A premade shed in the backyard by the buildings and trees under the sunlight

Have you always fancied being a country squire with a large, sprawling garden to wander in? Now that you have acquired the very large property to make it happen, it’s time to make a plan to transform the space into your vision of pastoral delight. So, where to begin? Today’s focus will be on infrastructure.

If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to make a detailed map of your property as it is, and another as you wish it to be so you can begin the transformation process. First off is a very important feature that isn’t actually a part of the garden’s attractions at all, but is there to lend support. Every garden needs a shed, and a large garden needs large sheds in Australia, a spacious, durable structure that can withstand the elements as it houses all the tools, supplies, and vehicles your outdoor domain requires to keep it looking fantastic all year long.

Now that you have your shed, what necessary gardening items will we fill it with? Considering that your space is quite large, let’s go with a riding lawn mower, a medium-sized tractor with various interchangeable attachments like dozer blade and backhoe, as well as a cart for hauling away debris such as pruned branches and mown grass. The shed should have plenty of shelving and storage space for garden tools and implements, and necessary materials like bags of sand, soil, mulch, and fertilizer. 

We are working with the premise that your garden is indeed a very big space, so let’s think about the layout. That large garden shed should be placed somewhere out of the way, but with easy access to the street so supplies can be delivered to it. Spacious prefab sheds are extremely useful, in this case a critical component of your garden’s success, but they really can’t be mistaken for being attractive. Hide it and its surrounding maintenance area behind a tall, nice-looking fence or hedge if you can, accessible through a gate into the garden proper. 

If that isn’t feasible, here is a great trick -order the structure in a quiet colour like ‘Mist-Green’ that falls into the ‘No-See-Um Green’ category. This concept was invented for use in Disneyland, where necessary, but mundane objects like power boxes and fencing were painted a shade of green so uninteresting that the average person doesn’t even register that they’re there because their eyes are focused on all the fantastic architecture! People won’t even notice your big ‘No See-Um Green’ shed as they marvel at the flowers.

Back to the layout, once you have chosen the future features you desire, you need to connect them all with a path network that’s attractive, but still accessible to your maintenance machinery.

Those are some necessities to get this big project started. The Australian government has some guidelines on the responsibilities gardeners hold, so it’s best to familiarize yourself with them. Now, go find a nice shady spot and plan the rest of your garden!


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