Small kitchen decor ways to make it effective and functional

A kitchen is an important room in the house. In case you have a limitation and can only have a small space left for the kitchen, you should make sure that you focus on the function first before the others while decorating the kitchen. After that, you can focus on the style and beauty of the kitchen because it is impossible not to bring beauty into the decoration no matter what room it is.

Anyway, what is meant by function here is not only by providing the appliance for the kitchen but also the other aspects such as the plumbing, the lighting, the air quality, etc. The point is that how the kitchen can support your needs in making good and healthy foods there. Back to the small space, basically, there are some tricks that you can do to make the room have a spacious impression and to arrange everything well. Let’s say that you can have a bright neutral color scheme for the decoration to make the room look brighter and not narrow at all. We still have some other ideas that you do for your small kitchen space to make it proper, functional, and pretty at the same time. Check them out below.

Color Scheme Choice

The color scheme is the first impression that you will see when entering the room. That is why you should pick the right color carefully. Especially for the small kitchen space, we recommend you choose a bright neutral color such as white, ivory, or soft beige. However, it doesn’t mean that you can combine it with another darker color to create balance. Just make sure that you control the domination.


This kitchen has a white color scheme that is able to make the kitchen look bright and clean. Then, it is added with the brown wood color for a warm impression and not to make the decoration look boring. Bright Neutral Color Scheme from @mycozyhomely

Wide Window/Glass

Being able to see the outside is functional to create a wider space impression. It feels like there is no limit between indoor and outdoor to let you have a feeling of spacious room. for your small kitchen space, you can install a wide glass window or a glass wall if it is possible. You can see the difference which is so great.


This kitchen has a wide glass window to limit the border between indoors and outdoors. Also, it lets the natural sunlight enter the room. No need to worry about privacy because there is a blind installed on the window you can open and close it anytime. Wide Window from @mycozyhomely

Minimum Detail

For the small space, not to make the room look crowded, you can add many details there such as patterns or colors. You should be careful because the room can be seen as narrow when there are too many details applied. Anyway, it doesn’t mean that you can’t provide any detail there. You may have it but in a small part and only when it is needed. For example, your kitchen looks too boring with the color choice and items provided. For that case, you can add a little bit of details into the room.


This kitchen has a white color scheme which needs a little bit of additional touch not to make the decoration look boring. Here, the kitchen uses patterned floor tiles that can juggle the kitchen really efficiently. Minimum Detail Decor from @mycozyhomely

Minimum Stuff on the Countertop

Even when you have only limited space and can’t provide too much storage there, it doesn’t mean that you can fill the countertop with many stuff such as spices or appliances. We recommend you keep the countertop clean not to make the kitchen seen as crowded and narrow. Well, of course, you can still use the countertop to put one or two items but just make sure to minimize it.


This countertop looks warm, clean, and sleek. There is only a vase of white blooms and a knife rack. I do believe that you can see how the space is seen as wider and increasing the mood. Countertop Declutter from @mycozyhomely

Good Lighting

Good lighting is needed so that you do the activity there anytime. Also, the lighting will help you get a wider room impression. The lighting itself can be from the lamps and the natural sunlight. For the lamp, you can do the layering lighting and for the natural sunlight, you can get by installing a wide window.


This kitchen gets the lighting from the lamps and the window with the natural sunlight. It is great because you can save the electricity budget and let the kitchen stay healthy with the natural sunlight entering the room. Kitchen Lighting from @mycozyhomely

Enough Storage/Cabinet

Even if you only have a small kitchen space, you should be able to provide the storage or cabinet so that you can organize all the stuff there. It is important not to make the items displayed here and there around the kitchen such as on the countertop because that will only make the room be seen as narrow and crowded. You can use the possible spaces for storage maximally. It can be on the wall, under the countertop, or under the kitchen island.


This kitchen has two phases of storage on the wall that is provided in different color and style so as not to make it looks boring. Then, there is also some storage under the countertop and kitchen island. Kitchen Storage from @mycozyhomely

The Presence of Greenery

For a small kitchen space, greenery is the savior to beautify the decoration without needing too much space. Also, the greenery will be able to bring a fresh and welcoming atmosphere around the kitchen which is great. You can hang the greenery on the wall, put it on the storage, or on the countertop. Just find the best placement that won’t distract the space’s wider impression.


In the small sizes, look at how this kitchen can bring beauty into the room with the varied small greeneries. Although there are some items, those do not make the room look crowded at all. Such a great choice. Kitchen Greenery from @homewithrue

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