Green living embodied houseplant decor ideas

Whether you’re new to nurturing plants or a seasoned green thumb, these botanical additions can define your home’s style and infuse it with a refreshing ambiance. The key to crafting an exceptional living space lies in seamlessly integrating houseplants into your decor rather than merely placing them around it.


Offer your indoor plants a charming “residence” with these individual succulent pots accompanied by a three-tier bamboo saucer stand holder. However, these plant pots serve a versatile purpose—they can also double as containers for showcasing decorative items like seashells and potpourri. Furthermore, they can be repurposed as candle holders, adding to their functionality.

When considering a new houseplant, contemplate where it would best complement your home. Assess essential factors, such as its compatibility with low light or its requirement for direct sunlight. Take note of its potential size and whether it thrives in dry conditions, like a cactus, or prefers higher humidity, like a prayer plant. Additionally, factor in the time you can devote to plant care. If you frequently travel, select a plant that doesn’t demand frequent watering or misting. For those with busy schedules, artificial plants are a viable option, imparting style and vibrancy to your space without the upkeep associated with living plants.

Discover these styling tips and ideas to elevate your living space with houseplants while introducing a breath of fresh air into your home.

Transform Neglected Spaces

Place a big or tall plant, such as a Bird of Paradise, in an empty corner to bring in color. This plant not only fills the corner but also makes the space feel cozier, eliminating sharp angles. If you put the plant near a window, it creates a feeling of the outdoors coming inside.


Position a sizable or vertically imposing plant in an unoccupied corner to introduce vibrant hues. This botanical addition not only occupies the corner but also imparts a snug atmosphere, softening the room’s angular features. Placing the plant adjacent to a window fosters the sensation of the outside world blending with the indoors. Beautiful monstera from @ stunningplants1990

Play with Height Differences

To achieve a multi-dimensional appearance with your plants, employ a mix of houseplants in different sizes and utilize pedestals or plant stands to experiment with varying heights. Embrace your creativity by experimenting with cascading arrangements or elevating smaller plants to give the impression of a larger one. Consider pairing a tall, upright plant with a trailing one to give your display a lush and voluminous look.


To create a layered and three-dimensional look using your plants, incorporate a combination of indoor plants in various sizes and experiment with different elevations by utilizing pedestals or plant stands. Houseplants from @ archdigestindia

Plant Arrangement: Solo or Group

If you’re drawn to a minimalistic style, consider featuring a single plant on a bookshelf or coffee table. On the other hand, if you prefer a lush and abundant green look, experiment with grouping plants in sets of three to create a more substantial display. For instance, you can place two upright snake plants alongside a trailing pothos to effortlessly fill the space. These plants are well-suited for low-light conditions and require minimal maintenance.


If you have an inclination toward minimalistic design, contemplate showcasing just one plant, such as the monstera, which will effortlessly occupy the area. Solo plant from @ theseplantvibes

Conceal Imperfections

When your home or apartment sports an unsightly hole from a previous DIY mishap or features an eyesore like an electrical panel, employ cascading plants to effectively camouflage these less-than-desirable aspects. Your guests will appreciate the lush greenery, and you’ll relish the sense of tranquility it brings. Opt for low-maintenance plant varieties like English ivy, pothos, or heart-shaped philodendron for this purpose.


Utilize cascading plants to cleverly conceal these less appealing features. Your visitors will admire the abundant greenery, and you’ll enjoy the calming ambiance it provides. Decor with plants from @ indoorjungledecor

Establish Elevation

Introducing a tall plant, such as a fiddle leaf fig, can contribute to a room appearing more lofty and less confined. This technique works wonders, particularly in spaces with low ceilings, where it imparts a heightened sensation.

Pro tip: Ensure your fiddle leaf fig receives ample sunlight wherever it finds a place in your home, like this snug spot adjacent to a well-lit window. In situations where optimal lighting is unavailable, consider opting for an artificial plant.

Inject a Burst of Color

Numerous tropical houseplants, like the anthurium plant, boast vibrant shades that can effortlessly infuse your space with color. Don’t allow the predominance of green to deter you; embrace the opportunity to introduce a spectrum of hues that harmonize with your existing styles and patterns.


boast vibrant shades that can effortlessly infuse your space with color. Don’t allow the predominance of green to deter you; embrace the opportunity to introduce a spectrum of hues that harmonize with your existing styles and patterns. Plant from @ provenwinners

Don’t Forget The Bathroom

Transform your bathroom into the tropical oasis of your dreams! Incorporating plants into your bathroom instantly enhances the ambiance and contributes to a seamless, unified green theme that flows throughout your home. Moisture-loving plants like sub-tropical aroids (such as philodendron, dumb cane, and Chinese evergreen, to name a few) will thrive in the bathroom, whether positioned in the shower like mini monstera (Rhaphidophora tetrasperma) or placed on the countertop.


Turn your bathroom into the tropical paradise you’ve always envisioned! Integrating plants into your bathroom instantly elevates the atmosphere and adds to a cohesive, all-encompassing green motif that extends throughout your home. Bathroom from @ house_plant_community

Display Your Unique Style

A fantastic approach to seamlessly blend your houseplants with your design preferences is to seek out planters that resonate with your style and complement your decor. If you’re inclined towards vintage or boho aesthetics, explore flea markets, thrift stores, or antique malls, where you can discover an eclectic and often budget-friendly assortment of planters. For those with a penchant for DIY projects, crafting your own planters using cost-effective materials is a creative and budget-conscious option.


Look for planters that resonate with your personal style and enhance your decor. White planter from @ mrs_lebs_and_baby_atly

Incorporate Plants into Your Office Space

Introducing plants into your workplace or home office fosters a connection with nature indoors, a vital element often sought during the workday. Studies have indicated that green hues can induce a sense of relaxation and enhance overall well-being. Moreover, plants contribute to air purification by effectively removing pollutants.


Incorporating plants into your workplace or home office establishes a connection with nature indoors, which is a crucial element often sought after during the workday. Research has shown that green colors can promote a feeling of relaxation and improve overall well-being. Office from @ houseplantdiary_plantshop

Accentuate a Piece of Furniture

To accentuate a piece of furniture and create a striking contrast, contemplate introducing some greenery.

Improve the Scenery

When your window looks out onto an uninspiring wall or alley, you can enhance the vista by suspending your plants in front of the window. Moreover, arranging your plants vertically provides an excellent space-saving solution.


If your window offers a less-than-inspiring view of a plain wall or an uninteresting alley, you can elevate the scenery by hanging your plants in front of the window. Living with plants from @ plant_lovers4

Breathe Life into Your Walls

Say goodbye to bare walls! Craft a captivating backdrop for any room that nurtures your plants’ growth and imparts a cozy, earthy ambiance to your space.

Craft Your Personal Retreat

Every individual deserves a tranquil place to unwind, so why not alleviate stress amidst the soothing presence of nature? Populate your relaxation area with greenery, natural elements, and earthy tones to transform it into your own serene sanctuary.


Fill your relaxation space with plants, natural materials, and earthy color tones to create your personal tranquil sanctuary. Indoor oasis from @ housedoctorcom

Enhance Your Coffee Table

Your coffee table serves as an ideal setting for harmonizing greenery and decorative accents. Employ trays or books beneath your plant to experiment with different elevations. For a understated appearance, opt for a vessel or container that complements the furniture’s surrounding colors. Alternatively, make a bold statement with a vase or flowerpot in a contrasting hue.

Utilize Fresh Herbs as Kitchen Décor

Revitalize your kitchen by integrating well-loved and practical herbs like rosemary, thyme, and cilantro. Establishing an indoor herb garden not only enhances your culinary pursuits but also introduces a touch of the outdoors into your kitchen space. Moreover, it infuses the room with delightful scents even when you’re not actively cooking.


Cultivate herbs like rosemary, thyme, and cilantro right in your kitchen. Not only are they practical, but they also fill the room with delightful fragrances even when you’re not actively cooking. Beautiful kitchen from @ westcoastgardens

Infuse Vitality into a Bookshelf

Consider this suggestion: adorning the top of a bookcase with a cascading plant not only introduces color but also creates a captivating three-dimensional effect. Alternatively, a climbing or vining plant can establish a visual link between the shelves and direct attention to each individual shelf.


Enhancing the shelf with a trailing plant not only adds a splash of color but also generates an intriguing three-dimensional visual effect. Plantshelfie from @ eco.wiser

Craft Living Art

Transform your wall adornments into living artistry by fashioning a vertical garden. This serves as an excellent method to incorporate greenery, particularly when floor space is scarce. Additionally, wall-mounted plants maintain a safe distance from children and pets.

Accentuate a Mirror

Elevate your room’s charm by strategically positioning houseplants around or near a mirror. This not only boosts the mirror’s aesthetic allure but also infuses your space with a lively and inviting ambiance. As the plants reflect in the mirror, they introduce an enchanting depth and a touch of nature, breathing fresh life into your surroundings.


Using plants to accentuate a mirror will enhance its visual appeal and create a more vibrant and inviting atmosphere in a room. Mirror from @ plant_lovers4

Unleash Your Artistic Flair

For craft enthusiasts, avid travelers, or those not gifted with a green thumb, paper plants might be the ideal solution. With a self-constructed plant, such as charming pilea, you can relish the beauty of greenery without the concerns of a watering regimen.

Enhance Your Sleep Quality

Deliberate introducing plants into your bedroom to enhance your quality of sleep. Varieties such as peace lily, snake plant, and aloe vera contribute to air purification as you slumber. Additionally, plants can foster a tranquil atmosphere, particularly if you’re working from home, potentially improving your mood. Even if your bedroom has limited natural light, don’t fret; numerous air-purifying plants, like pothos or calathea, thrive in less bright environments.


Adding plants to the bedroom can improve air quality, promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance the overall ambiance, creating a more peaceful and pleasant sleeping environment. Bedroom from @ zebodeko

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