French country home things to provide for an authentic design

When it comes to French country decor, it will bring you into luxurious decoration with elegant touches here and there. There will be a country life that is combined with arts that are commonly closely related to French style inside the house. This kind of home decor style is never out of style even after centuries. So, if you want to have it today, no need to worry about being out of style.

As a whole, French country decoration is about presenting the arts, natural elements, timeless charms, and rustic touches in the decoration. Can you imagine how beautiful it will be? It looks like everything will be in balance with the complete items in different impressions inside the house. To help you get an authentic French country home design, here are things that you should provide.

The Use of Wood Beams

The wood beams come in big sizes and can be a statement inside the house. So, the existence of the wood beams can be really standout as you should be careful to present it in the house not to make it look too much. In this case, you can use the wood beam for the ceiling or wall but commonly, people use it for the ceiling.


The wood beam that is applied on the ceiling is not coated with polish or paint color to make it look natural. However, it doesn’t make the decoration look boring at all with all of the colors provided underneath. Wood Beam Ceiling from @circawdm

The Use of Copper

The existence of copper can be such a good match with wood. Even though the characteristic is different and the style is also different, both materials present something old and natural to create a warm and welcoming impression. Copper can be in varied items such as furniture, home accessories, ornament, and other interior things.


There are two items in this kitchen decoration that use chopper as the material those are the pendant light and the faucet. It is interesting how the pendant has a copper color inside and a black color outside for the statement. Copper Decoration from @rebekahwestoverphotography

Different Period Items

There should be mix and match in the decoration that is created from different period items. For example, you can provide modern stuff and combine it with an old Victorian rug style. The combination will be aesthetic and the value of the decoration will also increase.


You can see the oven that is installed in this kitchen which is in modern style. The stove hood is also modern whereas the decoration around it is otherwise. There are some copper pans and an old French rack installed there. The mix and match here is not only considering the look but also function. Mix and Match Period Decor from @foxglove_our_french_cottage

Presenting Arts

The arts are the things that will be able to increase the value of the decoration effectively. With the arts, the decoration will also be seen as elegant and luxurious. In this case, the art product can be anything from a wall painting, sculpture, and any other possible art project.


Here, the art is presented in the form of a wall gallery. There is also a standout painting in the other room that can represent the French style really well. If you look inside in more detail, you will also see sculptures there. Wall Gallery from @scot7

Providing Stools

It can be said that the stool is the one that can characterize the French country decoration. So, providing it in the house is important. Anyway, you should be able to choose the right stool design. We recommend you have it in a rustic style that uses wood material or choose a stool that has Louis XVI-style upholstery.


The stool here is used in the bedroom. It is decorated with red patterned upholstery in the French style. You should also see the stool legs in brown wood color with typical indentation. French Country Stool from @asouthernpreppy

Reclaimed Wood

In this case, the reclaimed wood should be in an unfinished look. For example, you can have it for the door, vanity, rack, etc. However, if you want to make it sleek even with an unfinished look, you can coat it with polish. By coating it, the product can be sleek and soft enough to touch so that you won’t be annoyed with the texture.


The rack that is using the reclaimed wood here is installed above the fireplace. The coffee table also uses reclaimed wood without any coating. You can do it if you want to have a real rustic impression. As long as you don’t annoyed with the texture, then it will be ok! not to coat it. Reclaimed Wood Rack and Table from @anna_kukulska

Statement Piece

What is meant by a statement piece here is one that can create a massive effect around the decoration. For example, you can provide a mirror with a unique and standout mirror frame to make the decoration around the console table look prominent.


You can see on this decoration where the fireplace comes in a not special decoration. It can even be seen as old and not interesting. But, the presence of the mirror makes the decoration look different. The mirror comes as a statement piece to increase the value of the fireplace decoration. Statement Piece from @krickelin


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