9 details you should consider for a pink retro kitchen decor

Choosing the best decoration concept for your kitchen will be a little bit tricky. It is because you should not only consider the beauty but more focus on its functionality. The kitchen should be able to support your needs in cooking or making any food and beverage in a healthy and cozy environment. The space, the appliances, and the facilities should be completed and you can’t bargain for that. Otherwise, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be concerned about beauty because beauty can increase your mood while doing activities there.

Deciding the theme of the kitchen decoration should be done by imagining the characteristics of the design theme itself. What things that commonly provided? What materials are commonly used? What impression is provided? In this case, we are going to present the retro decor style in pink color.

Why Retro?

Well, retro is basically the style that comes from past eras like the 50s, 60s, and 70s. That is why it becomes the celebration of nostalgia. It becomes the key to why we recommend you apply this design to your kitchen. We all know that bringing nostalgia into the decoration will bring a warm atmosphere inside the room. You can imagine how cozy it will be. It can even be said as the granny vibe. Additionally, retro is also bold, colorful, and eclectic. Here, we recommend you use the pink color to make it sweet between the warm atmosphere that the retro decor has.

To give you ease in imagining the retro pink kitchen decoration, here we will show you some of them. You’ll find out how the pink color can be such a perfect one to bring the sweetness around the nostalgic atmosphere.

Pink Stove

The stove is the main facility that you should have in the kitchen. That is why we recommend applying the pink color to the stove before the others. We know that it sounds weird because the pink color of the stove is not common. But it can be pretty for sure. You can even DIY your stove to make it have the pink color you need.

Screen shot 2024-01-01 at 06.27.01

Have you ever imagined bringing the pink stove to your kitchen? It will be rare, but look at how adorable it can be. It has an old-fashioned design in a soft pastel color but can still give a retro impression. It is then added to the pink napkin for harmonious touches. Pink Stove from @bigchillappliances

Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is just an addition to the kitchen. It means that when you don’t have enough space for the kitchen island, then it will be ok not to provide it in the kitchen. However, if you have a chance to provide the kitchen island to your kitchen, it will such a good one for you to apply the pink color to it. Especially if you want to make the area of the stove and countertop clean in white color, applying the pink color to the kitchen island can be such a good solution.


You should see how pretty the kitchen island is in pink color with a white table surface and completed with pink floral stools. The combination is perfect and not overserving at all. Kitchen Island from @thekitchenthink


The refrigerator will be one of the facilities that you have in the kitchen. It can be a perfect object to be added with a pink color. If you can’t find it in the store, you can easily make it pink yourself. You can apply the sticker or paint it.

Screen shot 2024-01-01 at 07.02.55

Kitchen Details

The kitchen details are needed to bring beauty to the kitchen. However, you should be careful not to make the decoration look overserving and too much. In this case, the right color combination choice is important. You should also be able to arrange the stuff so that it can be seen as well organized and not crowded.


The details that this kitchen provides are adorable. Everything is seen in the best composition without being overserving. The color combination is also perfect where pink color meets the orange color, purple, and yellow. Such a sweet color combination. Kitchen Details from @kate_rose_morgan

Wall-to-Ceiling Design

What is meant by wall-to-ceiling design is about implementing the same treatment to the wall and ceiling. In this case is the pink color. For this, you should adjust the other touches in the kitchen so as not to make it look overserving because the application of the wall-to-ceiling design is already massive.


You can see how the walls and ceiling are treated with the same pink color. The color is chosen in a soft shade so that the atmosphere still calming and not too crowded for the other items to perform. Wall to Ceiling Design from @the_flat_that_rosie_built

Pink Oven

Giving pink color to the oven can be an interesting touch to your kitchen. Especially if you don’t want to make the pink color too dominate, you can simply make the oven to have the pink color. However, if the oven is the only item that you want to be stand out, you should choose the stand out pink color rather the soft one.


It can’t be doubted that the oven steals attention for sure. It has a bold pink color and is sweet at the same time. The oven is added with a gold hanger and handle color that makes it more impressive. Pink Oven from @daveandjennymarrs

Pink Backsplash

It is quite common to use the backsplash to create the design style that you want to have in the kitchen. Even when only in a small part, the backsplash can be an effective one. Anyway, you should be able to choose the right treatment for the backsplash because it will be the spot where water or oil splashes many times.


The backsplash is added with pink tiles that make the kitchen look sweet and pretty. It has a shiny look for a clean and sleek impression. You can try to have it for your kitchen. Pink Backsplash from @thetimelessclassicbeauty

Kitchen Cabinet

A kitchen cabinet is an important one to be provided in the kitchen. It will help you store the things from the spices to the appliances. Also, the kitchen cabinet is the furniture that will help you store everything inside to keep the kitchen clean and well-organized.


The kitchen cabinet that this kitchen has is in the bottom part which is under the countertop. It is provided in pink color with old-fashioned handles that become such a perfect combination to create a retro style. Kitchen Cabinet from @buildwithferguson

Pink Rug

The rug is the last touch that you can have for the kitchen. It functions to protect the kitchen floor and not to be slippery. Then, the rug will also benefit you with comfort. The one thing that people commonly do not take care of is its ability to bring beauty into the decoration. It can even create the design style that you want to have by choosing the right color and pattern.


The rug is in pink color with a plaid pattern. In this case, plaid is commonly used in the classic style that will also proper for the retro style where it brings the nostalgic atmosphere from the old eras. Pink Rug from @homewithhelenandco


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