For those seeking fresh entryway ideas, take note: we’ve consulted interior design experts to uncover their predictions for the entryway trends of 2024. Specifically, we’ve delved into the entryway paint colors that are going out of style for 2024 and identified the alternatives to consider.

Even though the entryway may be a compact space, getting the decor – including the paint color – just right is crucial. Serving as the initial room visitors encounter, it not only establishes the ambiance for the rest of the house but also plays a pivotal role in creating a warm welcome and a positive first impression. If you’re contemplating a new look for your entryway, ensure you’re well-informed with the latest paint trend advice before finalizing your entryway color ideas.

While some paint colors may be losing popularity for entryways, there are still numerous beautiful alternatives. Once you’ve refined your room color ideas, painting the walls to transform the space into a welcoming entryway you can take pride in is a simple and swift process.

We must confess to feeling a bit surprised by some of the hues recommended by interior designers when we inquired about entryway paint colors falling out of fashion in 2024.

They specifically highlighted light blue, light beige, red, teal, and light gray as the entryway shades that are falling out of favor, along with deep saturated greens and sunflower yellows – all of which have been commonly chosen hues. Although we’ve become accustomed to and perhaps even grown fond of these paint colors, it might be precisely why it’s time for an entryway refresh.

Explore the rationale behind our experts’ predictions below and delve into their recommendations on selecting paint colors to replace these outdated shades.

Avoid Opting for Light Blue in Entryways – Experiment with Warmer Tones Instead


The preference for warmer paint shades stems from the belief that they offer a more inviting and cozy initial impression for an entrance. Warm entryway from @ xomacenna

One paint color that is expected to be seen less frequently for entryways in 2024 is light blue, as warmer color schemes are predicted to be sought after. The reasoning behind preferring warmer paint shades is that they provide a more welcoming and cozy first impression for an entrance compared to light blue. Thus, the endorsement of this perspective by experts is met with approval.

The suggestion to move away from light blue tones in hallways, unless careful consideration is given to the hue selection, is offered by interior designer Katharine Pooley. A shift towards warmer shades on the color wheel for entryways is recommended by her. She shares an example from her own experience, citing the use of a beautiful paint color in her country home that resembles Farrow & Ball’s Setting Plaster. The gentle blush warmth of this color serves as a striking backdrop for antique pieces, timber furniture, and gilt detailing.

Replace Light Beige with Richer Peach, Salmon, or Caramel Shades


Light beige, devoid of depth, is no longer a fashionable choice. Let’s instead welcome caramel colors for the entryway. Caramel entryway from @ mycolorize

Present everywhere you look, light beige paint is a neutral shade considered harmless, effortlessly blending into the background and often deemed a safe choice for various areas of the home, including entryways. Despite its widespread use, a touch more impact than this pale neutral shade is unanimously asserted to be demanded by entryways, even if this simply involves enhancing the accessories and furnishings. There’s a consensus that a change is needed.

According to Dubai-based interior designer Marina Braginskaya, “Light beige, lacking in depth, is no longer in trend.” Embracing caramel colors instead, she suggests, highlighting salmon and peach shades as emerging and fantastic alternatives to the conventional beige paints.

Neutral tones, believed by London-based interior designer Naomi Astley Clarke to be enduring, are qualified in her prediction. She directs attention to accent finishes, accessories, and furnishings for entryway home décor ideas. According to Astley Clarke, “Neutral tones, which never go out of favor, will prominently feature in 2024.” She states, “This palette will be interspersed with bold patterns on furnishings and artworks. Perfect for a hallway, neutral tones allow other finishes and textures to shine, bringing a beautifully timeless feel to a space.”

Move Away from Red Entryways – Experiment with the Subtle Charm of Terracotta


Terracotta shades are currently eye-catching and highly fashionable. They can be seamlessly paired with various types of wood and complemented with green or gray elements, creating a bright yet sophisticated atmosphere. Terracotta entryway from @ lauraandthegs

A notoriously tricky color to perfect, red poses a particularly challenging choice for entryway paint, and it’s no surprise that interior experts have designated it as one of the entryway paint colors falling out of style for 2024.

Santa Monica-based designer Esther Lundstrom explains why red may have had its day: ‘As people seek more timeless and sophisticated options, bright entryway colors are becoming less popular. While bright colors can create a vibrant and lively atmosphere, they can also feel visually busy. Neutrals and muted tones, on the other hand, offer a more timeless appeal.’

However, if you’re still set on red hallway ideas, there are other ways to introduce the bold shade to your entryway rather than painting all the walls red. Try introducing it as an accent color with a rug or a piece of furniture or bold artwork.

Interior designer Marina Braginskaya suggests terracotta as a strong alternative to red for entryways: ‘These soft brown-orange shades are eye-catching and looking really fashionable right now. They can be combined with different types of wood and with green or gray elements, resulting in a bright yet sophisticated atmosphere.’

Shift Away from Teal and Deep Saturated Greens – Opt for Natural, Light Greens, and Sage, the Trends of 2024


Sage hues not only provide an appropriate backdrop for artwork or bold furniture in an entryway but also instill a grounded and calming ambiance upon entering a home. Sage entryway from @ chesleycarele

According to Marina Braginskaya, a reduction in the prevalence of teal as a paint color in 2024 is anticipated. She notes that bold entryway paint colors, particularly bright teal, tend to fall out of fashion quickly compared to neutral tones. The vibrant teal, situated between blue and green, is acknowledged for its eye-catching nature but can also become fatiguing, having been prominently featured in recent years.

The colors expected to replace teal in entryways are softer and lighter shades of green or darker sage green. Kriste Michelini, an interior designer based in California, concurs with this trend shift. She observes a departure from deep saturated greens, with nature-inspired colors like Farrow & Ball Lichen emerging as substitutes.

Consideration of these more natural paint colors for green hallways is now encouraged. These hues not only serve as a suitable backdrop for artwork or striking furniture in an entrance but also impart a grounded and calming ambiance upon entering a home.

Light Gray Has Had Its Moment – Embrace Change with Merlot, Mushroom, or Amber Shades



People are currently leaning towards hues that radiate feelings of joy, fun, and creative expression, especially within the vibrant pastels and warm, retro-inspired bright palette, such as the color amber. Amber entryway from @ averyfrankdesigns

The undeniable intelligence and livability of light gray paint have garnered significant popularity over the past five years or so. However, experts are asserting that its era has concluded, urging a shift towards alternative shades for an appealing entryway.

Kriste Michelini elucidates the evolving trend and proposes an alternative perspective: “The transition away from certain shades may be attributed to their perceived lack of vibrancy and liveliness. People are now gravitating towards colors that emanate joy, fun, and creative expression, particularly in the lively pastels and warm, retro-inspired brights category. Gray tones, often seen as too sterile, are being replaced by warmer grays with mushroom undertones, as exemplified by shades like Pashmina from Benjamin Moore.”

Supporting this perspective, interior designer Ruchi A Mohan states, “Gray has become synonymous with neutrality, and there is a movement away from lighter grays in the neutral color spectrum. I observe a growing trend towards a deep amber/merlot color scheme for a statement entry, coupled with a graphic floor tile as an accent. This color choice has the capacity to infuse warmth into the entry space and provide an unexpected and inviting welcome.”

Transition from Intense Yellows – Experiment with Paler Tones Instead


Create a welcoming and warm entryway by using walls painted in a lighter shade of yellow. Entryway from @ habitatbyresene

While bold sunny yellows may seem like the ideal choice for creating a welcoming entryway, design experts are currently advising against the use of deep yellows in entryways for the year 2024, aligning with a broader trend steering away from bolder paint shades.

Lucy Searle, the global editor-in-chief of Homes & Gardens, elaborates on this recommendation: “Intense yellow shades can be overwhelming in an entryway, especially when the space is south-facing,” she notes. “In lieu of these, we’re witnessing a growing preference for natural straw and rattan shades—softer, more forgiving tones of yellow that also contribute to a more livable atmosphere.”

Designer Kriste Michelini concurs, suggesting that yellow hallway ideas are now gravitating towards softer shades. She states, “Rather than opting for deeper sunflower yellows, there is a shift towards the use of the palest yellows, such as Benjamin Moore’s Soleil.”

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