Wood flooring the variations you can have

Wood flooring is quite popular these days. Its possibility to be created into varied design styles and its flexibility to be applied to any space condition make the wood the most used floor material. Also, the wood floor has many variations related to the installment and most of them are easier than the marble or tiles. Anyway, since there are many variations available of the wood floor, there are some considerations that you should take to get the most proper wood flooring for your house, those are:

  1. The Pattern: It is true that the wood pattern is random but you can still differentiate it from the fiber complexity.
  2. The Colors: Even before it is painted or polished, the wood has its varied natural colors such as light brown, dark brown, yellow, black, etc.
  3. The Sheet Shape: The wood floor comes in varied sheet shape finish products. Most of them are rectangular but they can also square, and even parallelogram.
  4. The Layout: The layout here will be related to the wood floor sheet arrangement. It can be created in different layouts to add an extra aesthetic side to the floor.

When you are already done with all of the considerations and found the one that you want, the next step you should do is to decide the arrangement style you want to have for the wood. Basically, the choice of the arrangement is based on the decoration style you have in the house. For example, if you have a modern home design, then it is recommended for you to do the basic arrangement. Otherwise, if you have a maximalist home design, then you can surely have the arrangement style just based on what you want. You should check the following references that will help you find the best one for your house.


This one is the most basic arrangement style where the wood floor is arranged in a stack bond. The arrangement is all in vertical and horizontal points that are continuously aligned. There are no variations but an order arrangement like this reflects regularity.


Grid Wood Floor from @thegritandpolish


The offset design is like a running bond. The layout of this design is by half the width of the wood plank. In this arrangement, the regularity is still created but in a more unique way. It means that you can still see that the plank is arranged in a neat and orderly way.


Offset Wood Floor from @home_sweet_morris_home


Just like its name ‘stagger’ the plank arrangement here will be a little bit random but still can be seen the pattern purpose. It has alternating sides of a centerline. For this arrangement design, it is recommended to use two or three color variations so that the pattern can be seen.


Stagger Wood Floor from @awadrashad


The diagonal arrangement is just like an offset pattern but is set at a 45-degree angle. In this case, the angle becomes the uniqueness of the diagonal design. So, if you want your floor not to be mainstream in a simple way, then this one is the answer.


Diagonal Wood Floor from @andandandstudio


The herringbone arrangement style is quite popular and already used in many homes. This arrangement has a pattern design that resembles fish scales to add a level of sophistication. The installment might be a little bit difficult but is so much worth it.


Herringbone Wood Floor from @hardwooddesignco


The Mozaic design will offer you a random arrangement but still have an ordered pattern when you see it carefully. The random arrangement will let you have a no boring design impression while the order pattern will lock the design so as not to be overserving.


Mozaic Wood Floor from @dinesen


This weave arrangement design surely reflects its name where this design refers to a basketweave. This will be really unique and the interesting thing about it is that, since there are many weave design variations, you can also use this variation on the wood floor. You can just simply choose the design that you think will be the most aesthetic one.


Weave Wood Floor from @oscarono


There is no particular order for this random floor arrangement. Anyway, since there are no rules here, you can install it easily without considering many things. This kind of flooring can be great for a maximalist home design where the freedom of design is completely yours.


Random Wood Floor from @americanfarmhousestyle

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