As humans moved from homesteads to cities, we began losing touch with nature. While there is no escaping the world around us, many people see spending time outdoors as necessary for health and connection to source. 

Our backyards are the ideal place to spend time outside, and the sun shines while our kids play and our family and friends gather for rest, relaxation and BBQ. Once night falls, to extend the evening, we need illumination, and that typically comes from a fire. Sitting by a fire is almost magical and creates a cozy ambience everyone shares, so most people want to have their open flame to enjoy.  

Are you looking for a fireplace set up but unsure what’s available? These are some small outdoor fireplace ideas to consider.

Built-in Stone Fireplace

If you have a deck coming off the back of the house, why not incorporate a built-in stone feature with a wood fireplace in the wall? It is a beautiful statement piece and gives you a rustic, natural look and feel, using a variety of stones to choose from. 

This can be a wall that protects one side of the deck and can incorporate counters and service areas with a small firebox as the focal point, and you will love the warmth and view simultaneously.

Contemporary Gas Fireplace

 You can opt for a streamlined gas fireplace on your deck or a crushed rock sitting area for a more modern look. This makes the perfect match of form and function as it is beautiful to gaze at and warm you. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about putting wood on; it burns clean and smoke-free. 

These gas fireplaces turn on with a flip of a switch or a button, and you instantly have open flames. They become a decorative centrepiece in your outdoor space and are safe and durable for all-year-round use. You can also go more traditional with a rustic gas fireplace with stone and authentic-looking logs.

Patio Flame Tables

 Another great outdoor fire is the patio flame table. This boxed structure can be set up for instant flame and heat. They come in various shapes and sizes and are fuelled with a discretely hidden propane tank. You can also get bowl-shaped and fire pit designs for a special look and feel to your outdoor decor.


You will love the chimney if you are looking for a freestanding fireplace. This front-loading fireplace is a traditional design from Spain, used indoors for cooking and heating over 400 years ago. Today, you can get this setup on your patio and burn wood for a unique open flame style. It has a bulbous body with a vertical stack going up to vent smoke and is traditionally made of clay but is now constructed from cast iron or aluminum. 

Combination Fireplaces 

Having an open flame outdoors is great for keeping warm, but with all that heat, you may as well cook something simultaneously.

Combination fireplaces allow for just this, and they can be custom-built to accommodate a cooking surface or grill to utilize gas, propane or wood burning. You can also build a fireplace on the bottom and a pizza oven above to cook up a family favourite. This combination provides heat, light, cooking and the allure of the flame for an all-around entertainment hub.

Garden Room Fireplace 

Some people like to have a growing room right off their deck, and it is a great place to grow salad veggies and herbs. If you have a seating area in your garden room, a small gas fireplace is perfect as the summer turns to fall. It will provide warmth and may help to extend your growing season as winter approaches, but you will still enjoy the flicker of flame well into the evening as it keeps the chill away. 

Upscale Fire Pit 

A fire pit is a nice, rustic feature on small acreages and homesteads, but make it more luxurious if you want to go more upscale. High-end fire pits are great for sitting around; you can burn wood while watching the flame and listening to the crackle. This small setup can keep you closer to the back of the house and bring a camping vibe to the family gathering. These are perfect for roasting marshmallows, cooking hotdogs and, of course, making s’mores. 

These small outdoor fireplace ideas should motivate you for a backyard setup, and it is easy to manage with a tiny footprint. Consider these options for creating your open flame adventure, and then relax into the evening, sharing the dazzling flames with those you love.


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