8 kinds of cafe chalkboard design and installation

The use of the chalkboard is already popular these days. Not only aesthetic, the chalkboard will also let you change the notes on the chalkboard anytime. For example, when the chalkboard is used to display the menus and you change some of the menus or want to add a new menu to the list, you don’t need to buy the new board because you can simply erase and add the list on the chalkboard. You can surely save the budget with the chalkboard. Anyway, the use of the chalkboard won’t only able to write the menu but also for the cafe sign. It will be a pretty one since the chalk color is varied. You can add painting there. You can even have different cafe sign designs every day. Such an interesting one!

Commonly, the chalkboard in a cafe is applied in the front of the cafe to steal the attention of the customers. Or, it can also be installed on the wall or even on the table as the table decoration. The size of the chalkboard is varied as you can request it based on your need. Then, the design is also varied. For example, you can have the chalkboard with a frame or without any frame. You can even have the chalkboard with a certain detail to make it more aesthetic.

We have some references of the chalkboard designs for your inspiration. There will also be some different placements of the chalkboards so that you can consider them for the implementation of your cafe. Get the ideas below!


If you want the small one and need the board to be seen as formal, this photo frame style is the one that we recommend. It looks decent and neat. You can have it for the table or the cafe bar island. You can use it to write the announcement or the motivational words. Photo Frame Style from @nikkiwhistoninks


A small chalkboard like this is commonly to write effective words. Or, to write an announcement like a discount or the sold-out menu. This small chalkboard can stand by using the standing board as you can see in the images. The shapes of the boards can be adjusted. If you want, you make the details by yourself. Small Table Chalkboard from @nikkiwhistoninks


This one is also the product of the framed chalkboard but quite different from the photo-framed style. It comes in a big size and can stand on the floor. The style of the frame is also different. You should also see the detail that this chalkboard has where the board is made in pallets. It can be interesting since the design is unique. But, you should be careful because you’ll get difficulties when painting or writing the words there. Framed Standing Chalkboard from @nikkiwhistoninks


This chalkboard needs to be rendered because it doesn’t have any cantilever. You can learn the chalkboard on the wall. Even when it can’t stand by itself, this kind of chalkboard is also loved. The design will be simple and not overserving at all. Unframed Standing Chalkboard from @nikkiwhistoninks


This one is an example of another implementation for the unframed chalkboard. It is installed on the wall in such a big size and utilized to write the menus. We can see that there are so many menus that the cafe has so that a big chalkboard like that is the best one to be used. Wall Unframed Chalkboard from @nikkipinderart


There is a high standing that is used to hold the chalkboard. By using the standing, you can get a special impression that makes it more valuable. If you see, the standing is like the painter has when they are painting. You can put it outside or inside the cafe. Standing Chalkboard from @charlottehawkinsart


The chalkboard is installed as the wall at once. It is such a massive one. When you write the menus there, it feels like you are painting the wall. You should also see the color of the chalkboard which is green. It is a bit different from he common chalkboard and looks interesting for sure. Wall Chalkboard from @rotoruanz

Snapinsta.app_366313782_18375856321005742_4221282074087632637_n_1080 (1)

This chalkboard is the same as the framed chalkboard before. The difference is in the shape where it is rectangular and installed horizontally. Commonly, this kind of chalkboard is used to be the signboard. Rectangular Framed Chalkboard from @nikkiwhistoninks

The chalkboard designs that we mentioned above are already varied and complete from the designs to the positioning. It could be indoor and outdoor. It could be small or big. It could be framed and unframed. Even for the colors are also varied where you can have the black one or the green one. So, which chalkboard design might fit your cafe’s needs?

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