Bring the beach to your living room with coastal decor

Coastal decor is a popular interior design style that aims to recreate the serene and relaxed ambiance of the beach within the confines of a living room. Creating a relaxing and coastal ambiance in the living room is important for several reasons. Firstly, it can help to promote a sense of tranquility and calmness, providing a much-needed escape from the stresses of daily life. Additionally, a coastal ambiance can evoke feelings of being by the beach or near the ocean, which has been proven to have a positive impact on mental well-being.

By incorporating elements such as light colors, natural textures, and nautical accents, this decor style can transport you to a coastal paradise without leaving your home. Whether it’s through the use of seashells, driftwood, or sandy hues, coastal decor allows you to infuse your living room with a refreshing and breezy vibe that instantly evokes the feeling of being by the ocean. Here are some ideas for coastal living room decor to inspire you.

Choosing the Right Color Palette

Opting for light and airy colors

To bring the beach vibes into your living room, opt for light and airy colors like whites, blues, and sandy neutrals. These colors represent how coastal decor can create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. These colors mimic the natural elements of the beach, evoking a sense of tranquility and serenity.


White color schemes are a popular choice as they create a light and airy atmosphere reminiscent of beachside living. The white color palette also allows for the easy incorporation of other coastal elements such as seashells, driftwood, and nautical accents, enhancing the overall coastal theme of the living room. White color schemes from @hamptonsinhighfields

Using vibrant accents inspired by the sea

In this case, you can use vibrant accents like turquoise or aqua for coastal living room decor. It can create a refreshing and calming atmosphere. These vibrant accents can be incorporated through throw pillows, artwork, or even a statement piece of furniture to bring the coastal theme to life.


These aqua-colored sofas are the perfect addition to the white coastal living room, as they bring a vibrant pop of color that complements the serene coastal theme. Its refreshing hue creates a beautiful contrast against the crisp white walls and furniture, instantly transforming the space into a lively and inviting oasis. Aqua-colored sofa from @lifeonvirginiastreet

Furniture and Upholstery

Selecting natural and weathered materials

You can use furniture like rattan, wicker, or bamboo to create a relaxed and beachy atmosphere. These materials not only add texture and visual interest, but they also have a timeless appeal that complements the coastal theme. Additionally, incorporating light and airy fabrics such as linen or cotton in neutral colors can further enhance the coastal aesthetic while providing a comfortable and inviting space for relaxation.


You can add a rattan trunk coffee table to strengthen the coastal vibes in your living room decor. The natural texture of the rattan trunk will create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Rattan trunk coffee table from @hamptonsinhighfields

Choosing comfortable and cozy seating options

Comfortable and cozy seating options can help create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Consider incorporating plush sofas and armchairs in soft, neutral tones to mimic the serene colors of the ocean. Additionally, adding oversized floor cushions or a hammock swing can provide unique and versatile seating options for lounging and enjoying the coastal views.


A plush sofa is an excellent choice for coastal living room decor as it adds a touch of luxury and comfort to the space. Its soft and inviting design creates a cozy atmosphere, perfect for relaxing. Additionally, the plush fabric of the sofa complements the coastal theme, evoking a sense of relaxation and tranquility. Plush sofas from @homziedesigns

Incorporating coastal patterns and textures

Coastal patterns and textures can add a touch of relaxation and serenity to your living room. Consider using fabrics with nautical stripes or seashell prints to further enhance the coastal theme.


Adding a striped rug and cushions will bring a visual interest to the space, mimicking the gentle waves of the ocean. Additionally, they can create a relaxed and casual atmosphere, perfectly capturing the essence of coastal living. Stripes patterns from @hamptonsdiaries

Bring in the Beach Vibes with Accessories

Displaying seashells, starfish, or coral

By displaying seashells, starfish, or coral, you can add a touch of natural beauty and bring a sense of the beach indoors. You can display these decorative items in bowls, vases, or open shelves. These unique elements not only serve as eye-catching focal points but also evoke a calming and serene atmosphere, perfect for creating a coastal ambiance in your living space.


Displaying starfish decor on the tray and walls can create a charming and beachy atmosphere in your living room. These ornaments as additional accents can further enhance the coastal theme. Starfish ornaments from @christinestarfish


Displaying white coral ornaments on the open shelves will bring elegance and natural beauty to the living room. These beach ornaments can serve as eye-catching focal points. It can create a serene and beachy atmosphere in the coastal living room. Coral decoration from @allisonelebashinteriors

Hanging coastal-themed wall decor

Hanging coastal-themed artwork, paintings, or photographs on the walls for a coastal living room decor can help create a serene and beachy atmosphere. Choose pieces that showcase the beauty of the ocean, such as seascapes or images of seashells and starfish.


A beach painting would be the perfect addition to enhance the coastal vibes in your living room. The serene colors and calming imagery will create a soothing atmosphere, making it feel like you’re always by the ocean. Beach painting from @thecoastalsoul

Adding natural elements

Adding natural elements to a coastal living room decor can create a soothing and refreshing ambiance. Incorporating natural elements like driftwood or a woven seagrass rug can further enhance the coastal feel of the space.


This is a perfect choice for coastal living room decor. It’s natural texture and earthy tones of the seagrass rug add a touch of beachy charm to the space. Additionally, seagrass rugs are durable and easy to clean, making them ideal for high-traffic areas in your home. Seagrass rug from @hamptonsinhighfields


Bringing coastal decor into your living room can transform the space into a serene and relaxing oasis. Whether it’s through the use of nautical colors, seashell accents, or beach-inspired artwork, coastal decor allows you to capture the essence of the beach and bring it right into your home. So go ahead and create your coastal retreat in your living room, where you can unwind and escape to the seaside without ever leaving your home.

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