Transform your kitchen to have 2024 decoration trend by following this guide

The kitchen is the heart of the house where good and healthy food is provided. It becomes the room where your culinary creativity is made. It can also be the place where you have quality time with your family members. Well, cooking together is always fun to do. With those facts, it is clear that updating your kitchen decoration to follow the trend is so much worth it. Now, the question is, what the 2024 kitchen trend will be?

The 2024 decoration trend will focus on the joy of living. That will be the priority of the decoration. You should be able to decorate a kitchen that will make your life easier and less chaotic. It means that everything should be well-organized and you can’t provide something that you don’t really need because that will only make the room to be seen as crowded. Make it as minimalist as possible but still functional. Effectiveness and efficiency is the main point that you should be concerned well.

There are still many other details that you should make for the 2024 decoration trend as follows:

1. Layered Lighting

The layered lighting will be able to bring a statement. Also, since the things that you provide in the kitchen are limited so as not to make the kitchen look crowded, you should be able to bring the beauty without putting too many ornaments there. One of the solutions is to install the layered lighting.


Basically, this kitchen is already enough with the recessed lighting. But, look at how the pendant lights can beautify the kitchen in such a really effective way. It is simple but elegant and will be a timeless luxury item. Layered Lighting from @renov80shouse

2. The Existence of Marble

With its pretty and unique pattern that won’t be the same from one to another. The marble will be able to bring beauty to the kitchen without even adding any ornament. It is really effective not to make the decoration look crowded. Everything will be seen as sleek, minimalist, luxurious, and pretty at the same time with the existence of marble.


The marble installation is on the countertop and backsplash. It has a black shade pattern to make a statement to the decoration. It is also harmonious with the decoration concept around. Marble Countertop and Backsplash from @aurorahome.england


The marble is on the kitchen island with a soft grey color as the pattern’s shade. The marble is able to bring beauty around the simple kitchen decoration. Even when the pattern is simple, it can still be effective because the application is on the kitchen island which is big enough. Marble Kitchen Island from @houseliftdesign

3. Providing a Pantry

To get a really well-organized kitchen, the 2024 kitchen decor trend directs us to have a pantry. It will help you to deal with all the mess. Also, with the pantry, you will make the cooking area seem clean and sleek to give you a really proper cooking area.


Look at how clean this pantry looks with the white color scheme. The wood color used on the floor is bright wood color which is able to bring a clean impression. This pantry will be able to make your kitchen well organized and store anything. Pantry from @agv_my_lifestyle

4. The Existence of Kitchen Island

The kitchen island with stools or chairs will let you have a space for your family members to sit around there and enjoy the quality time moment together. You can even have some snacks there while waiting for the food ready. The kitchen island will help you have the joy of living in the kitchen area.


The kitchen island is in white color with wooden stools. Even when the stools do not have any color it is pretty since it has the pattern. This one is called beauty in simplicity. Kitchen Island from @home_across_the_swale

5. Letting the Natural Sunlight In

The natural sunlight will help you maintain the humidity of the kitchen area. With that, your kitchen will be healthier. The atmosphere will also be warm and cheerful. If you have a glass window that can be opened, this one will be even greater because you can feel the fresh air in the kitchen.


The natural sunlight looks pretty with the light exposed to the kitchen space. It is clear that you can have a healthy kitchen. Also, it will be fun when you cook there in the morning with the sunlight there. Kitchen Natural Sunlight from @casacrank

Snapinsta.app_375611618_1008900720240788_4735424410607481539_n_1080 (1)

This kitchen looks bright and will save energy by not turning on the light. It will also refreshing to see the scenery outside while you are cooking. Kitchen Natural Sunlight from @kitchen_posts_daily

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