Life in Islington can get so busy sometimes – with several activities and events taking up your time every day, you may not have the time to clean up your home. However, no one likes staying in a dirty home, so you’ve decided to hire a domestic cleaner for the task.

Yet it seems like you just can’t get it right. No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to find a domestic cleaner that is good enough to handle your home cleaning. You find yourself wondering why it is so difficult to find a good domestic cleaner in Islington with each cleaner that leaves after doing shabby work. Well, there are so many reasons why it seems like there aren’t any good cleaners around you.

Knowing these reasons will help you know how to tackle the problem from the grassroots. You can spend hours researching how to find a reliable cleaning service, but if these problems persist, you will end up back at the beginning. Hence, the best way to get a good cleaning service in Islington is to figure out the reason for the seeming lack of good providers of this service – then you can try to address these issues. Thankfully, this article will discuss some of these reasons below.

Poor Cleaner/Homeowner Relationship


Some homeowners like to assume superiority when interacting with the people cleaning their homes. They fail to realize that this power struggle often leads to both parties losing out. The cleaner would lose a client, while the homeowner would have to pay for a poorly executed job.

One thing that you need to know in your interaction with domestic cleaners is that when they are happy, you will also be happy. If you maintain a good relationship with them, they will do their best to deliver the best results and make you satisfied. But if you engage in a power struggle with them and stress them out, they may not deliver the best result.

When both parties are pleased with each other, the entire process will be seamless. The person cleaning the home will do so with proper care, making you a satisfied customer – while the cleaner will leave your home feeling warm and satisfied with a job well done. This creates a win-win situation for everyone involved.


There are a lot of domestic cleaning companies in Islington. Because of how competitive this market can be, many of these companies offer low prices to overtake the competition. This has now made it quite cheap to get a cleaning service.

This may sound good, but when a company is offering a ridiculously low price, chances are they will offer substandard services. The cleaner that isn’t being paid well will come over and do a quick clean to get it done and over with. The truth is, a good cleaner isn’t exactly cheap, but most people would not want to spend a lot of money just on cleaning.

When you compare a cleaning company that offers high-quality cleaning and a fair price with a company that offers a ridiculously low price, you can always spot the difference. Watch this domestic cleaning video to see an example of high-quality cleaning. So, if you aren’t ready to pay for quality service, chances are you’ll always get substandard ones.

High Expectations


A lot of customers often have such high expectations when they hire this service. Sadly, this expectation rarely matches how much they are willing to spend on the service. Having high expectations when you are being offered a low price is like setting yourself up for disappointment.

The next time you think a cleaner has done a terrible job, evaluate the amount you paid for the service. Chances are, you may realize that you have gotten exactly what you paid for. So, it may not be that the cleaner isn’t good at their job; it may just be that your expectation is just too high.

Hourly Rates

Another reason you may be having a hard time getting a good domestic cleaner in Islington is that you often hire those that you pay per hour. When you pay hourly for this service, the provider knows that whether they complete the task by the end of that hour or not, they’ll get paid. This may lead them to dragging out the job for as long as possible and subsequently not delivering on the job.


Cleaning can be a chaotic activity, or it can be organized and done with a strategy – it all depends on the method used. Some companies may send in a team of cleaners to your home, and everyone will handle different areas and get it done in record time. Another may send just one personnel to clean the house room after room. In the same way, a cleaner may use a wet cloth while another will use a dry one.

The method employed may either result in a job well done or an unsatisfied customer. This is why you need to employ a service provider with the best method to carry out the task. To do this, take your time to find out what their methods are before you employ them. If you keep assuming to know their methods, you’ll keep hiring bad services.

Staff Turnover

When the cleaners are unhappy (perhaps because of poor payment or poor customer treatment), they may resign. This can then lead to a high staff turnover for the cleaning company. Because the company will have to keep hiring new staff, they may start skimping on training them. This would lead to a high rate of cleaners who do not have the skills or experience to do a good job.


Getting a good domestic cleaner in Islington can be quite difficult for many reasons. For instance, getting a cleaning company that offers high-quality services and fair prices rather than opting for very cheap ones. This article has discussed some of these reasons, and we believe you have been able to figure out solutions to them.

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