters in terms of thermal coefficient. uPVC doors are energy efficient and thus, meet the requirements of new builds.

Other advantages of uPVC sliding doors include:

  • easy maintenance,
  • resistance to corrosion, wrapping and rust,
  • resistance to high-velocity winds,
  • lack of discolouration,
  • ecological friendliness.


Aluminium sliding doors

Aluminium sliding doors are the perfect solution for modern and stylish properties. A slim aluminium frame and large glass units give you an explicit transition from the inside out. What’s more, this type of sliding door will improve the aesthetics of your living space without compromising on comfort. They also offer great parameters in terms of thermal and noise insulation. And that’s not all.

With aluminium joinery, you will go ahead with even the most unique and demanding design. Choose the COR Vision Plus sliding doors system and enjoy the maximum brightness with an almost invisible aluminium section. The system allows you to cover great openings with a glass surface of 94% and visible aluminium section of just 25 mm. The COR Vision Plus system is second to none in combining outstanding thermal and acoustic performance with great aesthetic advantages as well as high comfort. Hi-Finity sliding doors system combines contemporary aesthetics with outstanding performance and enables you to enjoy unlimited view thanks to building the outer frame into the building structure. Since the threshold is completely flushed with the floor, you can access your terrace and garden without any obstructions on the way. That makes the Hi-Finity system not only elegant and highly comfortable in everyday use, but also super convenient and safe for children, elderly people and pets.

As far as sliding doors are concerned, aluminium joinery seems to be the best choice for most homeowners and it’s indeed highly popular among our customers. Why? Due to many benefits aluminium sliding doors offer. These door systems:

  • are durable (resistant to corrosion, rust and decay),
  • run smoothly through a parallel track and give the illusion of a much larger space,
  • increase the energy-efficiency of your home,
  • offer you almost undisturbed outdoor view as well as threshold-free access to the garden.

Are aluminium sliding doors more expensive than their uPVC counterparts? Yes, but their higher price goes in line with the outstanding longevity. Aluminium joinery is a long-term investment with enormous aesthetic advantages. It is a good choice for customers who have high requirements, a high budget and expect a premium product.

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Choose the best sliding doors for your home with Fenbro

Exterior sliding doors have much to offer. They can bring functionality to a large opening or replace an exterior wall of the building, creating a beautiful glass wall that will open your home interiors to nature. At Fenbro, you will find a wide range of sliding systems made of uPVC and aluminium. Our modern joinery gives wide design possibilities and allows us to create even the most complicated constructions tailored to customers’ needs.

We offer sliding doors in different styles and colours to match both classic and modern buildings. Our offer also includes a number of accessories that will give your external sliding doors additional properties and make their operation extremely simple and convenient. Visit our website for more details and ask for a free quote.

Still not sure which type of sliding doors to choose? Feel free to contact our Sales Specialists. We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the best solution for your home. Whether you are looking for doors to maximise a small living space or joinery products ideally suited for installations in heavily exposed locations, Fenbro is the right place!

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