In order to decide on the most suitable door in terms of design and functionality, it is worth considering your interior and personal requirements. Start by answering the question about the style of your home – is it more traditional or modern? Also, determine what is of most value to you: immediate costs or quality and durability?

Prioritizing is the most important initial step not only when choosing a door, but also in any home renovation.

The balance between functionality and visual appeal versus cost largely determines this decision. This is where services such as Mr. Glass Repair can provide a valuable clue or a non-obvious solution. Understanding your value-based needs will help ease the decision-making process and ensure that the result will satisfy you for a long time.

French Doors: An Elegant Touch

French doors are sophistication itself, classic charm, and concise beauty. If you come across a double-leaf front door design with full-length panes of glass divided into squares or rectangles by decorative, elegant partitions, this is it. Seeing such a door you immediately realize what kind of interior awaits you inside, don’t you? Thanks to their transparency, a lot of natural light enters the room, which creates an open and inviting atmosphere. 

The Anatomy of French Doors

The name of this type of door lets us know that this design originated in France, in the 17th century, but was influenced by Italian Renaissance art and architecture. 

Today, French doors are made in a variety of designs, materials, and finishes, each of which is good in its way. Simpler and more modest body options can be made of vinyl or metal, while more expensive ones can be made of wood or premium composite materials. Glazing variations change the doors beyond belief, from standard glass to options with a variety of patterns, frosted or stained glass.

Cost Implications of French Doors

Prices for a French door with installation range from $700 to $4,000 depending on the model: basic or premium, which in turn depends on the materials of manufacture. Any features, such as a pattern on the glass, reinforcement of the structure for safety purposes, or individual dimensions of the doorway can increase the price by another 10-20%.

While seemingly expensive, French doors carry the financial benefit of increasing the value of your home by about 2.5%. They are preferred by most new buyers because of their classic timelessness and appeal. It all depends on your initial goals.

Experience Modernity and Convenience with Sliding Doors

When considering modern style in design, it is worth paying attention to sliding doors, which combine simplicity, convenience, elegance, and at the same time ergonomics. What distinguishes them is their smooth horizontal movement on a fixed guide rail, which is why they are also called “sliding”. This design increases the usable space in the house, as well as convenience in small rooms. It is for these purposes that sliding doors originated in Asian architecture, increasing the efficiency of space and creating harmony with nature through the use of glass and erasing the boundaries of the house garden. 

Exploring the Benefits of Sliding Doors

The style of sliding doors is appealing at first sight. However, they are not as simple as they seem, and upon further examination their functional advantages become apparent. 

  • Argonomic use of space: sliding doors do not take up any additional space when opening and closing. This feature allows them to be used in small rooms and in non-standard layouts.
  • Aesthetic pleasure: thanks to the full-height glazing, sliding doors offer a direct view of the outside space. This blurs boundaries and gives the home a feeling of extra space.
  • Extra light: The most obvious benefit is more sunlight indoors. And it’s certainly a bonus that makes cosiness and modernity come together in one solution.

Costs Involved with Sliding Doors

Wondering, “How much will sliding doors cost?”  This option is usually many times cheaper than French doors. The cost varies and depends on several factors. For example, on what materials you want to use. The size you need: standard or customised?  Do you need any additional features? 

In addition, you can save on labour costs as these doors are quite easy to install.

The average standard cost of sliding doors (without installation) ranges from $1,200 to $3,800.

Just like any other, sliding doors need periodic maintenance or even repairs, especially if we are talking about glass parts. Sliding doors are durable and reliable, but glass is a vulnerable part. And this in turn means additional possible costs in the future, which is worth considering already when choosing.

For all their pluses and relevance in design, sliding doors don’t have the same ability as French doors to increase the value of your property. This functional, minimalist solution offers a benefit in the moment, but not a strategic one. 

When deciding whether to install sliding doors, don’t forget to look at the long term. It may be a serious cause for you to consider. Evaluate the initial cost, long term cost, useful life and likely repairs. Who knows, maybe sliding doors are just what you’re looking for right now?

Pro tip: Periodically inspect and maintain your sliding door guides to prolong their life and smooth operation.

Comparing French Doors and Sliding Doors

The balance between visuals, practicality and cost is something to lean on when choosing doors. Each meets certain characteristics and preferences with its own unique charm and benefits.

Aesthetic and Spatial Considerations

  • Choosing French doors will definitely give your home a classic and luxurious look. These doors, with their two-panel construction and floor-to-ceiling glass detailing, will add sophistication to any room. Although they take up about 10-12 square feet of floor space when opened and closed, this is actually less than a regular single panel door. 
  • On the other hand, if you want to save even more space, sliding doors are a great alternative since they don’t require an inch of extra floor space to operate. Sliding doors are ideal for modern homes in the minimalist or modern style due to their succinct design. They can also be used in small rooms, where it is important to make the most of every meter of space. 

Energy Efficiency and Maintenance

  • Sliding doors boast good energy efficiency ratings and can provide up to 25% savings on heating costs due to decent insulation and draught-free operation. In addition, more light will reduce the need for artificial lighting.
  • With similar advantages, French doors also boast less maintenance requirements. They have standardized hinges, which, unlike sliding doors, are maintenance-free. The service life of French doors is on average 20% longer than that of sliding doors. 

Cost Implications and Value Addition

When deciding on a choice of doors it is worth thinking about cost. 

Not just the cost of the door, but the potential investment in your home and the resulting likelihood of increased value. Agreed, this factor cannot be dismissed when making a choice.

French doors have a higher aesthetic value and can increase the sales value of your home. More modern and less expensive sliding doors, on the other hand, will not have a significant impact on this figure.

Of course, you should also consider the functionality and details of your interior: think about each of these factors before making a final decision. The doors that best suit your needs are the ones that should be installed in your home.


So, after exploring the merits and non-obvious points of operating French and sliding doors, you can make a decision.

  • Architecture: The design of the home dictates its own terms and you can’t turn a blind eye to it. Modern trends go well with the brevity of sliding doors. However, traditional houses are much more suited to French elegance.
  • Practical: Sliding doors save space, provide excellent insulation and fill the house with light. While French doors are pleasing because of the simplicity of the hinge mechanism and the fact that they are easy to maintain at no extra cost.
  • Investment: By choosing sliding doors, you save up to 20% on electricity and heating, thanks to more natural light and good insulation. French ones, on the other hand, are an investment in the increased market value of your home.

Consider your unique needs and goals when choosing and you won’t go wrong!

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