How the Technohome company, known in many countries of the world, was created, what led to the idea of creating a business, we will learn from the interview with Jack Bondarenko – a successful business owner in the aluminum industry.

Q&A with Jack Bondarenko


Q: What can you tell us about Technohome?

Answer. Technodom Company is a patented brand specializing in the production of aluminum structures used in glazing of building facades, aluminum pergolas, reflexology, etc. The architectural systems are produced on extrusion presses. The company does not sell products directly, but is an exclusive exporter whose task is to interact with the B2B base of dealers in the USA. The annual production volume of the company is 22 thousand tons of all kinds of profiles, the products are known in more than 40 countries all over the world, and the company also guarantees good delivery time of finished products. Combining the experience of architects, engineers, designers and developers from Germany, Norway, Italy, the company is a world leader in the aluminum industry. Advanced technological solutions are applied in production. Products made of environmentally friendly aluminum are certified and meet high quality standards. Based on multiple advantages, aluminum structures from Technohome are not only attractive, but also invaluable material for different systems – window/door, slab, facade and many others.

Q: What was the impetus for creating your business? How did the idea itself come about?

Answer: The business idea came about when a niche in the market for lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly materials for the construction industry was discovered. The constant demand for a material that would not just be durable and strong, but also environmentally friendly played an important role. Aluminum was the ideal solution, as it meets all the requirements – the material is not only sustainable, but can also be recycled. The use of advanced technologies has made the process of cooperation with our customers much easier. They are guaranteed easy selection of our aluminum solutions, customization and their implementation in their own projects. Combining the properties of aluminum with technological aids has allowed us to provide maximum convenience for our customers, which is what sets us apart in today’s market.

Q: What market does the company serve?

Answer: Specializing in aluminum constructions, our company serves the green building market, and is geographically located in many US states. These include California (CA) with green building codes, as well as Washington (WA), New York (NY), Nevada (NV), Oregon (OR), Arizona (AZ), North Carolina (NC) and South Carolina (SC), Tennessee (TN), Massachusetts (MA), New Jersey (NJ), Illinois (IL). Our operations also span Texas (TX), where a boom in construction is associated with population growth, Georgia (GA), where a combination of historic and modern design drives demand for our aluminum products. 

In addition, 40% of our products are exported to other states that prefer to work with energy efficient and durable structures made from environmentally friendly and strong aluminum.

It should also be noted that our company Technodom specializes in aluminum windows/doors for individual homes and businesses. The solutions are versatile, a combination of functionality and aesthetics, thus ideal for residential homes. They can significantly improve energy efficiency and security.

The main focus of our activity is to support the activities of construction companies and architects. In addition to products, we are ready to offer expert advice for large projects of industrial importance, guaranteeing the organic combination of our aluminum solutions with any design.


We work with large customers and are able to adapt to the needs of our clients. Thus, we strive to become the best partners offering quality and innovative aluminum solutions for the construction industry. 

Q: What is the essence of Technohome’s mission?

Answer: Our company is a universal supplier, providing customers not only with aluminum products, but also with services. The B2B segment is a priority for us. Professional consulting together with modern and quality aluminum solutions allows companies to become as best as possible.

Q: What kind of off-the-shelf solutions does the company specialize in?

Answer: Technohome manufactures flooring systems, window and door systems, fencing systems, solar protection systems, as well as glazing systems, facade systems, railing systems and aluminum profile. Production utilizes presses in a wide range of sizes using advanced technology.

Q: What is the value of the capabilities and services offered by your plant?

Answer: The leading position in the market, the presence of a huge customer base all over the world, our company has been able to achieve thanks to the fact that in the field of design and production of aluminum solutions such as profiles and accessories, architectural and industrial systems, we offer complete solutions. The first stage of production involves the cutting of a billet from rolled aluminum according to a dimensional table and the appropriate grade. It is then sent to a special workshop for further processing. Throughout the entire production process, our technical control service carefully monitors all products, and their high quality is confirmed by international certificates.

Anodizing of aluminum profiles is carried out with the use of advanced technologies on modern European equipment, which ensures stable product quality and high productivity. Aluminum architectural profiles can be powder painted in all colors of the RAL palette.

In addition, our company offers services including market analysis, design, testing, technology development, introduction of new products into mass production.

We also offer the service of custom manufacturing of aluminum profiles according to the drawings provided by the clients. Our company excels in the development of aluminum profiles for various applications – for translucent structures, ventilated facades, machine tool construction, office partitions, etc.

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Q: Your business is unique. What makes it so? What makes Technohome different from the competition?

Answer: What makes our company unique is that our first priority is to provide only the highest quality products and services. We offer not just aluminum solutions, but environmentally friendly and durable products. The specialty of our company is to provide complete solutions in the segment of design and production of aluminum profiles and accessories. Technohome is a patented brand specializing in the production of aluminum architectural systems using 1800, 2200 and 2800 ton extrusion presses.

Q: The success of the company, how do you assess it?

Answer: The success of our company lies in the fact that during our time on the market, we have been able to not only set production and sales goals, but also achieve them. Today, we not only work with customers in the US domestic market, but also export our products to over 40 countries around the world. Our sales revenues are constantly growing, which is a testament to our successful operations.

Q: Provide an expert assessment of the current state of the aluminum business market in the United States.

Answer: The U.S. construction industry is entirely focused on aluminum. The big win has been environmental friendliness, thanks to recycling. Even though price trends are affected by import duties, the attractiveness of the material is not diminishing. Demand for aluminum in the U.S. is booming thanks to the drive for sustainable construction and innovation.

Q: What do you think the near future holds for Technohome?

Answer: Today, our company is a one-stop service and product provider. In the near future, Technohome will also be a leader in the aluminum industry, and will be just as successful in aluminum production.

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