Owning a timeshare might seem like a dream come true. It can be for a lot of folks, but for many others, it just doesn’t make sense for their lifestyle, wants, or needs. However, if there’s anyone that’s going to convince you that it’s the best thing since sliced bread, it’s a timeshare salesman. Go figure.

Before you sign that contract, wait until you see what psychological tricks that salesman might be pulling on you that may be swaying your decision for the worst.

1. A Free or Cheap Offer In Exchange For Listening to a Sales Pitch

One of the biggest tricks in the book is offering a free or very affordable gift during or before a timeshare sales pitch. For instance, the salesman might provide you with a free dinner or discounted vacation as long as you attend a seminar or meeting with them.

A tactic like this buys a salesman more time and your trust to get them to talk more about the timeshare opportunity. You may even start to see them as a friend or someone who cares rather than a salesperson.

2. Tour Involving Visiting a Resort

Another sneaky sales tactic timeshare salesmen may use is taking you to a resort as part of a tour. It turns out, the resort ends up being an example of a resort that you could own, that is, if you do sign up for a timeshare. Of course, seeing a nice resort in person is going to make the decision far more tempting.

3. Now or Never

It’s true that if you let an opportunity go for too long, it may be gone for good. However, timeshare salesmen want you to believe that if you don’t agree to join a timeshare now, you may never be able to again or may not get as good of an offer in the future. They may even make you feel crazy for passing up such an opportunity.

As a result, the sense of limited time may make you act hastily, which could mean signing a timeshare contract.

4. Vacation Inspiration via Photos or Videos

Part of a salesman’s job is to get you to visualize what your life would be like if you bought what they were selling. And you best believe that they’re going to show you the best, most Instagram-worthy photos and video footage of exotic vacations that could be yours too. But the catch is, you won’t get it unless you follow through with the timeshare deal.

5. Timeshare Success Stories

Part of the reason people don’t sign on to timeshares is for fear of the unknown or worries of failure. A salesman is going to try to ease your anxieties and make you believe that owning a timeshare is more of a success than not. When they plant that seed in your head, you’re going to be at a more comfortable state and more likely to sign those papers.

Were you pulled into signing a contract for a timeshare and want a way out? You may still have time. Get in touch with ACA Group Florida for your legal options.


It’s always critical to make big decisions like signing up for a timeshare with a clear head. Unfortunately, salesmen may be successful in getting you to turn your definite no into a yes with just a few sales tactics. While owning a timeshare isn’t a bad idea for many people, it can be if someone signs on if it’s truly not meant for them.

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