7 best shower scent combo for a perfect layering

Having a good smell from the body wash and hair product while showering is something common. Have you ever thought about how wonderful the smell can be by the layering fragrance aside from spraying perfume? To do that, you should be able to combine the shower scent combo. There are some scents that can be paired together. That will create such a complex yet impressive smell. However, it won’t be easy because when you combine scents that can’t complete each other or make harmony together, then it will be bad.

Is it important to do the fragrance layering? Well, this one is recommended where at least, you combine two scents. If you combine the same scents in different products, you will get a longer smell in your body. But, if you combine different scents, your smell will be unique, complex, and can’t be found anywhere else since you custom your own smell.

If you really want to have the scent combo but do not know about combining the scents to get a perfect smell, here we have some advice for you. Each of the scents will have different characteristics. You should find out which smell that will fit your personality well. Here are some examples of the unique scent combinations you can follow.



citrus from @myfeldt

There are some varied kinds of citrus that you can use, those are orange, lemon, and bergamot. The citrus can be combined with woody, aquatic, and floral scents. Citrus scent characteristic is refreshing so the woody, aquatic, and floral scents will be the great companion for the citrus.



Vanilla from @bungakeringindonesia

The gourmand is the scent that comes from the product that can be eaten. In this case, you can have vanilla and caramel. Then, to make it perfect, you can layer gourmand with floral and musk scents.



Floral from @david_austin_roses

This one is the most common scent that people especially women and girls mostly use. The kinds of floral scents are jasmine, rose, peony, and lily. Not to make the floral scent too sweet, you can layer it by using citrus, woody, gourmand, or musk.



Peach Fruit from @health_healthyfood

Besides citrus, there is also a fruity scent, and is known for its fresh characteristic. Examples of fruits that can be used for scents are pears, peaches, and berries. To make it stay fresh, layer it by using floral, aquatic, and gourmand.



Aquatic from @odwyer_sio9

Aquatic scent is the interesting one. It can consist of calone and sandalwood. In adding the layer, you can use woody, musk, and fruity. The smell characteristic will be fresh, fun, and energetic.



Woody from @helegithil

Just like its name, there will be some kinds of wood used in this smell. The great ones are cedarwood and sandalwood. Then, you can also have the patchouli. Use aquatic and floral to layer it and get the best earthy smell ever.



Tea Leaves from @buddhascup

The green will use some greeneries. The most popular one is the tea leaves. Then, you can also have the moss and other green leaves. It can be great when combined with the woody and floral. The woody will strengthen the smell of nature then the floral will soften the smell so that it can be sweet enough at the same time.

Those are the shower scent combos that we can share so far. Each of the scents will have different smell characteristics. You can have the one based on the season or mood you want to create.

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