Winter home how to create warm and cozy ambiance inside the house

When winter comes, you should surely do some redecoration projects for your house. Or, at least you should add some more items to help you deal with the weather well. In this case, winter will bring chilly weather. You should adapt some parts of your house to make it proper enough for the weather because you will spend most of your time inside the house during winter especially when the snow falls. Relates to that, making the house not only proper but also homey and inviting is also important so that you can enjoy your time in the house without feeling bored.

The focus of decorating the winter house will be on some points that you should take the concern well. It is because winter isn’t only about the beauty but also about how the house can support you to enjoy your life during the chilly weather or even when the worst comes. Here are some of the ideas

  1. Providing the fabric layering: It should be provided in many parts of the house, especially for the spots that you mostly use to spend your free time such as the living room, corner cozy spot, reading spot, and don’t ever forget your bedroom. The bed should be layered so that you can have a really qualified sleep.
  2. Implementing texture: It is known that texture has the ability to create comfort. It will be useful to bring the warmth at once especially when it is in the right fabric material. You can have the texture on the throw blanket, cushion, upholstery, etc.
  3. Installing warm lighting: Installing the layering lighting will be really beneficial to create a warm ambiance inside the room. However, you should be able to choose the right light characteristic that can bring warmth. In this case, we recommend you choose the yellow light.
  4. Checking the fireplace: The fireplace will be an important aspect during winter. You should check your fireplace before winter comes. Make sure that it works well. No matter whether it is the electric fireplace or the traditional one.
  5. Adding some winter items: What is meant with winter items here are the ones that characterize the season such as snowflakes, pinecones, evergreen, etc. Implement those items as ornament, or additional decoration to your furniture and more.
  6. Adding some screen: In case you have a porch or balcony, if you still want to use them during winter, we recommend you install the screen so that it is safe from the snow. With the screen, you can still use the porch to enjoy a cup of tea while looking at the snowfalls.


The most important part of the bedroom is the bed itself. You should focus on making the bed feel comfortable and warm. You can do it by providing some layering on the bed. You can put some throw blankets there with different characteristics and designs, of course. That will be useful not to make the bed look boring and empty. For beauty, you can implement winter colors or patterns such as white and red. You can also put some winter ornament such as evergreens and pinecones.


The bed uses the layering blanket technique with red and white colors to characterize the season. Then, you should also see the cushions that are provided in texture, pattern, and colors where all of them are really proper for the winter season. Winter Bedroom from @velveteenandgrace

Living Room

There are some parts of the living room that you should take the concern. The first one is for the fireplace. Make sure that it works well. You may also put some ornaments there since the fireplace will be the center of the attention. Then, you can focus on the seating area. We recommend you put some cushions and a throw blanket to keep you comfortable spending your time there. Then, changing the rug into a furry one will be surely beneficial to bring more warmth inside the room.


There are two rugs that are installed there and both are furry rugs but with different designs and finishing techniques. Then, there are two cushions provided in textured and patterned that characterize winter. For the fireplace, there are some winter items installed to bring the winter spirit inside the house. Living Room Decor from @proverbsthirtyonegirl


The kitchen is not the place where you will spend your free time sitting or lying but it is also important to add the winter touches because it is the place where your food comes from. It will be too lazy to go outside during the snow falling just to buy food. So, prepare your kitchen to make it cozy enough to make the food during winter.


This kitchen decoration won’t be about layering or adding something to make a warm ambiance but about adding some ornaments that can bring the winter spirit inside the room. You can see that there are some hanging ornaments and table ornaments that effectively bring the winter character. Kitchen Decor from @motherthyme

Dining Room

The dining room might be the place you will use routinely during winter. that is adding the winter decoration there will be recommended. First thing first, you can focus on the table decoration. You may have it as the centerpiece or the cutlery decoration. Then, if it is possible, you can have the decoration around the room such as on the wall or in the corner of the room.


This table decoration is not too much and looks like in the right portion. White is the color that is chosen to be the color scheme. There is a small portion of the centerpiece applied there. Then, for the cutlery, there is a furry fabric added as the base. Dining Room Decor from @crystalsandcleats

Layering Lighting

Lighting becomes one of the important parts of winter decoration. You can install candles, fairy lights, lanterns, and lamps for the main lighting, of course. for winter, we recommend you install yellow lighting that will be able to create a warm impression.


There is such complete lighting that is applied in this room. You can see that there are lanterns on the floor, candles on the table, string lights on the Christmas tree, and the chandelier. All of them are using the warm yellow light color. Layering Lighting from @decorrest


If you want to spend your time on the porch during winter, you should make sure to install the screen. It is important to keep you warm during the chilly weather. Also, when you have the screen, the snow won’t enter the space and you can spend your time any time there.


There is a clear glass installed as the screen so that you can see the scenery outside. You can even see the pretty snow falling while enjoying a cup of tea. There are also some additional winter touches added to the porch such as the Christmas tree and the cushions in red winter color and pattern. Screen Porch from @fouroakbedswings

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