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Basically, the 2024 decoration trend won’t be far from nature and about saving the earth to stay healthy. It can be done by implementing the sustainable decoration concept. Then, you can also consider building or putting something that you really need especially for those that need the chemicals for maintenance. We all know that chemicals will have such a bad effect on the earth even when their use is on the save portion but it will be a sediment from time to time. For example the use of chemicals for pool maintenance. In this case, we recommend you have a small pool rather than the big one. Let’s say that you can have the plunge pool, splash pool, or spa pool.

Another basic consideration for the 2024 decoration trend is the use of earthy colors as the color scheme. The colors will fit well with the sustainable and natural-friendly decoration concept that the 2024 decoration trend trying to bring. There are some color choices that you can take for the earthy colors but we recommend you to choose the ones that can be timeless and elegant because those two things are also the 2024 decoration concept.

Another important consideration that you should have for the 2024 decoration trend is the functionality of the house. Don’t put something that you don’t need and make the decoration to be as efficient as possible. If you have a small home space, you should make sure to maximize the potential of the space to function effectively. If it is possible, you can even use modular furniture that will be multi-functional and flexible on the function.

Let us now move to the home tour that will give you references to redecorate your house that reflect the 2024 decoration trend.

Front Area

The front area (porch) commonly only is a small one. If it is possible for you to put some furniture, then choose the most comfortable furniture so that you can really enjoy your time there. But, if not, you can apply the traditional touch decoration that become the exterior decoration trend in 2024. Concern not only about the furniture but also the paint color and decoration efficiency.


The front area uses the traditional design touch by using the wood panel wall and stone in the foundation. You should also see the lamp that comes in a traditional design. This one is the kind of porch that doesn’t have any space for the furniture but still really adorable. Front Area from @blackbirchhomes


For the entryway, you can have a warm and simple design. Including some natural materials is so much needed to make it natural-friendly. No need to worry because it can still be seen as aesthetic. You can put the furniture needed such as a console table, bench, hanger, or cabinet. Then, put a wall ornament or artwork to make the decoration pretty even when it is simple.


The color scheme is white which is combined with the brown wood color to make the decoration feel warm. The pattern that the console table has from the natural wood looks really aesthetic. The beauty also comes from the painting installed on the wall and the greenery on the vase. Entryway from @roomandboard

Living Room

The living room trend in 2024 will focus on the comfort. There are also some points that you should know about where the 2024 living room trend is letting the natural sunlight in, using flowy furniture, providing greenery, and installing some oversized items such as lamps or ornaments.


This living room uses a neutral color scheme and is earthy at the same time. The furniture is flowy and cozy. The wooden coffee table gives the decoration a warmer atmosphere with the natural element the wood has. Living Room from @classy___interiors


For the bedroom, the decoration trend will allow you to have a hi-tech bedroom design. It is great for the tech-savvy. You can bring some smart technologies such as the lamp, thermostats, smart curtains, etc.


Although it provides some smart technologies and looks modern, the bedroom still has a warm impression with the natural element material provided in the decoration. The color scheme choice is also great and reflects the earthy colors. Bedroom Decor from @renderuniverse


In 2024, the bathroom decoration style will use smart technologies but still be natural-friendly at the same time. It means that you should be able to provide some sustainable materials, providing natural sunlight, or some natural materials. Anyway, don’t be too much because the 2024 bathroom is not a design that has many details. It should be minimalist but pretty at the same time.


This bathroom has a doorless shower that allows the room to be seen as more spacious. Also, the doorless design makes the decoration look simple and aesthetic at the same time. The furniture choice is really modern but looks natural with the marble wall pattern. Bathroom Decor from @renderuniverse


The kitchen is a room that should be maintained for the humidity so that you can keep the room healthy. This is the room where you make the food so that everything should be clean and healthy. In this case, you can provide natural sunlight so that the room can have good humidity and allow you to get fresh air when you open the window. Provide also the sustainable material for the natural-friendly aspect.


This kitchen uses some wood materials for many parts of the decoration. It also has a window that lets the natural sunlight enter the room. There are some greeneries provided for a fresh atmosphere. Kitchen Decoration from @homewithrue

Dining Room

Simple, cozy, but functional are the characteristics that the dining room should have in 2024. You can have any furniture style but just make sure that the furniture is comfortable and can support your need of a dining room. Then, provide some natural elements for a cozy and warm ambiance. If it is possible, you can make the natural sunlight enter the room.


This dining room is simple and uses some natural materials. The chair, bench, and table are made of wood. The chairs are even added with rattan material that makes them look more aesthetic. The rug is sisal material. The natural sunlight can enter the room. Perfect! Dining Room from @throughthegreydoor


The patio should be focused on the function and the effectiveness of the design. Don’t waste the space by putting the things that you don’t need there. Don’t forget to also minimize the use of chemicals for maintenance to make it more natural-friendly.


This backyard space has a simple yet functional patio design. There is some greenery provided for the fresh ambiance. There is a small pool near the patio to minimize the chemicals used for the maintenance. Patio Design from @el_blogdepato

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