How to make your winter decoration proper until spring

Most people love having their Christmas decorations the whole winter season and even still want them during spring. That is why, when decorating your winter home, we recommend you have decorations that can still be proper during spring. No need to worry because it won’t be too difficult since during spring the weather will still be a bit chilly so there might be some things that work the same way for both winter and spring. Let’s say that you don’t need to store the throw blanket or furry rug because that will still be needed during spring. Well, there are still many ideas for making your winter decoration proper until spring that we will explain below.

Providing Potted Plants

The potted plants are provided during winter to bring a warm and fresh ambiance during the freezing winter weather. When the winter is gone and spring comes, you can make all of your winter plants stay there because spring will also need the plants to create the characteristics of the season into the decoration. We all know that spring is when all the plants grow and wake up from a long sleep. In this case, spring won’t be spring when there are no plants provided.


This living room chooses Ficus Elastica to be the winter plant. It is great how Ficus can also live well during the spring and bring the best greenery for spring. The plant can grow high so that you can decorate it with Christmas touches if you want. Living Room Decorative Plant from @julie.thedesigntwins

Textile Layering

Textile layering will be really effective in bringing warmth into the room. Having it for winter will be really useful since you can utilize it all until spring ends. The textile layering will be about putting the rug, throw blanket, cushion in fit design and material, table runner, etc.


There are two layers of throw blanket, furry rug, furry table runner, different cushion designs, and the sofa in a warm textile material. The textile materials used can be proper for both winter and spring. The colors are neutral and simple and can fit any design style. Textile Layering from @julie.thedesigntwins


It can be said that candles are fit for any season. But, it works really well for the chilly weather. Without any doubt, we recommend you have the candles for your winter decoration since they will be great for spring too. There are some different kinds of candles that you can have. Put some different kinds of them in one room to beautify the decoration. Also, the light of the candles can create a warm ambiance which is great for winter and spring.


The candles are put here and there around the room. Although the color of the candle is only white, it has a different holder to create uniqueness. Look at how magical the decoration can be! Candles from @oggustocom

Nordic Touch

Nordic decoration is all about simplicity and the touch of rustic from the natural elements. Implementing a Nordic touch to your winter decoration will let you have a warm room atmosphere. This one fits well with winter and spring characteristic. You can have it in a small part or in a more intense portion.


The vase with its dried plant represents the Nordic touch. For winter, it is added with some hanging snowflakes. In case the season is changing, you can remove the snowflakes and leave the vase with the dried plant. Nordic Touch from @wellendorfs

Twig Ornament

When the plants are having their long sleep, the dried twig is the fit one to be used as the ornament to fill the vase or to be made into other decorative items. Will it still be proper for spring? Yes! You can simply redecorate the dried twig by adding some fresh items that represent the spring characteristics.


Dried twigs are placed on a clear glass vase without any additional decoration to make it simple and adorable at the same time. Not to make it boring, there are some dried flower buds in white color to represent winter. Twig Ornament from @sheshedshenaniganagain

Warm Lighting

Providing a warm lighting characteristic is quite important for the chilly seasons. It is true that the light won’t directly provide you with a warm feeling on your skin. But, it will help you deal with the ambiance. The warm ambiance will be really comfortable during the chilly weather and the warm lighting will help you a lot. The key for the warm lighting is that don’t install the bright one. Install only the dim or yellow ones.


The bulbs in the string light version look magical and warm. Then, you should also see that there are some candles and lanterns with candles as the light source inside. So magical and warm! Warm Lighting from @oggustocom

Evergreen Installation

The evergreen will be the plant that can grow well no matter what the season is. Well, although it is common for winter, you can have it for spring too. Having the evergreen as part of your decoration will be really interesting. It won’t only be about the Christmas tree but also some ornaments made of evergreen.

Snapinsta.app_130255924_217979886368789_5969681360626694543_n_1080 (1)

The evergreen is provided here and there. From the kitchen island stools, the kitchen island itself, the countertop, and even on the cabinet door. The evergreen is provided in some small parts but really pretty in the right portion. Evergreen Installation from @kitchens_of_insta

Warm Tones

The warm tones are the natural tones that will be able to bring a warm atmosphere. For example, you can have brown color, beige, white, grey, etc. For winter, the warm tones will match really well with the warm lighting. You’ll be amazed when having it during the night because everything looks warm and cozy.


This room uses grey color for the stone wall, brown color for the wooden floor and some furniture, and white color for the ceiling and glass wall frame. The combination is really warm and welcoming. It will be surely such a cozy space for your chilly seasons. Warm Tones from @oggustocom

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