2024 interior design trends things you should change and hold

If you want to keep updated with the trend, then you should prepare for 2024. There must be something that should be changed while the others stay. You can adapt the trend to your interior based on your taste and needs. Anyway, there are three main things that you should know about the 2024 decor trend that has already been made based on the designer overview, those are:

  1. Nature-inspired: It will be about bringing the outdoors in. You can do it by providing greenery, earthy colors, and eco-friendly materials.
  2. Sustainability: Sustainability is about using sustainable materials such as bamboo, wood, sisal, wool, etc. You should also be careful with the product making because that should be safe and based on sustainability standards.
  3. Personal touches: The personal touches can be reached by implementing the maximalist decoration technique since it lets people express their tastes and personal items. It can be said that the 2024 decor trend will let you bring your characteristics inside the house.

Green Living

Green living can also be said to the natural-friendly living. There will be some items that bring you to connect with the earth. Also, there is a responsibility toward the environment. You should be able to use sustainable products, present nature to make your life more peaceful, and try to do energy efficiency.


This room uses a sisal material rug, furry throw blanket, and wood material for sustainability needs. Then, the fireplace is not the electric one to save the energy. This room also brings nature inside the house by providing some plants and painting the wall with green color. Green Living from @melaniejadedesign

Natural Lighting

You can get natural lighting by installing a large window, glass wall, or skylights. There are some benefits of installing those wide glasses into the house. Not only to get the natural light that will save your budget for electricity, but it will also let you get vitamin D and make the room feel more airy.

Anyway, in installing the wide glass window, door, wall, or whatever it is, you should consider on the placement. Find the right spot so that it can work maximally. It means that you should have it on the spot that is exposed to the sun light.


More than enough! Look at how this room gets enough natural sunlight from the glass skylight, door, and window. Not only that, this room is also adorable with the scenery that you can see from the glass material. Natural Light from @akindofhome

Joyful and Aesthetic

In 2024, the decoration should be able to bring happiness. It will be related to the visual and the comfortable facilities. For that, you can use bold vibrant colors, unique patterns, and any other playful items in the room. Those kinds of things will be able to fulfill the human desire for joy and positivity. Also, with all of those stand-out things, your room will make it feel like a celebration every day.


Look at this decoration. It has fun colors, patterns, and shapes. All things added there are able to bring happiness with all of the uniqueness and joyful items. Joyful and Aesthetic Decor from @akindofhome

Timeless Elegance

What is meant by elegant is that you can bring simplicity to the room in one package with its beauty, modesty, and graceful look. You can apply the sleek lines, organic shapes, and functional design in the room to make it look elegant. The timeless elegance is the one that is not being affected by the trend. The colors, pattern, and lines should be in the right choice to make it timeless.


The decoration with its simplicity uses neutral calm colors such as beige and light brown. Then, there is a luxurious touch in an elegant way by adding the green emerald color for the stool and rug where the rug is provided in gold lines pattern. Timeless Elegance Decor from @lovely___decor

Flowy Furniture

The flowy furniture will be able to create an elegant impression. Its organic shapes and curves are adorable and can bring harmony and an inviting atmosphere inside the room. For the flowy furniture itself, the kinds will be varied such as the sofa, stool, chair, lounge chair, table, etc. Just try to have it one then you’ll know how adorable it can be.


Flowy furniture comes in three different kinds of products those are sofa, chair, and table. Look at how comfortable and warm they look. Even the design is really aesthetic to beautify the decoration. Flowy Furniture from @akindofhome

Nostalgic Accents

The nostalgic accent will be functional to bring a warm and welcoming impression inside the house. It will let you fly away to the years a go which is really nostalgic and personal. You can have it by providing some old items or by using the right color scheme such as the mustard and olive colors.


This corner spot decoration is really warm and inviting. The color choices and the kinds of items provided there are all vintage. You can see the mustard-dried flower, the old teapot, the wallpaper, and the cushions, all are vintage and make you feel nostalgic. Nostalgic Accent from @akindofhome

Unique Tiles

The unique tiles will be the trend in 2024. It won’t only be about the basic plain tiles but the dramatic patterns that are considered in its composition, layout, and dimension. Since there are so many different kinds of tile patterns, then you don’t need to worry. What you need to do is just don’t be afraid to have the patterned tiles and just be confident.


This geometry tile is really interesting since it has a dimension. You will see its different form when you see it from a different point of view. Such an interesting one! Unique Tiles from @akindofhome

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