Living room design trends have changed over the years. At one time, the Victorian look was in. This trend was overtaken by Art Deco designs and the evolution continued. Today, contemporary designs bring together beauty, elegance, and functionality. This room is now a private space focused on less is more. How can one design this room so it is functional and simple?

Simple and Elegant

Modern living rooms strive to be simple and elegant. Many homes feature high ceilings to make rooms appear bigger than they are. Layered lighting and minimalistic furniture complete this look. By combining these elements, a person can have a room that people want to use every day. They know they can relax and unwind when doing so thanks to multifunctional pieces such as a chic ottoman for living room.

The Key Piece

The sofa remains the key piece of furniture in the living room. Fortunately, manufacturers recognize this and offer many sizes, shapes, and styles to choose from. Men and women going for a minimalistic look should choose a sofa with clean lines and a simple design. Those who prefer an elegant look should opt for a leather or suede sofa featuring curved lines. Most people prefer neutral-colored sofas for modern living rooms.

Living Room Tables

Combine the sofa and ottoman with a coffee table for a well-coordinated look. The table serves as an essential piece of furniture and will help set the tone for the room. Geometric tables are ideal for minimalist spaces, while marble and glass are perfect in rooms with a modern feel. Once the coffee table is in place, it’s time to add a console table. These tables infuse the room with personality and can be used for many purposes.


Natural daylight serves as the primary light source in many living rooms. However, artificial lighting remains necessary. Layer the lighting in this room to ensure people feel comfortable and welcome in the space. This is done by ensuring the room has ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lights distributed throughout the area.

Color Considerations

When choosing a color for the living room, move beyond traditional colors such as beige and gray. While they may be used as a background, it’s best to add color and vibrancy to this room. When choosing these colors, look for combinations that work well with different materials. The right combination of colors and materials will make the room look lavish and welcoming at the same time.

However, one can never go wrong with neutral colors, particularly when a person wants the living room to have a minimalist feel. Neutral colors will provide the room with a sophisticated feel while ensuring it is also functional. Consider branching out and using white or gray shades that have a natural warmth to them.

Combine the neutral colors with statement furnishings in darker shades. Accent these pieces with light-colored accessories, such as table lamps. Doing so will leave the room looking soft and harmonious.

Modern living rooms tend to have clean lines, bold colors, and layers of visual interest and texture. However, a person needs to recognize this is their personal space, a place where they should be comfortable and enjoy spending time. When they find the right combination bringing together functional, uncluttered, cozy, and inviting, they will have achieved this goal.

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